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Short Kindergarten Poems

Short Kindergarten Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Kindergarten by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Kindergarten by length and keyword.

Kindergarten Retire
pelican misery steam
epilogue note
wise sheriff pedestal...

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Categories: kindergarten, wisdom, words,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member monoku-kindergarten
september a remembrance.....kindergarten name tag gingham dress shy...

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Categories: childhood, kindergarten, remember, school, september,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member Cat
There was a cat 
who liked to pout
I said "Come out!"
 it only spat....

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Categories: anger, animal, cat, funny, humorous, kindergarten,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Want You
Eyes meet-lick lips-look away-send a note over
Date Written: 8/24/2020...

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Categories: kindergarten, humorous, joy, love, lust, writing,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member haiku - Kindergarten
gap-toothed, gray suit
lacy socks, haircut by mom
— parochial pics


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Categories: age, kindergarten,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Word of the Day : March 14, 2021
verb at-uh-TOO-duh-nyze 
: to assume an affected mental attitude : pose

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Categories: christian, high school, kid, kindergarten, spoken word,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Women
You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

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Categories: kindergarten, bridal shower, business, caregiving, celebrity, christian, class,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Love Hate Forgive
We love
We hate
We forgive
Love gives
Hate retreats
Forgive renews

Date Written:7/7/2020...

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Categories: kindergarten, forgiveness, friendship, hate, how i feel, love,
Form: Footle
Premium Member Water Droplets
Ten water droplets

all forming a waterfall

water mist the air


Date Written: 4/29/2020...

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Categories: kindergarten, beauty, water,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Dreams
I am heading off to another dream
Where life and I make the perfect team
Date Written: 8/17/2020...

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Categories: kindergarten, dream, emotions, life, together, universe, voyage, world,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member BABY TALK

na na na na na
na da la la ha ha ha 
baby talk fa la

by James Edward Lee Sr.

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Categories: cute, kid, kindergarten,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Holidays Coming

holidays coming
wonderful family friends
peace love food and gifts


Date Written: 11/9/2020...

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Categories: kindergarten, family, food, friend, giving, holiday, love, peace,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Blessings Acrostic
Sending great friends
Saving my day
Saying you love me


Date Written: 11/12/2020...

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Categories: kindergarten, blessing, day, friendship, love, words,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member School Daze

as the school bus leaves
emotions must be dealt with
tears or happy dance

John G. Lawless

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Categories: children, kindergarten, parents,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Rhymes Reasons And Why
Rhymes, they are funny.

Reasons, I like to write them.

Why, they make you laugh.


Date Written: 5/292020...

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Categories: kindergarten, fun, humorous, write,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member One Word

Date Written: 9/2/2020

2 Place   One Word Poem contest Judged: 9/5/2020 Sponsored by: Bobby May...

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Categories: kindergarten, humorous, love, poetry, poets, visionary, words, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kindergarten Recess
Kindergarten Recess

A tiny elephant stampede
all for the golden ring of an empty swing.

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins

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Categories: kindergarten, school,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Watching and Waiting
America watched and waited
  for a debate to break out
Holding its nose at the shouting
  ~ 'til kindergarten let out...

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Categories: america, children, kindergarten,
Form: Rhyme
Hoopdie Diddle Didy De
Hoopdie diddle didy de. 
Grab your fiddle and follow me.
Play a diddy for the crowd.
Play it pretty and play it loud.


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Categories: joy, kindergarten,
Form: Rhyme
Tying my shoe
What do I do What do I do
What do I do to tie my shoe
Cross it over pull it tight
Loop it together well, I think that's right...

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Categories: kindergarten,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Word of the Day : March 16, 2021
adjective rih-PLEET 
1 : fully or abundantly provided or filled
2 a : abundantly fed
b : fat, stout
3 : complete

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Categories: christian, high school, kindergarten, people, teacher, teen,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 3 is the Third in Line
3 is the Third in Line

3 is  third letter and
ABC where C is 3 is
Third in line alpha

written by James Edward Lee Sr....

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Categories: education, kindergarten, word play,
Form: Haiku
Current Nursery Rhyme
A Current Nursery Rhyme

Hey google google
The cat and the poodle
The cow jumped over the moon
To be seen on Google sky soon...

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Categories: child, childhood, children, computer, humor, kindergarten,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Word of the Day : March 15, 2021
noun ser-kum-loh-KYOO-shun 
1 : the use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea
2 : evasion in speech


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Categories: christian, high school, kid, kindergarten, spiritual, words,
Form: Quatrain
There goes my baby
Strolling the long way home
Light of my life song

Shedding Sunday now
Kicking remnants down the slope
Waiting for Monday...

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Categories: baby, home, kindergarten, life, light, love,
Form: Haiku