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Short Zimbabwe Poems

Short Zimbabwe Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Zimbabwe by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Zimbabwe by length and keyword.

Zimbabwe '08
Grey smoke of burning limbs
A burnt charred flag of 
patriotism flying
In the June 27 democracy...

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Categories: zimbabwe, satire
Form: Haiku

economic woes PT2
In Zimbabwe you may think life is rough
A land where empty is enough
Remember the rule
Sell your car to buy fuel
To the first world this may seem rather tough

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Categories: zimbabwe, funnymay,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Hi-Five Hug
Written by Gail DeBole on
March 10, 2020

An elephant in Zimbabwe
Hi-fived with a soft trunky sway.
Then wanting to play
She continued her day
With a hug for the human who waved....

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Categories: zimbabwe, animal, friendship, friendship love, fun, nature, sweet,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Holding on to a Jet Stream
I skated holding onto the tail of a jet stream today.
We went to Dubai, Zimbabwe Omaha and Bombay.
I got back before lunch before my mother could say
Where have you been child? In the yard you must stay!


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Categories: zimbabwe, travel,
Form: Monorhyme
Mountains on the Backyard
Mountains on the Backyard

This mordant assignment
Is my nemesis with physical insult-
My venerated assailant
Famed for making life difficult!

(Great Zimbabwe University, Mashava Campus.)


21st Feb’ 2014

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Categories: zimbabwe, class,
Form: Quatrain

I ask of the desert dunes,
The stately Kilmanjaro, the 
Mambilla outcrops;
I ask of the great forests
The seven old rivers
Snaking through my black 
I ask of the noble rains,
Every ancient observer;
Does it matter who built the 
Old Zimbabwe
When we feed not today
Our hungry hordes?...

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Categories: zimbabwe, life
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Playing Jacks
Jacks are played in Israel.
Jacks are played in Spain.
Jacks are played in Texas
And in the Florida rain.

Jacks are played in Korea
And played by kids like us.
Jacks are played in Hawaii.
Stop making all that fuss!

Jacks are played in Singapore.
Somalia and Zimbabwe too.
Jacks are played in Trinidad.
And probably Timbuktu.

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Categories: zimbabwe, world,
Form: Rhyme
From shimmering oil
of ebony still
will come flailing of limbs
will come hacking
quick slashing
of hands now untied
tattooing no pattern
not even a maze
depriving gray walls
of their stone
will come spittle
wild churning rivers
agush from slack jaws
of blanching gray hounds 

till one day at dawn
will come quiet
Donal Mahoney

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Categories: zimbabwe, war
Form: Free verse
Z ulus and Shonas possess the lands
I ndependence placed it in their hands
M ugabe dictates his corrupt demands
B abies starve in the streets eating out of empty cans
A ids is rife amongst women and man reducing their life spans
B eautiful country reduced to desert sands
W eeping nation paying with every drop of sweat from their glands
E ternity it feels as they are slaves with new brands

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Categories: zimbabwe, depression, life, sad
Form: Acrostic
Am battling myself 
Fighting my thoughts 
Trying to get things right 
Regretting my past 

Am on a depression 
Can't see the future 
Am doomed 
pending catastrophe 
Its too dark 
They is no sign of light 

The way is thorny 
And am on foot 
I can't take a step 
Am stack in the middle of Norway 

Am confused 
Am lost 
Will never be found again 

They is cries every where 
Am Zimbabwe 
And I will raise again...

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Categories: zimbabwe, metaphor,
Form: Sonnet

It is better to choose to stay with a rate. 
It is better am still breathe. 
It is better I choose to stay forest with wild animals. 
It is better am still alive. 

Drought come to me. 
In my Zimbabwe. 
My tear flow. 
River of Limpopo start to flow. 

The crocodile and fish start to laugh. 
This dam of my tears makes frogs and hippos happy. 
My blood bleeding. 
That's why I shrink like a new born.

By patric ndidzulafhi munyai 


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Categories: zimbabwe, heartbroken,
Form: ABC

Would you have a long nose
For Arts such as prose
Not least the vim in poetry
That erupts in symmetry
Expressing a long story
So succinct and so flowery
Like a serenade or music
For waning Hearts so sick

Yet, Arts pretty or unusual
Are arts that are visual....

Should Arts stand to unite,
You will see the World ignite!!

***Inspired by the resplendent Rhyme in Zimbabwe Urban Grooves which have taken music to a more quintessential level. 


13th March 2014

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Categories: zimbabwe, culture,
Form: Couplet
What Did He Say ?
In tounge I speak bantic
native of shonia
also known zezuru karanga
manyika ndau or korekore

but I rather speak just shona

my speakers come in 
great strengths of 
7,000,000 or more

our words are written 
in standard languages
with orthography and grammer

there has been a novel 
written also about us called
soloman mutswairo feso

with open arms
I'd like to welcome you
to the republic of


Tribute To Africa

Had To Research
Of Language {Tounge} LOL...

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Categories: zimbabwe, black african american, dedication, education, children, history,
Form: Free verse