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Short Rehabilitation Poems

Short Rehabilitation Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Rehabilitation by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Rehabilitation by length and keyword.

Premium Member Rehabilitation
She gasps now, in pain 
As the gentle therapist
Extends her ballooning limb
  ~ In childbirth's pangs
     Ends always justified means...

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Categories: rehabilitation, birth, pain, recovery from,
Form: Free verse

You ask me what I was?
Meek solitude sustained in armored mantle
a wave of movement never moving onward
a shade lost in humanity’s shadows
and nothing … before you

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Categories: rehabilitation, me,
Form: Free verse
Rehabilitation from taking second and third glances,
From being enamoured with rust
And letting love turn to dust
Insisting it’s the real thing.
I’m learning real love can’t be downloaded.


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Categories: rehabilitation, addiction,
Form: Free verse
At The Rehab Center

Squeeze a little tighter 
the therapist said at the rehab  
a tear drop fell at the corner 
of her eye 
as she smiled  

For Julia Ward’s Rehabilitation contest.
Written May 25th 2018.

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Categories: rehabilitation, anxiety, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rehabilitation

In 1965 I started
In 1982 I finished rehab 
Today I'm teaching others
Life is better in recovery
Come Celebrate Recovery with me

12 May 2018
For the contest sponsored by Julia Ward...

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Categories: rehabilitation, celebration, drink, recovery from,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Rehabilitation
An ox can pull a weighted cart daily.
With mirrored force, I grapple to lift my right leg.
A toddler wobbles in his first steps,
but struggling, we inevitably became able to walk.
Hugging the wall, like a child in the deep pool, I rise up....

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Categories: rehabilitation, confidence, inspirational, recovery from, strength, uplifting, work,
Form: Free verse

Total humiliation
Finally hit rock bottom
Knew it was time to ask for help
Waiving the white flag in desperation

Rehab crew, take me I’m yours

Submitted on May 16, 2018, for REHABILITATION POETRY CONTEST sponsored by JULIA WARD...

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Categories: rehabilitation, abuse, change,
Form: Free verse
She was brutally raped
And sent home, her father's rage
Mixed with mother's curse
Rehabilitated her in marriage
With the rapist,à la carte.

Rehabilitation Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Julia Ward
Free verse poetry form only.
25th May, 2018...

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Categories: rehabilitation, girl,
Form: Free verse
Harsh mistress
He was seeking rehabilitation from an addiction that due to heroine it had him a strangle hold and although we got him clean it still ended him, that's the price of heroine, a harsh mistress and unforgiving, which is how I lost my friend, who was just like my brother....

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Categories: rehabilitation, addiction, brother, death of a friend, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
In and out, out or in,
Addicted to escape this world, to be set free
Flew over cuckoo’s nest so many times
That I can’t recall my in and out, my out or in
I just want to live

Contest Judged:  5/31/2018 2:53:00 PM
Sponsored by: Julia Ward...

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Categories: rehabilitation, longing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Broken body, broken mind, broken heart... the pain is unbearable. Rehabilitation can be a long, strenuous journey, more painful than the reason. Bearing it may bring back the joy of wholeness. Sandra M. Haight

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Categories: rehabilitation, addiction, mental illness, recovery from,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Waterfall Alcohol
Blazing booze burned the ribbons of my esophagus
Swirling suicide attempts surrounded me in sea and in pills
My brain carried my heart over the ocean of my soul
Sobriety electrocuted me like lighting in my thought storms
Memory, stability and creativity are now my trinity 


Contest: Rehabilitation Poetry
Sponsor: Julia Ward

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Categories: rehabilitation, addiction, ocean, recovery from, suicide,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Convalescence
Convalescence is possible with the renewal of faith.
Each resuscitation may be found in the power of healing.
I have found rehabilitation from a disease of the mind,
a malady that only existed because of my childhood abuse.
Good counsel and love can restore a wounded spirit. 

Rehabilitation Contest
Julia Ward
May 31, 2018

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Categories: rehabilitation, anxiety, depression,
Form: Free verse
First Step To Rehabilitation

                             one step at a time stands still

                              when the ringing in the ears
                           and the haze and nausea clears
                                    a broken body sighs

                                     ready for the next


Julia Ward's
Rehabilitation -Poetry Contest


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Categories: rehabilitation, body, time,
Form: Free verse
Chicago Cure

Tired and torn, weary and worn, male and female, straight and gay.
High and hooked, homeless and hungry. Every creed, color, and kind.
Addicted to crime, running out of time, looking for freedom to find.
From Clark Street, Madison and Western, 43rd and Calumet
Beaten and broken, needing rehab, many found the great escape 

04152007; (PS05162018Condensed for Contest, Rehabilitation, Julia Ward)...

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Categories: rehabilitation, abuse, addiction, america, drug, recovery from,
Form: Free verse
Australia's Streams and Rivers
Monitoring twenty years confirms
Having good vegetation about
Helped to protect Australia’s rivers
From ravages of climate and drought 

The condition of streams and rivers
Based on agricultural impacts 
Caused modification of catchments
And altered hydrological cracks

Australia has set the example
Use wood for rehabilitation
Wood now plays a major role in streams
Improvement without limitations

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Categories: rehabilitation, nature,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member AR Strong Rehab Centre
She pushes my wheelchair
   Rolling me past the nurses station
     Rolling me down the long bright hallway
    Rolls me into the room with all those machines 
 All I want to do is go for a   l o n g  w a l k  _  —  _  — _  —  _  — _  — _

For Julia Ward’s Rehabilitation contest.
Written May 24th 2018.

AR Strong has assisted many people on their road to recovery.
A great facility in Vancouver Canada....

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Categories: rehabilitation, emotions, recovery from,
Form: Free verse
The Rehabilitation of Killers ( Two Senryu Trilogies)
Out of water
Moses killed a task master
And hid the body.

In the wilderness
Forty years and reconciled
Called by Burning Bush

Out of the desert
Moses, the deliverer,
Set God's people free.


A true Pharisee
Of Pharisees, Paul stood by
Consenting killings.

Killing more Christians
Blinded, thrown off his high horse
Sent to a Christian

The scales fell away.
Paul became a man of God...
Trusted apostle.

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Categories: rehabilitation, death, education, faith, forgiveness, life, passion, visionary,
Form: Senryu
The Rehab
The more you ignore the less the words turn towards the poem Whatever care you offer at the rehab as a show of the charity The leaves and stems keep suffering from the fungal infection The birds keep clear of the wrinkled shadows of the trees Can't you have a few hearts of the morning dew ___________________________________________.________________________ 22 May, 2018 Rehabilitation Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Julia Ward

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Categories: rehabilitation, depression, stress,
Form: Free verse
Bob’s accident was not "too" bad;
young lady with both legs broken.
Driving on drugs, he’s ultra rad;
“Go to Rehab,” judge has spoken.
Meanwhile... she goes to rehab too;
Bev learns to walk again, wahoo.

When laws and legs guys freely break,
what’s “legit” walks off the pages.
Their lawyers give this bellyache, 
“We don’t put addicts in cages!”
Meanwhile... last time Bob tests a tort,
Bev appears as lawyer in court. 

written May 26, 2018...

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Categories: rehabilitation, betrayal, relationship,
Form: Free verse
A Stabbing
A student who was stabbed to death,
It’s horrible to learn,
Was set upon by kids so young
It made my stomach turn.

One robber, 13 years of age,
Took part in the attack.
For criminals of such an age,
There is no going back.

I know that’s pessimistic
But a teen who has a knife
Shouldn’t, with things being equal,
Have such disregard for life.

Though rehabilitation
May be ordered by the state
For both the victim and the perps,
It seems too little much too late.

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Categories: rehabilitation, death,
Form: Rhyme
Windows of my life,through
which I see the world.Silhouettes
imaged moments transfigured
forever imprinted upon memory.
Windows of my life,paused moments
in which I live in the land of the living.
Precious gaps of reality,distractions
from the monotony of the repetitive
routine of the cycles of my rehabilitation
a rejuvant restoration on the road to good health.

You may hear me recite this and most of my PS catalogue on Youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro....

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Categories: rehabilitation, health,
Form: Verse