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Surprised Poems

Surprised Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surprised poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surprised.

New Poems

Guess now I told someone
How dare you.
I was six.
Not even close to being seven.
I wasn’t prepared for anything that you put me through.
I’m not even upset about it anymore,
Just surprised. 
Let me remind you,
I was six.
I can barely breathe thinking about it.
It’s as if...Read More
Categories: surprised, child abuse,
Form: I do not know?

Could have uncoiled slowly,
The viper with the horned head,
Rudely venomous,
Hiding between mossed boulders
Lining the sunlit riverbank,
Then could be seen its marks,
Its subtle designs and caution,
Thought the nibbling mouse,
Taken by surprise,
About to die.
...Read More
Categories: surprised, fate,
Form: Free verse
A Birthday in Place
Believe it or not, my birthday’s been great
Though not one I would have predicted,
Assuming that I would be down in the dumps
For being so virus-restricted.

My pre-sunrise walk was delightful because
The rain I’d expected held off
And no one I passed on...Read More
Categories: surprised, birthday,
Form: Rhyme
The Slide
The slide was slow.
He had quickly climbed
To the top
To survey his conquests.
His slide was genuine, though
Not without care and thrills,
And he was not surprised,
He did not win his world.
Like most dreams
His too collapsed;
He swore not to aim high
...Read More
Categories: surprised, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
I'm Sorry
For many years I have realized that our hearts are very deceptive and unreliable.  I cannot imagine how many times my heart has let me down and exposed the dark and negative aspects of it. Please permit me to...Read More
Categories: surprised, anger, christian, god, rude, sorry,
Form: Narrative

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

CREAM, Get the money Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’all

That was a HOT line
Back when I was young with a childes mind
With my mind on my money
And my money on my mind
I was layed back......
Thinking of ways of...Read More
Categories: surprised, blessing, christian, hip hop, rap, society, world,
Form: Rhyme
Carol goes to a Bar
I‘ll have a Bailey’s Irish cream thank you and 
keep them coming.
You know it’s not fair really.
I just went to my mother’s funeral.
That , forgive me but there is no other word,
That  died before I could tell her
what I...Read More
Categories: surprised, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
Premium Member EUREKA

Release the shelter of bare feet,
     rhinestones on big toes sparkle.
The tentacle-shine of sunwheat
     on the scrapyard-swig of river.

Like a sunflower, the mudlark
     shuts her eyes, complexion
surrenders to...Read More
Categories: surprised, history, river,
Form: Rhyme

Anticipating the rebirth of nature 
onto the fields I walked the other day
hoping to marvel the outburst of beauty.  

On my way, 
unexpectedly, Spring I met herself just passing by
very surprised I was indeed
to my dismay I noticed that...Read More
Categories: surprised, beauty, death, spring,
Form: Personification
Good Yankee Advice for Spring
Don’t be fooled by purple crocuses
or bright yellow daffodils – it’s an illusion.
They’ll be under a crust of snow by morning,
and the shovels you put away last month 
will have to be brought out and used again.

Spring is a magician...Read More
Categories: surprised, humor,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Same Cloudy Reason
There once was a white cloud
That lived in the sky
Every 10 years it passed
Just blew in, and flew by.

Never dropped any rain
Never talked much less sighed
The craziest thing I saw… 
All I could say was my, my.

When I was ten...Read More
Categories: surprised, drug, humorous, imagination, mystery, riddle, silly, simple,
Form: Lyric
I have long said mother nature is against us
we are no more than a nasty virus to her.
She has sent us many warnings over the years
which mainly fell on deaf ears due to human greed

The response has been in our...Read More
Categories: surprised, abuse, corruption, future, natural disasters, nature,
Form: Verse
Premium Member SURPRISED

Although Man very well knows

death is common to us all

seems surprised when the time comes 

to witness his mortal fall!*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      24 March 2020

* No-one of us will fall victim to coronavirus 
without putting...Read More
Categories: surprised, death, god, trust,
Form: Quatrain

                                       ...Read More
Categories: surprised, lust, sick,
Form: Verse
Love In A Time Of Corona COPYRIGHT A S Deo
Love in a time of Corona is best 
Expressed between a loyal couple
We have time on our hands, rest
Cannot be overdone, neither should sex (Love-makin')

Love in a time of Corona is wisest
In your private premises; stay away from exotic...Read More
Categories: surprised, bible, blessing, children, discrimination, emotions, encouraging, love,
Form: Verse
       I always pictured love to be this thing that was gonna sweep me off my feet forever and I would forever be in love with love.
That was where I had love ed up....Read More
Categories: surprised, 11th grade, 12th grade, age, america, analogy,
Form: Carpe Diem
Healing in Jesus Christ Our Lord
I once was a woman, who bled for twelve years.
Doctors tried to cure me, but left me in tears.
Unclean and forsaken, in bitter sorrow.
Wondering if I’d ever see my next morrow.

I heard of a Man of miraculous power.
Surely, He can...Read More
Categories: surprised, bible, song,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member STARS APPEAR
this poet’s page suddenly turns black
stars appear

am i standing on the earth?

the sky like the palladium
of the phantom of the opera

a masquerade of candleshine

i wouldn’t be surprised to see angels
each holding a solitary beacon

they say stars sing —
i applaud...Read More
Categories: surprised, appreciation, imagery, stars,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member LAST CARRIAGE

Two women fighting over last cart
                 Unsophisticated, brawling, stubborn,
   Short. Up rolls a knight, armor shining bright,
“Why d’ost thou fight til the...Read More
Categories: surprised, angst,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member I Danced a New Truth
I twirled the blind side of my imagination
She landed in a bow but did not bow
visualizing my muse’s scoff 
but it never came

Adding metamorphic truths
to my delicate repertoire
my cosmic soul winked at me
causing thunderous applause 

misunderstanding I danced my new...Read More
Categories: surprised, imagination, muse, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Have Four Brothers
I think you might be surprised he said.
To his current girlfriend with hair of red.
The four brothers I told you of, you see,
Are very very very much like me.

We are quintuplets, the five of us.
Sue smiled up at her boyfriend...Read More
Categories: surprised, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Forest, Never to Return
March came in like a lion
And never let up, not really 
The children, Markie and Stu, spent most of their day outside
Except, usually, for a quick lunch and a hurried hug

In the country, the darkness is like a blanket
It covers...Read More
Categories: surprised, anxiety, conflict, confusion, dark, fear, horror, mystery,
Form: Narrative

They all drink a bottle of champagne,
Fake promise during campaign..
They meet at the same venue,
While corruption is serve as their menu..

Dancing to the songs of shame,
Politicians now plays us like a game..
Our dreams can no longer be fulfilled,
Even our stomach...Read More
Categories: surprised, corruption,
Form: Rhyme
6 - BeeTV

What is that Dude?  That’s the TV Son.
What does it do?  Oh it lots of fun!
There are these bees, you see, they act and stuff.
It really is quite good!  Shall we have a look?

Ok, I guess. ...Read More
Categories: surprised, childhood, family, insect, life, technology,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A Way Of Life
All work and no play
Is not a way to live
All play and no work
Is all take
With not much give

Work is essential
No job no money
How would one survive
Life is not all milk and Honey
People have to strive

To be honest and Proud
Not...Read More
Categories: surprised, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme