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Short Blue Whale Poems

Short Blue Whale Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Blue Whale by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Blue Whale by length and keyword.

Premium Member Sea ghosts
hunters on calm sea
gigantic blue whale breaches
ghosts watch wistfully

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Categories: blue whale, image, sea,
Form: Haiku

blue whale
mount of blue sapphire 
glides in waves of wide ocean ---
waters in puzzle

12 April 2022 

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Categories: blue whale, animal, fish,
Form: Haiku
Wildlife 43
Wildlife 43

A blue whale was feeling depressed,
'Cos he'd lost his libido and zest,
So one day, all alone,
He took testosterone,
And soon had long hairs on his chest!!...

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Categories: blue whale, animal, funny,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A whale of a time
Jeff he was a good animal dentist 
Pets of all kinds were on his event list
He treated dogs and big cats 
Horses and even some rats
When shown a blue whale he had to resist


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Categories: blue whale, pets,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Ocean Breeze
There once was a blue whale who had the flu
He went to the doc and asked what to do --
   Doc replied, "Just don't sneeze
   You'll create such a breeze --
My stethoscope won't detect your achoo."...

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Categories: blue whale, fish, sick, silly,
Form: Limerick

Deep In The Ocean
A-mazing sea creatures
L-ive in the ocean blue; 
V-iew of corals on the bottom
I-s seen like fresh and

E-arly first of August, 
B-ig blue whale makes a motion; 
I-t's truly incredible, 
D-eep in the

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Categories: blue whale, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Blue Whale Farts

Blue whale fart bubbles are big enough to swallow a horse Can't imagine how they know, must have an underwater source Maybe a smartass starfish With a human-like gift Thinks he's world-famous and looks great in fish shorts

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Categories: blue whale, inspirational,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Tongue of a Blue Whale
A blue whale’s tongue
How large can it be?
As supersized as a redwood tree.
No, not that big, the expert said.
But if you get smacked by one, you might become dead
As big as a car?
Bigger I think.
It weighs as much as an elephant.
So away I slink, for a blue whale is in sight, heading for me.
I hide in the corals, hoping me she will not see.

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Categories: blue whale, animal,
Form: Free verse
The Blue Whale's Dance
Blue-green mighty ocean,
No power on earth can
Sustain the happiness inside
The blue whale, he shall 
Jump above the waters, 
Flap his tail and dance, 
Beyond sweet joy and bliss, 
Upon gigantic waves,
Sing out blue whale,
Before these waves, 
Reach the shore
Then, we shall know that
The whale’s dance says – 
My sweet lord, let me 
Kiss the moon

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Categories: blue whale, sweet, blue, sweet,
Form: Free verse
I fell in a maelstrom of Skonivie

                                        I fell in a maelstrom of Skonivie
                                            A blue whale ran after me
                                          She had yellow mustard legs
                                          I hurled  mayonnaise at her
                                          And sadly she became a poet. 

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Categories: blue whale, nonsense,
Form: Prose

The biggest of them all is the blue-whale tail
That’s a whale of a tale, all others pale:
Ocean of water provides the size.  But what of length?
Anaconda?  Now that’s  a long  long,  gripping tale;
But the cosmic winner is a comet-tail  without fail :
Ocean of space allows it airy strength.


Written by Sydney Peck

Entered in Dr Ram’s Contest  “Tail Rhyme”

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Categories: blue whale, funny,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Billy the Whale
There was once a blue whale named Billy Who loved to get really really silly And swim in waves all big and super hilly His favorite flower was a pink lily But he hated the winters getting chilly Or wearing anything that was frilly He just wanted to swim the seas willy nilly Like a cute newborn baby girl filly And play with his best friend named Tilly written 9-16-2019 for my youngest step-grandson who is three

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Categories: blue whale, funny, grandson,
Form: Monorhyme
CRAYONS- the big box

yellow lemon
green apple
red raspberry
orange orange


grey goose
pink flamingo
red robin
raven raven


gold fish
blue whale
red snapper
salmon salmon


black panther
brown bear
Redd Foxx
sable sable


copper head
black mamba
red  racer
snake skin


black man
white man
red skin


zebra stripes
leopard spots
diamond back
rainbow trout


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Categories: blue whale, bird, blue, color, fish, green, nature, rainbow,
Form: Free verse
Hear the FEAR
I may never know how to create the sounds of a Dave Gilmour guitar, I may never know how to sing like the lost genius that was Whitney. 
I may never feel the ‘G’s of a Mach loop in the sky, or see a blue whale swimming by but that won’t stop me.

We all live together in this one life, we all feel at times lonely and empty. We all steal a kiss in the night. We all love and hurt constantly. 
But if we can’t empathize or hear the the fear in another humans cries…

what the hell are we?...

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Categories: blue whale, care, cry, fear, humanity, trust,
Form: Free verse