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Short Hands Down Poems

Short Hands Down Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Hands Down by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Hands Down by length and keyword.

Home on the Range
The wife kicked me out of my house
Saying I'm no longer her spouse
Its all for the best
Now I'm with the rest
Who can put both hands down her blouse!...

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Categories: hands down, relationship,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Happy Jack

Silliness always wins hands down We need more humor, enter the clown My name is Happy Jack Laugh while taking a nap Naps are essential, or in giggles I'll drown

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Categories: hands down, happy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A Simple Solution

Smiles of joy always win hands down The main ingredient for combatting a frown Simple and yet Not everyone gets This simple solution to all negativity © Jack Ellison 2016

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Categories: hands down, simple,
Form: Limerick
Pale Man
Hands down, the sleeper
Sits on a seclusive seat of hope:

Aging lips survey a feast 
With disdain, and crust at the 
Hair peach crying out for barber Enamel
Atop its push-up chair of
Amethyst and scarlet....

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© Angel Diaz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hands down, devotion, life, loss,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Humour Wins

When writing poetry, humour wins hands down But not at a funeral, causes lotsa nasty frowns So be careful what you choose Like purple ballet shoes And being dressed in a pretty pink gown

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Categories: hands down, silly,
Form: Limerick

His team’s chances he hoped to enhance - So a cricket player took a chance He’s caught ball tampering Such disgrace it did bring He got snapped with his hands down his pants! 3/27/18

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Categories: hands down, corruption, humorous, sports,
Form: Limerick
Always Come Home.
hands down
twice the man
soft spoken
steady on
quiet purpose
hard working
fun loving
tall and kind
beautiful hands
dark hair 
wise beyond his years
never give up
don't worry
time will tell
always come home....

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Categories: hands down, dedication
Form: Free verse
Time Can't Stop The Thrill
Please stop,
The pleasure of fun
Seconds should be more than 60


Hands down,
Let's get dance,
Thrilled on the dance floor
Melt on urge,  last on steps, show time!...

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Categories: hands down, inspirational, time,
Form: Fibonacci
A Silk Rose
I run my hands down your silk shoulders
till our hands are in each others.
As our bodies lightly touch,
these lips can only kiss.
I whisper softly
my only words,
I love you

by Michael J Falotico 2nd place in
"Poetic Art" contest by the Sweetheart...

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Categories: hands down, dedication, love,
Form: Nonet
The flag
Do you stand up for the flag
Flying fluttering in the breeze
It doesn’t look half bad
It may be old fashioned if you please

But my father went to war
And beat them hands down
He knew what was the score
So I will stand up with pride so sound.

© Paul Warren Poetry

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Categories: hands down, memorial,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member God Bless America
Having received the American History Award in high school in 1981 I can honestly say one needs to know only 3 things to win it hands down. these are: It stinks, it still stinks, and it will probably continue to stink. Just live your life the best you can and try to love life and people as much as you can. Oh well....

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Categories: hands down, america,
Form: Blank verse
My heart is beating, though it is broken 
my lungs are seeping & my eyes are crying blood
as i hold my head in my hands down on my knees 
i am lost in alice's wonderland
is it a dream, how could this be, i am lost beneath my own grief
as this fairytale swollows me into the timeless universe i see what has become of me...Broken!


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Categories: hands down, fantasy, lost, lost, universe,
Form: Light Verse
Grandmothers Recipe
       Remember the recipes you gave to me?
Of dreams and hopes and reveries?
Of April orchards by the sea?
Red apples under the harvest moon
June bugs on petals of sunflower sisters
Bending together in the whispering breeze
leafy arms,prickly kisses
Lady bugs flying home?
     I need you more than ever
don't  lay your hands down  now
Hold them out to me.

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Categories: hands down, love, nostalgia, people,
Form: I do not know?
Babe I love it when we roll around in my bed
The taste of your lips, the taste of you, has me hypnotized
When you run your hands down my back, I almost paralyze
I adore the way you make me feel, and when you do what you do my eyes roll back in ecstacy
Holding back my passion, oh I feel so weak once I release
The way you look at me in desire oh you please my fire
I love you sugar...

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Categories: hands down, artme, love, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tastes Like Chicken
I don't care about turkey,
chicken wins hands down.
No need for any gravy,
it is never dry.
Add baked potatos,
some brussel sprouts too.
Yummy, yum,

The chicken, a lowly bird
In turkey's shadow
On the day it should be safe
It rests on my plate
Next to Brussels sprouts
and double baked potatoes 
Baptized with

For Andrea Dietrich's "Make me drool" contest....

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Categories: hands down, thanks,
Form: Epulaeryu
A Happy Night
He smiled his crooked smile at me and I blushed. He took a slow step forward then he rushed, To my side, running his hands down my arms and then… Bliss, As the warmth of his mouth overtook mine again I knew for a fact he wasn’t lying. He was kissing me so tenderly I thought about crying, But I knew that wouldn’t be right Because this is suppose to be a happy night.

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Categories: hands down, caregiving, first love, i love you, joy,
Form: Free verse
Words can not explain
What I wish I could say
We've been together since Kindergarten 
And seen each other every day

From Barbie Dolls and secret clubs
To gossip and boyfriends
I can't believe our time here's through
And the "real world" soon begins

You're my best friend, hands down
But the good times aren't in the past
Cuz we'll be together next year
College life will be a Blast!...

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Categories: hands down, teen, together, kindergarten,
Form: I do not know?
An Angel Of Heaven
He came hands down, to me, 
knowing him,Is A blessing, as he,
drew me in, Lusciously, So
proud to say he is "MINE," An Angel of 
Heaven, I wear his HALO, pure 
as gold, hand n' hand, I love 
him throu n' throu, In depth 
with my heart, And soul, I bare 
his strength to carry me, with 
his almighty "KING,"Where he 
crowned, Me his "QUEEN,,,"
Above heavens "GATE.."

Dedication to:
Richard Palmer...

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© Carma Reed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hands down, adventure, dedication, faith, inspirational, love, me,
Form: Rhyme
I wake up to unusual ringtone
I rise to pick up my phone
One eyed half open,
I stretch out my hands down my pillow
I clean my throat ready to say “hallo”

 My right thumb on the screen to slide the green icon
But….there is no message or a missed call
Oh my God, I forgot that I never had you’re new number at all
Because you’re gone- my sweetie
So reluctantly, I have to go back to sleep

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Categories: hands down, absence, addiction, allusion, cry, funny love, goodbye,
Form: ABC
Free time
Day too long been pilin' up
so when you smile me up
and down to my bones
ta hell with the phones and loans

groans and moans trump hands down.
Where ya been, outa town?
Who cares those eyes, oh my
pecs and gluts, ceps and thighs...

enfold me embrace me
hold on tight and face me
naked as you are in
unabashed tenderness

tongue flicks enmeshed with
grips kneading our flesh
in togetherness despite all
we feel at one with god's


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Categories: hands down, health, me,
Form: Free verse
A dog goes to flea market
                                A DOG GOES TO FLEA MARKET

                  A dog goes to flea market with foam in the mouth,
                 Faces the music of flea , bought fleas with a crown;
                                   They are ectoparasite
                                  Distant cousins of a mite
               'O Finger lickin' good', they say with their hands down.

© Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 2014...

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Categories: hands down, nonsense,
Form: Limerick
Your Face Behind The Glass
In a dream last night I was in a city under the stars
I was walking down the street and you were driving in your car
You were on your way to somewhere and I was looking for a bar

You hit me as I was walking down the road
I threw my hands down on the hood to lessen the load
Then I saw that it was your face behind the glass
As I maneuvered around the car and passed

You never once looked up or acknowledged me
I could only assume that you never even saw me...

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© A. Montz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hands down, angst, depression, friendship, life, love, nostalgia, urban
Form: Sonnet
Sunshine girl
My sunshine girl is the best,
hands down, heads above the rest,
the warmth she spreads and the air she treads,
I am humbled just to be, engulfed in you and me.
To sit within your loving stare, and run my fingers through your hair,
just some things I love to do, cold winter evenings, just me and you.
The delicate tenderness of your breast,
the passion that burns within my chest,
the times we share and the love we make,
looking forward to the holiday we plan to take.


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Categories: hands down, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, love,
Form: Rhyme
Dine In Devine

Your skin tastes so sweet on my lips
your salty sweat lingers on my tongue
inside me a melody of heavenly notes has begun
my body chanting sexy songs unsung
your honey dipped in lust scent
fills the air
as I lick your skin, you pull on my hair
but beware.. this chick will bite
I will feast on your sweetness all night
Saliva cocktail, tongue in my mouth
hands down south
Your body belongs to me, its all mine
What a beautiful way to dine in devine..


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Categories: hands down, love,
Form: Free verse
My American Jacket
Grease the film is showing in the cinema

We pile in to see this magical musical bobby socks and swing dresses

The next day I go to the shop and buy my American high school jacket

The jacket has navy sleeves, the front and back are red.

I put the jacket on, I run my hands down the sleeves the brushed cotton is thrilling me

I swirl around in front of the mirror, my hair tied in a high ponytail

My short red skirt matches the white blouse, for I think I look like Sandra Dee...

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Categories: hands down, humorous,
Form: Light Verse