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Short Spread The Word Poems

Short Spread The Word Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Spread The Word by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Spread The Word by length and keyword.

Premium Member She Knows How To Use Them
Purely ones learning For today, it's about legs So lets spread the word .

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Categories: spread the word, girl, people, places, woman, women,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member My Mission
Praying for the whole world> Compassion for the needy Spread the word of God

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Categories: spread the word, faith, hope, life,
Form: Haiku
for every season
and this reason
i promise our maker
and under taker
i would be like a brid
that fly high eye would

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Categories: spread the word, adventure, education, religion,
Form: Light Verse
don't kept it to yourself
tell everyone els
what he done for you
can do for them too
if they let him in he is your friend
they haven't herald

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Categories: spread the word, caregiving,
Form: Light Verse
   it  came in
my friends
 i couldn't music  in my ear
this i won't share
get spread the word
 haven't you hleard
 that lord  gave a kiss
and a strong fist
i was


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Categories: spread the word, brother
Form: I do not know?

Door-to-Door Snake Oil Salesmen
"Let's spread the word of the Lord!" they exclaimed
"Knocking on doors - surely none could be blamed!"
   It's simply a matter of time
   Up the walls we will climb
Our inevitable ire will thus be inflamed...

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Categories: spread the word, faith, funny
Form: Limerick
Do Not Suffer In Silence
Do not suffer in silence 
Let your voice be heard
Speak your message 
Just be the one to spread the word
When a person is alone 
Ambiguity may appear 
Rise above the mountainside 
In order to make your words clear

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Categories: spread the word, courage, encouraging, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
reach out and do
gods will
help other fullfill
there lives
be wise
spread the word of god
make a started
life be smooth as lard
some will sa your ood
do this you can't miss
you live forever

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Categories: spread the word, faith
Form: I do not know?
Be Of Great Character
Be of great character 
Shine that light 
Encourage others to do well 
Teach them to make their world bright 
The kids need a hero 
Be a voice of positivity 
Spread the word of greatness 
Show them that they have the capability...

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Categories: spread the word, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Never Too Late

I whisper in twilight
Wishes sent to you
As I face darkness of night
I hold what I feel is true

Like another life or fate
Inspiration carries me through
It is never too late
To spread the word to you

Heidi Sands


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Categories: spread the word, inspiration, night, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Today I See You
Today, I see you son
I see the new you
Someone who was down
Now is being uplifted
To new heights above

You have been given your charge
To go spread the word
To let God use you
Prepare others for his kingdom
And your answer, Lord use me

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Categories: spread the word, son
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SPREAD THE WORD


lottery tickets
the world’s shaken in a bag
bumping together
this life is not guaranteed 
is your bag heaven...look up*


*bag - slang a person's particular taste, field of skill, interest, activity


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Categories: spread the word, christian, sick, word play, world,
Form: Tanka
The Skeptic
Religion is a separator,
not a lifesaver. 

Man made it in his mind.

Take a lesson in history,
maybe you’ll see. 
I do not believe
that God is right for me.

Neither the Devil nor Jesus,
do I believe to exist.

Go spread the word of your deity
and end up at the guillotine…...

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Categories: spread the word, betrayal, bible, corruption, dark, gothic, perspective, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Brighter Times
I call for brighter times
When laughter will be entwined 
And the world will want for nothing more
Where love will be the language to explore

So  hurry now go from this place
And spread the word in all good grace
For better times I know will be
No torment for anyone we’ll see.

© Paul Warren Poetry


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Categories: spread the word, future,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Do You Hear What I Hear for Isabell
A little bird heard
Then spread the word
That Isabell had lost her smile
Well I have a spare
Which I doubt you'd wanna wear
To be honest, I've used it a while
So I did the next best
Phoned in a request
To jolly old St Nick
I heard from a bird
Now I'm spreading the word
Old Santa's got just the trick.

 Merry Christmas Isabell
from Daniel and Buddy...

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Categories: spread the word, christmas, children, fun,
Form: Rhyme
A Crumb
A crumb fell down from Henry's lunch
Onto the ground outside.
It soon attracted one small ant;
Perhaps he was the guide

For minutes later, all his friends
And relatives did show.
He'd spread the word but how he did it,
I will never know.

That little crumb made quite a feast
For every ant around
But how they heard about it
Is that part that does astound....

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Categories: spread the word, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Acts of kindness
To travel far and see the

 world or stay real close

 and spread the word. Our

 lives are our own to lead.

 Yet the good deeds we

 commit to are shined

 upon with grace. In time

 and space, in our time and

 place! We shall know when

 to react and show an act of

 kindness, when to back down

 and show forgiveness, in truth

 is there a difference?...

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© Andy Craig  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: spread the word, forgiveness, how i feel, travel, truth, world,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Rudolph Misnomer
Rudolph's name is really Adolf
But was coined for he was thought rude
Assumed to be full of himself
As leader of the reindeer brood

His red nose stayed up in the air
That part of the story is right
But he only kept it that way
To see around the blinding light

About that "rude olf" moniker
He would always spread the word
To please only call him Adolf
Ironically that was preferred!...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: spread the word, fantasy, humor,
Form: Rhyme
rumor rama
welcome,welcome one and all!!
join the antics have a ball!!
welcome to the rumor mill!! 
americanas all time thrill!!
get the lowdown,get the news-
inside info,naked views!!
learn the latest,get your fill!!

true confessions overheard!!
told you by a little bird!!
dirty laundry analyzed!!
and everyone is criticized!!
so spread the word as I'm sure you will-
you heard it first,at the rumor mill!!...

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Categories: spread the word, funny
Form: I do not know?
We can spread God's word
I have faith in you 
and what you do 

and if you hear a call 
to lead those that fall 

I will be there to walk 
with you through it all 

Jesus called us to speak his word 
and to help lift those that have already heard 

Will you please go with me 
to Africa, Japan, and even Italy 

I'm asking you to follow me 
across the world, and spread the word 
because there are so many that haven't heard 


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Categories: spread the word, devotion, faith, inspirational, me,
Form: I do not know?
Secret Has Come Out
Astounding in depth,
the secret was well kept,
it was in  a place afar,
where no one could go,
and leave it in tar,
they vowed,
they were its guardians,
and sworn custodians,
nobody knew abut it,
nor ever hoped to,
one fine day,
the secret,
having been in for long,
got tired,
and terribly bored,
it decided to take a walk,
and while on it met a stranger,
who spread the word,
that the secret had "come out".

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Categories: spread the word, inspirational, life, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
4 Years In June
It's not far off, it's very soon,
That certain age I'll turn in June.

A couple more years, I'll be 19,
I've got to keep fighting, to just stay clean.

I'll spread the word to every soul,
To repair spirits is my goal.

To teach the confused of pure light,
To give the blind another sight.

I cannot wait to gat the call,
I promise i will give it my all.

4 more years, and then in June,
I'll turn 19, it's coming soon!...

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Categories: spread the word, dedication, devotion, faith, happiness
Form: Couplet
Premium Member GOOD OL' JOE
Joseph,a levite from Cyrprus,fair
Displayed his gifts with loving care;
A son of encouragment,he was called
This bold Barnbas of old.
The first advocate for Tarsus,Saul
With words he smoothed the path for Paul;
Then to Antiocn,post haste was sent,
To nuture young Christians he was lent;
A teacher,prophet of the Lord
With the apostles he spread the word,
Enduring dangers he fulfilled his call,
A man of principle...example to all.

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Categories: spread the word, history, people,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday to everyone out there
Let’s spread the word and show we care
Let’s rise above all that’s going wrong
Let’s unite in happiness and stay strong
Happy Sunday to everyone today
Maybe, find some time to enjoy and play
Dig out meaningful things and write
Enjoy every nice scene that’s in sight
Share what you feel, say what you choose
Poetry is something you can never lose
              Happy Sunday!

Heidi Sands


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Categories: spread the word, inspirational, motivation, write,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THOUGHTS
Come sit down beside, and do tell,
Is a book on Agnosticism non-fiction as well?
Let's choose a book of literary spells,
Let's take ourselves to libraries to dwell,
Let's spread the word of literacy,
Billions of people need to read,
Thoughts, opinions and ideas for free,
Would you classify --isms as fiction?
Is a book on Agnosticism non-fiction?
Is Atheism a true creed?
Fabulous negativity, Kafkas, prithee,
Come sit down beside me, let's read....

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Categories: spread the word, allusion, faith, introspection,
Form: Free verse