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Susceptible Poems

Susceptible Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of susceptible poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for susceptible.

New Poems

April ninth four score and eleven years ago
How fast the years did clip and leap away,
till your Earth orbitz count ninety decades
+ uno journeys orbited around mister sun
encompassing metaphorical magnum opus
figuratively paginated bound compendium,

whereby chronology Boyce Brandon Harris
also known as papa san 'pon being drafted
his six foot...Read More
Categories: susceptible, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, age,
Form: Elegy

Read - emption
Sumptuous suggestions straddle stagnancy
Summoned by engaging pages
Susceptible skulls imbibe vibrancy
Surmounting latitude notion ravages

Authors serve smorgasbord swathes of research 
Reading's pizza fuses flavours opposing
Issues investigated, valid views aptly asserted
Essays stretch perception, anomaly concepts provoking

Unfurling knowledge tunes recognition's accord
Rhizomes capacitate vertical fronds...Read More
Categories: susceptible, books, education,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member The End of the Hunt
She came upon the forest
just as darkness begins to traverse the canopy of leaves.
Tired, worn, lacking the vigor of the morning.
She hesitates,
And judges her condition as to its soundness.

Her nose is clogged 
with the scent of the hunt.
Her ears plugged
With...Read More
Categories: susceptible, animal,
Form: Free verse
Just When You Thought
And just when you thought 
 you are already susceptible to pain, 
  there will come another heartbreak-- 
   more afflictive than all the hurt 
    that you've ever experienced.

And just when you thought...Read More
Categories: susceptible, abuse, conflict, depression, recovery from, solitude, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Why we complain

Does complaining helps, I don't know; but they say
yes it helps, keeps one away from taking action;
It gives excuses to procrastinate, stay
away from achieving goals as reaction;
Complain helps too much not to try to find solution.

Surely it proves to someone...Read More
Categories: susceptible, conflict,
Form: Verse

Harriet Harris circa November 13th 1935 May 4th 2005
Harriet Harris circa November 13th, 1935 - ~ May 4th, 2005
(untimely death sentence ordained ~ early February 1935)

Test teasing prophylactics embarrassing
purchase never made at local drugstore
unsurprisingly, obviously, invariably...
birth control taboo subject, best to ignore
subsequently intercourse awkwardly coordinated,
consummated, completed extempore
hence bun...Read More
Categories: susceptible, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Elegy
Apropos preponderent passion penning poems
À propos preponderent passion penning poems...
posited puzzling apt aperçu...

While pondering particular
theme to address
amidst tangled webbed mental skein
today November third
two thousand nineteen,

unexpected Möbius strip
tease conundrum unforeseen,
yet as avid aspiring scrivener
only now I became keen,
which theoretical, rhetorical,

philosophical... predicament
may not suddenly find me
flush...Read More
Categories: susceptible, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful,
Form: Ode
Narcissistic Cliche
Living in a world that seems to judge
Lie, cheat and commit other horrid acts
Such as murder, rape and theft
I remember when people judged
The book by its cover, now the title gets judge before seeing the book nor it's cover

Humanity mock...Read More
Categories: susceptible, sympathy, today, uplifting, vanity, violence, voice, world,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Reversing Litmus
With you, life has given me an advantage
I've played with the switch and misused the voltage
I've made our connection susceptible to cancer
and created more questions, difficult to answer
I've landed us in a place of unpleasant temperatures
redemption then creates a schedule...Read More
Categories: susceptible, abuse, conflict, forgiveness, friend, friendship, i love
Form: Couplet
Acid reflux 7:00 post meridiem September 24th 2019
Acid reflux ~ 7:00 post meridiem September 24th, 2019

Ah... nothing more enjoyable than acidic gastric fluid flowing backward into esophagus, resulting in heartburn, disrupting pleasant dreams, nor unsure how successful literary endeavor crafting poem regarding aforementioned will yield.

While deeply asleep
during...Read More
Categories: susceptible, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst, health, humorous,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Collaborated Love
*~Amber silents, daylight violets;
The charm of a lover’s tender quietness;
*Custom stares;
The glimpses that express gentle care;
*Love comes here;
Between two who truly feel;
*Love is where there is caring faith;
Just as the heavenly Father saith;
*Loves committed grace;
Whatever the two might face;
*A chance...Read More
Categories: susceptible, inspiration, love, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse

He understands they’re innocent children…they learn only what we teach them
and when separated by a wall of hate…he wondered how to reach them. 

He knows they know nothing of hatred…of intolerance and bigotry…
but he also knows...Read More
Categories: susceptible, hate,
Form: Verse
Emotions as Cash
"Can you consider emotions,
As a possession 

Like shoes or a coat,
Bike or a boat 

Can we claim what we cannot see,
I’m sorry you just have to believe

Some emotions however we can see,
Like those exposed on your shirt sleeve

Happy, sad, perturbed...Read More
Categories: susceptible, blessing, confidence, emotions, feelings,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Do You Have Fairy Sight
Can you see the invisible
In any light?
Can you hear the inaudible?
To children this is indescribable
They have been given the fairy sight.
Can you see the invisible?
To adults who have lost their childhood it is
And a blight.
Can you hear the inaudible?
Their not...Read More
Categories: susceptible, appreciation, beauty, childhood, fantasy, fun, happiness, hope,
Form: Villanelle
Prescription for a mango plant with Agrobacterium tumefaciens infection:
A. tumefaciens in your soil?
If you’re a dicot, you’re in deep

Older plants can live right through it,
But fruit production gets rather weak

Younger buds are susceptible
When cut or chewed or scraped

Once infected, plants start leaning,
Crushed by the tumor that it makes

When...Read More
Categories: susceptible, science,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member A Love Poem From Happy Jack


What did I hear... a love poem from Jacko?
Sure y'all know, he's a bit over the hill
But Jacko can still excite those pretty li'l ladies 
With words of love or a poem bout roadkill

Forgive me, my...Read More
Categories: susceptible, love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Time To Adjust

Man lives with a thirst for reality
He quenches with an imagination.
Intrigued by the flight of a bumblebee,
He’s a leaky vessel of frustration.

His conscious mind extends itself beyond
conflicts of morality and blind faith.
But should His morals suddenly abscond,
the human spirit morphs...Read More
Categories: susceptible, 12th grade, anxiety, character, emotions, feelings, imagery,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member My net worth
One day I decided to aggregate what I own
Realizing soon enough I couldn't count it all,
Though I never thought I had all that much
What I had was oddly beyond simple math.

Determined I was to know what I'm worth
And I knew...Read More
Categories: susceptible, perspective,
Form: Verse
I have a strange malady
curiously effecting me
for I am very susceptible
to words of a variety

Words like cushlamachree
or hobbledehoy
give me such joy...
that my brain begins burbling
at a fantastic rate
things like bamboozle, bumfuzzle
blatteroon, and bombinate!
Bogged down in boondoggled
bedraggled, beware
I'm not making sense
and...Read More
Categories: susceptible, humor, humorous, silly, word play, words,
Form: Free verse
Glorified Babysitter
Methinks the here
     to fore purposeful inclusion
     of key word "babysitter"
a slight oversight describing
     residents at Highland Manor
     (a particularly nagging omission
  ...Read More
Categories: susceptible, analogy, conflict, dad, dance, fate, health, howl,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Burn The Candle At Both Ends
Burn the candle at both ends,
Using the fire deep inside;
The desire to do the task
Is ignited far and wide.

To live at a hectic pace
Is just having a hard time;
The volume of the duty
Is like a mountain to climb.

Long hours work...Read More
Categories: susceptible, poems,
Form: Quatrain
Ode to the child snatchers
Ripped and torn from parents arms

Causing psychological long term harm

Children being left traumatized

In detention centers full of cages

Various kids of various ages

Susceptible now to sexual and mental abuse

Who in hell was it it that gave you

This right to use these...Read More
Categories: susceptible, abuse, anger, child, child abuse, judgement, parents,
Form: Free verse
Standing here,on thesame spot,wounded by my own sword.Engorged with silence i created from my harsh word.
Thesame spot you held my hands so tight.streaming tears droping down your ephebic eyes like dews in morning light.
Thesame spot i stand,wishing i never poured...Read More
Categories: susceptible, 10th grade, absence, anxiety,
Form: Blank verse
A life imprudent
Forgive me if I seem imprudent

I am not trying to be impudent

And I am not trying to be impertinent,

I am just trying find some contentment

While trying to avoid any resentment,

Caused by me seeming aloof and unpredictable

I find life more exciting...Read More
Categories: susceptible, deep, emotions, inspiration, perspective, philosophy, time,
Form: Free verse
Doning the fields
Donning the fields
Where I've never been
Where I've never streaked
Like a reckless charge skating on dandelions,
Unbridled thrill and the promise
That happiness may not get louder than this
The sun and wind
My guests for the day
Taking it in
From the luxury suites
In the celestial...Read More
Categories: susceptible, emotions, happiness, inspirational, joy, nature, spiritual, uplifting,
Form: Free verse