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Short Greener Pastures Poems

Short Greener Pastures Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Greener Pastures by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Greener Pastures by length and keyword.

Premium Member grazing

idling the days away
in greener pastures

posted on August 5, 2018...

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Categories: greener pastures, animal, food, nature, summer, time,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Bridge Beyond
Symbol of despair
or chance of greener pastures...
nature will be judge.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

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Categories: greener pastures, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member the zebra took off to his greener pastures
the zebra took off to his greener pastures

he's lion in grass
for his love to be tiger
the zebra took off

connie pachecho


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Categories: greener pastures, allusion, beauty, love,
Form: Haiku
My bag is almost full with what I can call
a house;
I'm not prepping-
greener pastures my soul seeks....

Name: Teddy Kimathi


Date: 17/12/2015

Words used:20...

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Categories: greener pastures, adventure, journey, life, lost, lost love, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Have The Courage And Strength
Have the courage and strength 
To live life and carry on 
Continue on with your progress 
And weather the storm 
Every new day 
Brings forth a new challenge 
Strive towards greener pastures 
In order to find your balance...

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Categories: greener pastures, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: Free verse

My eyes ache from the dullness, the dullness I see everyday.
The sun is a nightlight to my vision, flower's have no scent, colors look grey white 
and black. 
When I breath in, I breath a rot, a smell of hopelessness.
My soul has left for greener pastures.

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Categories: greener pastures, depression,
Form: I do not know?
It went through me
the hot day;
vaulting back.
at night.
To hustle the poetry things.

Weary of the luminous
dials. I want to
think in dark.


The bookcase was empty.
Croaking words
had departed for
greener pastures.

Hold on.
I am coming to
defuse the grenades.

Satish Verma

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Categories: greener pastures, art,
Form: ABC
Gods' Flock
The fruit of life,
I eat today,
Far from the flock, 
I will not stray,
Greener pastures ,
Without my Shepard,
I will not stray,
I will not be tempted,
I will say nay,
Sheep have been stolen,
Who went that way,
Now living a life,
Of gloom and grey,
Living in this flock,
I'm protected,I am sweet, 
Grazing salvation,
At the Saviours' feet.... 

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Categories: greener pastures, faith, inspirational, religion,
Form: Didactic
Something New Maybe
Opportunity, you are welcome
Did you really have to walk hand in hand with doubt? 
Or would skeptic be so happy to hear how you rummaged in her room while she adored herself like a cult.
Greener pastures with fresh fruit glistening of hope
did you notice pessimist the puppy that likes to dig at the crop? 
Good fortune, nunchuks
I hate sunny days said chance with a stain of worry on his white suit......


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Categories: greener pastures, confusion,
Form: Blank verse
It's Not Easy Being Green

Green has much responsibility.
Green is everywhere!
A touch of blue, a dash of yellow
it sings of vitality
and rebirth.
Symbolic of spring, green brings
balance and the renewal of nature.
It walks a tightrope of positives 
green thumbs, green lights
greener pastures, emeralds
and negatives
green around the gills
envy and greed, aliens.
It’s not easy being green!...

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Categories: greener pastures, color, green,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Greener Pastures
Lured across the world are we,
to setting sun, ancient sea,
privileged ones so carefree
lured to pastures greener?

Wander led the core of me,
to foreign suns Pharisees.
Naiveté fueled, footloose, free,
lured to pastures greener?

Herded child of Galilee
primed-pumped, then set free
fool's gold seeking protégée
lured to pastures greener?

Stop searching, surely, you see
beauty is all around thee.


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Categories: greener pastures, adventure, childhood, introspection
Form: Sonnet
Internal Interview
Living amid the blurred lines of my reflections
Stark cold fears snow me blanket my resolve
Nestled my leafless core begging for rebirth

Patches of life clumped to the reality of what is what was
Soul penetrating every doubt of self worth 
Raw exposure of glory days forgone

Dreams engulf the rapture of greener pastures
Revealed in roots embedded firmly in my foundation 
Seeds flourish branches extend and trunks stand firm...

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© Carol B.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: greener pastures, absence, hope, jobs, life,
Form: Free verse
the passing
  I never knew her by name
  yet her sun kissed auburn hair
  I lived a lifetime with
  nor did she ever
  flip a glance my way
 how sure I was
  we once grew old together
  Her piercing green eyes
  like precious jewels
  peering miles in front of her
  toward greener pastures
  to  all  places
  angels go dream
  How whimsical of me
  I thought to myself
  to have loved her forever
  as her train rumbled pass me
  in the opposite direction...

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Categories: greener pastures, emotions, fantasy, for her, longing, sweet,
Form: Free verse
greener pastures
Fleeing into dark night, I run
A truth not wholly accepted
A promise breaking as I write
One story ends, one rejected

I question my decisions now
Fleeing into dark night, I run
Rejection sets me on my way
As to wishes I did have one

The broken mirror reflects all
A dream remaining but no time
Fleeing into dark night,  I run
Only one madness to my rhyme

I run far, always looking back
No hope remains under the sun
Great sentiment jolted off track
Fleeing into dark night, I run

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Categories: greener pastures, goodbye, dark, dark,
Form: Quatern
Musa's Death
An hour ago
At the embassy
Fleets of steels sighing
Protracted protocols prying
Exodus of seekers of greener pastures murmuring
Hanging hangars rusting and resting
Busy bees bullying deterioration
Officials posses with officialdom
Cabs crowing
Heads heavy with thoughts
Eyes lacerated with tears
Wives in sack-cloths
Sympathizers gulped down dry gins
As the blue bird landed from the air,
The remnant of his remains
Descended from above
Butchered in the street of London

Awoh Awoh


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Categories: greener pastures, death,
Form: I do not know?