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Short Hippopotamus Poems

Short Hippopotamus Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Hippopotamus by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Hippopotamus by length and keyword.

Premium Member Picture This
One angry momma
Hippopotamus full speed
Man two steps ahead...

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Categories: hippopotamus, animals, death, faith, imagination, inspirational, introspection
Form: I do not know?

Cattle Independance
mobile berry street
hippopotamus tusk
kettle sprout deuce

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Categories: hippopotamus, words,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Hippopotamus
When he sits He crushes the evidence Corrupting the human mind

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Categories: hippopotamus, africa, allegory, animal, christian, evil, psychological, religious,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member hippopotamus

 in water hippos
are the most deadly to man
than alligators

2019 September 10...

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Categories: hippopotamus, nature,
Form: Haiku
(form 5-7-5 kawanagi)


posted in March, 2018...

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Categories: hippopotamus, animal, dream, fantasy, fear, night, silly,
Form: Free verse

The Never Song
Never stand behind a hippo!
Never stand behind a hippo!
Never stand behind a hippo!
Projectile diarrhea!...

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Categories: hippopotamus, animal, funny, hilarious, natural disasters, rude, silly,
Form: Lyric
What A Lovely River Smile
Have you ever
Seen a hippopotamus
Running in cadence,
Alongside an
African, Kenyan man
Oh, what a lovely  
River smile

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Categories: hippopotamus, funny
Form: Free verse
Want A Hippo for Christmas?
Hippopotamus Only one of these will do! Want one for Christmas? Inspired by the song I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

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Categories: hippopotamus, funny, holiday
Form: Senryu
Oh!  I’m very glad that I
Am not a Hippopotami
And should I ever get the choice
It’ll not be Hippopotamoice

© John W Fenn 15-Feb 2009

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Categories: hippopotamus, animals
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member hippopotamus
                                      Fall's black cloud design in sky..
                                                 cloud dissipated


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Categories: hippopotamus, imagination,
Form: Haiku
Hippopotamius and Synonyamous
Hippopotamus and Synonymous  

Some say if I happen to be a hippopotamus 
My son to me also should be synonymous
And if they found and ate any anti-mater
Would they actually end up being fatter?

Jim Horn...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hippopotamus, humorous,
Form: Couplet
The Wild Kingdom
Brown Bear
King Snake
X-ray Fish

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Categories: hippopotamus, animals
Form: ABC
wild beast
A Wild Beast

Is of no interest to me
Lives in muddy ponds
Since no one wants its
Considerable teeth
It is left alone
To harass innocent tourists
Who assume
It is a river horse 
And can be caressed. 


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© jan hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hippopotamus, adventure, africa, allegory,
Form: Blank verse
I Saw A Hippopotamus
I saw a Hippopotamus going to the fair,
wearing pink pyjamas with a bow up in his hair,
he was followed by a Zebra who was wearing bright
blue socks,
a Chimp and a Koala bear, wearing matching frocks,
they climbed into the teapots looking quite a sight,
and a little old man spat out his teeth as they gave him quite a fright!...

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© Lee Franks  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hippopotamus, animal, children, fun, humorous, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Nervous Hippo
A hippopotamus walked the tight rope
Wobbling to and fro he did grope
To find some balance as he peered beneath
The spectators looked like ants in their seats

He tried to convince himself he was not afraid
He counted to ten and then he made
A deal with himself that he would not break
To never show off again and put his life at stake!

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Categories: hippopotamus, children, giggle,
Form: Rhyme
Small hippopotamus (for children)
The small hippopotamus

Has taken his grandmother's glasses,

Has taken his father's hat and scarf,

And a portfolio his uncle's briefcase.

He put all of the clothing on himself,

          Picked up the briefcase, 

has looked in a mirror,

Has scratched his own snub-nosed nose 

and said, "Well, now I am grown up!"

("Well, now I am an adult!)

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Categories: hippopotamus, children,
Form: I do not know?
Would You Understand?
If I saw a purple moon
and told you all about it,
would you understand
and say you do not doubt it?

If I saw a hippopotamus
upon that purple moon,
would you wink your eye
at the ravings of a loon?

If upon that hippo grew
an odd and strangely tree,
astride upon a branch
sat a fellow, exactly like me,
should I ask
see my vision of a wonderland,

would you understand? 

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Categories: hippopotamus, fantasy
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Hieronymus Hippopotamus
Hieronymus the Hippopotamus,
Implied at times that he was xylotomous;
Even claiming to be most gregarious.
Real time though, he loved to be autonomous;
Only decidedly not anonymous;
Not to mention being quite hilarious.
Yet no one found him to be synonymous,
Moreover, with the crudely cantankerous;
Unlikely even to be obstreperous.
Some friends on the Nile found him magnanimous.

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Categories: hippopotamus, animal, funny, humor, silly,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Couscous
Preposterous hippopotamus laughs at scandalous rhinoceros. 
Precipitous, calamitous cumulus leaks rain on head.
Furious, igneous volcanoes spurt copious lava, aqueous and amphibious into sea. 
But despite the acrimonious albuminous setting,
anxious, ignominious and siliceous bed fellows, make amorous love anyway
wearing polymorphous, ponderous and porous pajamas in bed,
and enjoy anomalous couscous made by anonymous, ambidextrous, audacious, cantankerous cook....

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Categories: hippopotamus, food,
Form: Free verse
Short Ribs H: Who you callin' fat
Behold the hippopotamus!*
She's huge from top to bottomus.**
She loves the rivers more than lands,
On stubby little legs she stands
And grazes 'cause she has no hands.
For losing pounds she has no plans,
Such as Jenny Craig or rubber bands.
Obesity for her's no plight,
To be big and beautiful is her right,
So about her weight, she's not uptight,
She just takes another bite and says, "So whattamus!"

*Thank you, Ogden Nash,
 ** and thank you again, Cowardly Lion

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Categories: hippopotamus, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Poem I Prepared Reminded Me of Ogden Nash
Poem I Prepared Reminded Me of Ogden Nash

Rhinoceros may be related  to hippopotamus;
Synonymous and anonymous in a metropolis;
Both together do live;
Each other bath give;
Thought appeared to be purely preposterous.

Have you been laughing yet,
Read my poem with regret;
Live in rafter,
Or hereafter;
A moron like me have met.

What you did do was dubious
Matter becoming mischievous;
Handle with care;
Even when bare,
And to fact are now oblivious.

Jim Horn

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hippopotamus, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick