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Short Easter Sunday Poems

Short Easter Sunday Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Easter Sunday by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Easter Sunday by length and keyword.

Premium Member You got it on Easter Sunday
Did you know?

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Categories: easter sunday, faith,
Form: Free verse

lazy musician
Easter Sunday
in a tide pool conch
a fiddler sleeps...

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Categories: easter sunday, animals, family, sea, seasons
Form: Haiku
Easter Baseball
Easter Sunday
Cardinals at Cubs
Is this the year of Cubs?...

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Categories: easter sunday, baseball,
Form: Questionku
Easter Sunday Morn
Tomb Empty Jesus Arose
Oh wonderful Day!...

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Categories: easter sunday, holiday, love, peace,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Joy
May God Richly Bless Each one On This Easter Sunday
The Kendricks...

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Categories: easter sunday, blessing,
Form: Prose

time is running out
no doudt
he is going raise again
it won't be on monday
but easter sunday
he'raise his head
from the dead
his tom will unlock

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Categories: easter sunday, faith, religion, easter,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Easter Sunday
I had not a life Till I met the Lord Jesus On Easter Sunday He said “I died for your sins So you may live forever”
Russell Sivey Entrant into Linda-Marie's "EASTER INSPIRATIONS" contest 3/25/2012...

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Categories: easter sunday, faith, life, easter,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Easter Goodies
Easter comes but once a year,
In the early spring.
Lots of fresh eggs painted bright
For bunny to bring.

Christ was laid upon the cross
For to bear our sins.
Easter Sunday He will rise.
Goodness always wins.

For trochee 7/5 ocontest...

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Categories: easter sunday, easter,
Form: Rhyme
Spring Snow (revised)
It's supposed to be Spring,
Though snow's on everything
Winter weather's no longer a charmer,
But Easter Sunday should be warmer
My budding flowers may soon die,
Because the temperature is not high
Global warming must be the reason,
For snowfall in the wrong season...

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Categories: easter sunday, natureeaster,
Form: ABC
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday

Early to church, for the AM service flow,
Songs of affirmation, as the Pastor welcomes the foal. 
Excitement is in the air, signs of love and sacrifice,
On this resurrection Sunday, symbols’ of restored life.

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 3/27/16


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Categories: easter sunday, celebration, easter, faith, jesus, life, love, religion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ND smolders while he paints an egg
Easter Sunday
a cathedral smolders,
while a painted egg sits in his hand,
people are crushed and weeping
while god is kissing his imagination
a cross stands-unfazed by fire
he's blissfully unaware
the only thing that exists
is a rainbow of colors...
on his tiny fingertips....

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Categories: easter sunday, child,
Form: Free verse
Easter on the Cape Flats
On Good Friday after church we eat
curried pickled fish and hot crossed buns
and drink black coffee because we share
in the painful agony of the Lord.
On Easter Sunday after church we braai *
meat and drink like fish and rejoice
in the victory over death and grave.

* (rhymes with "bye" ) - barbeque / barbecue...

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Categories: easter sunday, easter, easter, drink, fish, good friday,
Form: Kwansaba
a silent easter sunday moment
one good thing that shines
is now gone
how do i move on
i don't know
but i do

one true heart that cares
has now stopped for good
how do i move forward
i have no clue
but i do

one real love that just does
has now been forever frozen in time
how do i pick up the pieces
any guess is as good as mine
but i keep on...

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© Marty King  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: easter sunday, moving on,
Form: Free verse
Easter Sunday Sunrise
My great salvation Christ’s death and resurrection New Life-Thank You Lord. Jesus healed my soul Paradise opens its door with Him-sin no more. Down my knees I pray Morning sunrise this Sunday Jesus, I see Thy Glory. 7.30am April 21,2019 A Blessed Easter Sunday. God Bless. Hugs & Kisses.

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© lg ds  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: easter sunday, celebration,
Form: Haiku
Lolly Easter Eggs 2019
Do you remember lolly eggs so pretty
As part of your Easter Sunday kitty
They always rattled when you shook them well
Held together with halves iced I could tell

Alas they seem to have gone from here
Chocolate eggs are the king now I fear
Another one of my childhood memories has gone
And those joys of childhood left for us to mull upon.

© Paul Warren Poetry

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Categories: easter sunday, easter,
Form: Ballad
Christ's resurrection
Today we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead.
As he was nailed to the cross, he suffered and bled.
After Jesus died for our sins, we didn't have to sacrifice animals anymore.
He's the son of God and his teachings are something we can't ignore.
When we ask to be saved in his name, we will not get a rejection.
Today is Easter Sunday and we celebrate Christ's glorious resurrection....

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Categories: easter sunday, easter, religion, religious, easter, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
Easter Happiness

I feel so happy today
Because it’s Easter Sunday

The Lord has risen
It’s time to rejoice again

Give a smile to everyone
The best thing you've done

Be merry and spread the love
God is watching from above

Heart as white as a cotton cloud
Forgiveness in your heart, be proud

Sadness will swept away
Happiness will filled the day

Have a Blessed Easter to my PS family (^___^)
March 30, 2013


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Categories: easter sunday, easter, happy, easter, easter,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Easter Sunday Morn
The rising sun soon will cast warmth
upon the spring's surrounds
An Easter Sunday cool and damp
Reminiscing of  friends

Turkeys gobble in the distance
Coyte pups softly whine
The wind chimes remind of cold breezes
And of life God's design

Out on the porch Sunday April 05, 2015
Just a few minutes before trying to 
look 1/3 as good as twenty years ago in 
twice as much time..LOL...

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Categories: easter sunday, beauty,
Form: Rhyme
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday a day to reflect 
Besides the choc and all the going on 
Religion is calling strong 
I think of the times I needed 
I would pray and feel a warm hug
I did not pray on happy days
I turn to God when life not well
Why not turn on in a good spell
We are his sheep in rich meadows 
Head bowed down plenty of good grass
Only when the grass runs out do sheep
look about 

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Categories: easter sunday, religious,
Form: ABC
Premium Member In the Corner
In the Corner First day of school for all my life, I screamed “Fire, Fire” out the playhouse site. Teacher calmed down the class’ alarm. Stood me in a corner to do no harm. In the corner, in the corner, I often went, for talking or some other event. The Kindergarten room caught fire anyway. Burned to a ruin on Easter Sunday. 3/26/17 In the Corner Sponsored by: Anthony Slausen

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Categories: easter sunday, child, school, teacher,
Form: Rhyme
Time Contraction

I remember the sheer elation,
just like it was yesterday

Forty years tears of joy removed ... 
Thirty months, same feeling safely deposited
Twenty weeks marked a memory pulse acceleration
Ten days of jubilation thoughts from bald to grey, 
felt like five hourglass Palm turns 
on a dawn, Easter Sunday

Zero minute ticks in the mind,
completes the heart contraction of time ... 
I celebrate not a wasted second...

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Categories: easter sunday, religious, spiritual, truth, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Hurtful Things You Say
Hurtful things you say,
Tear me apart in every way
Think before you speak to me,
Because I will not let it be
I treat you nice, and show some slack,
But there are times I will strike back
Even though you are my relative,
If you want love, be sure to give
For I am sensitive just like you,
I have feelings and can hurt too!

Written after my mom said something really mean to me about my Granddaughter 
Genevieve on Easter Sunday....

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Categories: easter sunday, familyeaster, me, granddaughter,
Form: ABC
Premium Member What Easter means to Me
As I sit and reflect on this Easter Sunday.
Many things pass through my mind.
As I see Christ hanging on the cross, 
knowing HE laid down his life for me.
So my life is, entrusted to thee.
He died, he rose, so new life began
I know you suffered on the cross
to deliver us, giving us eternal life.
You suffered so that I may live.
What more honor could you bestow
on me ,one of your sheep, saving me,
through your mercy, through your grace.
The promise of everlasting life....

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Categories: easter sunday, religionlife, easter, life,
Form: Free verse
 Easter Remembered. 

When the sun glares 
there are no shadows the shine
a haze no thought can penetrate, 
a lucidity that reveals nothing
I saw them by the side of the road 
two hundred sheep
ragged dogs and a shepherd
to look after them,
and on a hill afar a church, 
it is Easter Sunday
 wish I could paint the scene
 alter the architecture 
of the church as it is too modern 
an alien in this landscape
of peace and coloured by catholic 
postcard idyll. 

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Categories: easter sunday, angel, bible, blessing,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Embers of Time
Time comes--time goes and we forget
The wonder of its being.
The sights it brings to dazzle us
We see without the seeing.

But lo, there comes a special day
When we mark every minute,
A time when everything is right
And every moment in it.

Such a day was yesterday,
With Easter Sunday dawning,
I know I'd see all those I love
Before the nighttime's yawning.

Time to remember-time to keep
Within my book of living.
I am so grateful to my God
For the special times He's giving.



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Categories: easter sunday, time,
Form: Rhyme