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Surefire Poems

Surefire Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surefire poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surefire.

New Poems

Etymological fervor kindles logorrhoea
Hence no surprise... yes
recherché rhetorical flourish(es) impress,
yet mine deliberate vocabulist predilection,
I haint gonna stress
aforementioned quirk
also includes zero apr

(annual percentage rate),
may be subject with excess
sieve jejune ennui pullulating Kudzu like
indecipherable haphazard gobbledygook mess
abhorrent brashness claptrap discouraging
further harrowing progress
into thicket of verbiage,...Read More
Categories: surefire, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, august,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Whoops Yours truly almost ditched the missus
Whoops! Yours truly almost ditched the missus...

Who nearly knocked me upside noggin
property of self anointed Unitarian sheikh
yea... of course by accident, 
nor lame excuse accepted
playing spontaneous hide-and-seek
game, and not exactly romantic technique

to allow, enable and provide sleek
move antithetical to marriage...Read More
Categories: surefire, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Surefire Desire
Ladies, let me make it clear,
If any of you has the notion
Of drawing Handsome Harry near
With the use of a love potion;
If you really are sincere
In your wish for his devotion
By spicing up the atmosphere
And oiling love's locomotion,
I will gladly...Read More
Categories: surefire, devotion, drink, inspiration, love, men,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Word Fantasy in F Sharp Minor in 3 Movements
Word Fantasy in F Sharp Minor  (3 Movements)


(Andante con moto)

Hey man. Take this.

I got it last night,
under a fractured street light,
with shattered pieces of clear glass, scattered
at the nexus of an obscure dark freeway offramp,
way down there in magical...Read More
Categories: surefire, allegory,
Form: Free verse
We see the same stars
So much to say that the words just evade me
So many thoughts that can lift or degrade me.
All of this trauma is the creator that made me
I'm fighting harder and harder every day.

I find myself getting lost on my path...Read More
Categories: surefire, peace, perspective,
Form: Epic

Ah Satisfactorily Succumbing Into Salubrious Sleep
Ah...Satisfactorily Succumbing Into Salubrious Sleep

Aye sandman, I surrender to yar supreme governance
surreal spectacular soiree gifts subconscious sphere
soothing (analogous to natural palliative), ah...REM
member nought, asper exquisite entertaining cerebral
kaleidoscope replete with nonpareil visual trappings

aesthetically tantalizing unforgettable..., but lo' eye cant
captcha scenario upon...Read More
Categories: surefire, angel, care, happiness, joy, psychological, self, sleep,
Form: Free verse
Gomorrah Toys

Military maneuvers,
conducted by starship troopers,
make a Lot of king Chedorlaomer noise

Earhole space
penetrated by the Pentagon puffing pace ... 
stealth sound of smoke signals
Warning drumbeat signs 
of an incoming, deadly drone invasion

Attack helicopters hover
over tempting topography targets  ~  reservoirs...Read More
Categories: surefire, truth, violence, war, wisdom,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member It All Comes Down To Love

You'll need to examine every emotional feeling that you have ever felt
to determine if they have had any long lasting impact upon your life.
Fear’s a definite contender, brandishing a surefire instant impact 
but, fear's a temporary kind of feeling that...Read More
Categories: surefire, 10th grade, anxiety, beautiful, emotions, feelings, how
Form: Verse
Premium Member Magic Seconds
The pitcher toes the rubber, then steps off for a bit,
Wipes his brow, sets his cap, pounds the ball in his mitt
  As he peers in for the sign sixty feet six inches away
  Where stands the batter,...Read More
Categories: surefire, baseball, magic, summer, time,
Form: Rhyme
Categories: surefire, christmas, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

C-an't-miss move is done, 
A-iming to win the battle; 
S-atan's army is all over, 
S-o be vigilant against the peril.
A-s the can't-miss action
N-ever fails in the fight; 
D-ay fifteen of warm July, 
R-eady-made plan sets things

V-ery certain measure
E-nds the war...Read More
Categories: surefire, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Comfort in a Cookie
I swear there’s no heaven
I’m just twenty seven

Two toddlers, never married
Two fathers, my life far too harried

I bartend and wait tables
My life doesn’t resemble storybook fables

I live stressed out with fatigue
I often wonder if I’m out of my league

The speed...Read More
Categories: surefire, addiction, children, drink, fear, hope, mother, recovery
Form: Narrative
beautiful teacher
slowly she presents
i just let her do what she feels
it is no rush
everything is unexpected
egos are not syrup drenched
narcissism does not exist as a definition
space is the comfort zone that we create here
she is the queen of surefire subtlety ,...Read More
Categories: surefire, beautiful, teacher,
Form: Free verse
surefire drifters
a drifter so unsure
becomes the best thing that ever happened to me
now it is time for her to go
a tear runs down her face and mine....knowing our first is our last
as we slowly and reluctantly wave our goodbyes, we both...Read More
Categories: surefire, sad, truth,
Form: Free verse
superman just made a reservation
superman just made a reservation
i am in a phone booth penthouse
a knock on my door gets my attention
there you are, looking like the last time it was the first time
you still have those calming brown eyes
you still possess that laid...Read More
Categories: surefire, change, homework, hope, miss you, recovery from,
Form: Free verse
my sigh of relief is
my sigh of relief is 
my flyswatter of release
i wrap my left hand tightly 
around the handle and kill
all that blocks my forward

my sigh of relief is
my extravagant 
exhalation period
i get up off of the 
cold, damp ground
and begin my...Read More
Categories: surefire, god, how i feel, moving on, recovery
Form: Free verse
third shift aftermath senryu
third shift aftermath
two mcgriddle saturday
surefire plans for SLEEP!...Read More
Categories: surefire, food, sleep, work,
Form: Senryu
The More You Do a Thing
The more you do a thing, you’ll find,
The better that it gets.
By slacking off, it’s obvious
That you will have regrets.

Developing a skill or else
Rehearsing for a show,
It’s repetition that you need
To blossom and to grow.

Commitment and determination
Are the surefire keys
To...Read More
Categories: surefire, success,
Form: Rhyme
you are my superstar by far
you are my superstar by far
simplicity shines solace in the midst of your presence
if i had a spotlight to make true beauty stand out, then you would surely be it

i once had a stairstep life that creaked and cracked
then you...Read More
Categories: surefire, beautiful, dedication, for her,
Form: Free verse
this paradise will not be paved
kissing the underbelly of a white cloud
becoming perfectly serene in adequate comfort
thinking about you as you keep me warm by continuing to prove me wrong
i let too many things go, but this paradise will not be paved

rubbing the gaseous belly...Read More
Categories: surefire, dedication, for her,
Form: Free verse
smooth motion red
escape with me in smooth motion red
let us not even expect what is ahead

we will not worry about time
it will not be that close to a crime

a smile from you is surefire happiness
totally dissipated is crappiness

the destination will surely set...Read More
Categories: surefire, freedom, god, joy, peace,
Form: Couplet
numerosity nutcase in notable nothingness
cold as ice with the heater on
the aspirin causes me to bruise
like murky water mirages on a ceiling of used stars, 
i become lost in thought as the scent of you makes me float on air
i believe that i am...Read More
Categories: surefire, loneliness, longing,
Form: Free verse
brown eyes that sparkle in the sun
brown eyes that sparkle in the sun
inspires me to take turns i thought 
i would never take

i thought surely that there must have
been some kind of mix-up in God's Master

however i never questioned or challenged 
his logic, meaning, or purpose

instead...Read More
Categories: surefire, dedication, for her, happiness, joy, peace,
Form: Free verse
bushy pathway sunday
this box in a bushy pathway 
represents the direction of my
life and the end of my world as
i watch the grass grow and the
trees sway only to find myself 
even more lost that i ever was 

in every daydream i...Read More
Categories: surefire, truth,
Form: Free verse
something in the air called loneliness
something in the air called loneliness
makes me do things that are disguised 
as outlets
my heart does the thinking for my brain
and the brain does the beating for my
thinking that it is all a recipe for renovation
is actually a blueprint for...Read More
Categories: surefire, absence, addiction, blue, dark, depression, loneliness, sad,
Form: Free verse