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Short Indecisive Poems

Short Indecisive Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Indecisive by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Indecisive by length and keyword.

Premium Member misplace trust
indecisive belief
gets deception crown

-May 22, 2019 Chattogram...

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Categories: indecisive, trust, vanity,
Form: Monoku

Premium Member Indecisive
I realized something I never knew before.
I used to be indecisive.  Now I'm not sure....

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Categories: indecisive, confusion
Form: Rhyme
dark wine
neutral fool 
flesh sex 
twisted tool   
sketch of his mind 
like sharp poisoned 

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Categories: indecisive, death,
Form: Name
Premium Member I'm Gettin' Better
I was naive and immature

Always nervous and insecure

        I'm better now

        let me tell you how

Where once I was indecisive -  now I'm not so sure!...

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Categories: indecisive, funny
Form: Limerick
Call me indecisive I have never been this confused before. I guess teens never know what 
they truly want. I guess im trying to find the easy way out of life and he was it....

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Categories: indecisive, teen
Form: Free verse

on the fence
on the 
one foot in
one foot 
outside of 
the box 
unstable motivational
indecisive indecision
unclear clarity 
clear as mud...

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Categories: indecisive,
Form: Lyric
     or shatter
the non-plussed-
obscure with
aeaninglss phrase,
faded ideas
left in tatters,
the muffled
once authentic,
now indecisive
to shelter
in its retreat...

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Categories: indecisive, imagination,
Form: Verse
One Pisces Woman
One Pisces Woman

Compassionate and imaginative,
A fun, fickle, Pisces prerogative,
One day saving the world.
The next lives a dream world.
But, reality is indecisive.

© August 8, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Categories: indecisive, introspection
Form: Limerick
All Mixed Up
I used to think I was indecisive,
But now I'm not so sure,
I used to think I was thin,
But the scales told me more.
I used to think I was handsome,
But the mirror told me no,
Why can't I make my mind up,
I'm just a mixed up so and so....

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Categories: indecisive, funny,
Form: Rhyme
welcome home
welcome home. 
we did not forget who you are. 
we only burned all your photos [that you never wanted anyway.]
here's a brand new dress [that you don't want.]
we know you're indecisive [you're really just afraid]
so we got it for you.
welcome home.

[we will never know you.]

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Categories: indecisive, abuse, family, gender, mental illness, mystery, social,
Form: Free verse
Indecisive Imagination
I remember writing some lines about how much you've changed
How much you have grown through the years
How much I want to wait for you to come back

When you were here, we would make all these plans
"You could do this, and I'll do that, then we'd..."
I'd hate to relive these days...

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Categories: indecisive, nostalgia
Form: I do not know?
Mentality Feeble-minded indecisive, brainless vacillating, lacking, faltering spineless, pathetic, self-assured, secure imparting, convincing, unwavering decisive, intelligent confidence © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen January 22, 2010 Poetic Form: Diamante

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Categories: indecisive, people
Form: Diamante
Carried by the Wind
I am a fragile leaf,
falling from a tree,
blown by the wind,
to somewhere else.

I am a fine sand,
sifting through the dune,
blown by the wind,
to somewhere else.

I am a drop of rain,
falling from the sky,
blown by the wind,
to somewhere else.

I am the gentle wind,
indecisive and aimless,
I blow from here,
to somewhere else....

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Categories: indecisive, adventure, introspection, life, nature,
Form: Free verse
Within One's Self
Indecisive as she relays her wants
Confused about what she actually needs 
Loud cries to her best friend to relieve her stress
The battle between self becomes to much for her 
She retreats within herself,
drowning herself within alcohol
Vodka leaving her disoriented and depressed 
The strong has become the weak and frail...

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Categories: indecisive, adventure, anxiety, best friend, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Crimson or claret she just can't decide
Red or deep pink her mind won't be made
A different scheme colour could be the answer
A yellow, a green or a floral pattern
She's so indecisive, I hear her call
"What should I go for", so I make a retort
"Whatever you like, you choose the paint
they're only your nails, for god's holy sake"

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© Rob Carter  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: indecisive, fun, humor, humorous, women,
Form: Rhyme
The Bones In The Hole
As a star to a child,
Far from earth,
Born in the wild,
Nurtured from birth,

By an addict within,
Leaves behind a mistake,
Forgiveness for her sin,
Sympathy she'll fake.

Disbelief arose the town,
Betrayed by their own kind,
Picture torn down,
No more body to find,

The departure was planned,
By an indecisive soul,
A printed story to stand,
The bones in the hole....

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Categories: indecisive, dark, death, mystery, pain,
Form: Blank verse
halloween: A fragment
One winter weary dreaming 
they chance upon my door
several ghastly ghouls 
screaming for some more
insistently they went on tapping
rapping at my door
Quietly creeping silently weeping
crept I to the chamber door
standing indecisive
with  I my hand upon the door
heart beating memory fleeting
flung I open the door
T'was Halloween
this and nothing more...

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Categories: indecisive, halloween, horror,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member 3 Degrees of Separation
A humble agnostic will simply say,
"I don't know if there is a God."

A less humble one will bluntly proclaim,
"You don't, either!"

And the least humble will flatly contend,
"We can't ever really know."

What it boils down to, I suppose,
Is that one might profess to be an agnostic
If one is simply, bluntly, or flatly
Too indecisive to be an atheist.

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Categories: indecisive, faith,
Form: Free verse
I spoke and felt with true, deep intention.
I hold everything I feel deep down, this is how I have lived.
This is why I feel certain and indecisive things.
Things, because there is no definition.
I spoke, to you.
I am riddled with thoughts of you, sights of you.
The slightest movement in your features brings me back.
How do I open up?
I don't.
As you hold the key to it all....

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Categories: indecisive, beauty, courage, love,
Form: Free verse
I think that I may be indecisive. But now I’m not really quite sure I can’t seem to make up my mind I've never had this problem before I used to see everything in black and white Now I can’t decide and nothing is right I was going to buy some venison But decided it was a little deer Maybe I’ll get some new glasses So my clouded judgement is clear 26th April 2015

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Categories: indecisive, humorous,
Form: Blank verse
Am I being too picky?
Or just plain indecisive.
Sometimes I can't say why my mind just won't quit.
I have pain in my heart,
but hope on my mind,
That one day I'll learn how to find peace inside.
I try hard to work it,
but the world is no picnic.
Filled with people who will do anything to play tricks.
But I must stay focused,
and keep moving forward.
No time to think twice,
progress is in order....

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Categories: indecisive, adventure, break up, celebration, corruption, desire, health,
Form: Free verse
Love Scars
Broken in three
I sat there, 
Laid there,
Sank into indecisive indecision
And confusion.

I knew not what I wanted.
I knew not what I did not want.
I wanted what I did not know.

I lost what was hated.
I loved what was lost.
I hated what was loved.

And it cut me deep, 
So deep I was sick
So sick of love 
And what it brought.
I still wield the scar...
Of confused love
And broken hearts....

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Categories: indecisive, lost love, love
Form: Rhyme
The Bipolar Night
The somber nightfall
Always perplexed me
Seems so simple,
But so complex
So calm,
But quite terrifying!
It behaves as
A indecisive psycho
It never knows
What to be
Constantly changing
Safe and trusting,
Scary and sketchy,
Peaceful and explicit,
Kinky and wrong!
Bright and warm,
Dark and frigid.
It holds all these characteristics,
But what it will be tonight,
Remains a mystery......

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Categories: indecisive, confusion, introspection, mystery
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Beautiful Song
Sun shines with a glimmer on the trees
A beautiful light green, in the breeze
The sky is indecisive, gray and then blue
Brightens with sun filled thoughts of you
Branches move in waves, in the air
Colorful blooms, the plants do wear
I can hear leaves moving, like the sea
Turning the sand into a smooth melody
In the distance, birds are singing along
All is complete, in this beautiful song

Heidi Sands


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Categories: indecisive, beautiful, nature, song,
Form: Rhyme
(This haiku isn't in the ancient hokku form).

Indecisive mind
divided feelings
state of no response

Coming and going 
spell out your real heart
the miss confusion

Wandering brain
from house to house
where is thy root?

Like end of the road
walking away legs
heart still in love.

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Categories: indecisive, inspirational
Form: Haiku