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Short Activated Poems

Short Activated Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Activated by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Activated by length and keyword.

By Valerie Odom
January 2, 2017

Met a beautiful lady
Fine like wine
Explored each other
Opened new doors
Activated my third eye...

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Categories: activated, addiction, adventure, desire, love, soulmate, universe, women,
Form: Free verse

Pumped Up

A robotic boyfriend she dated
Was ‘blow up’ and voice activated
She had a quick grope
And said up periscope
And that’s when his doo dah inflated...

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Categories: activated, boyfriend, humorous, rude,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Keeper of Good, Heart

Keeper of good
Our feeling arena
Often activated by mind
Imagination can stir her up too
So easily bruised and broken
Lovely and forgiving 
Keeper of sad


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Categories: activated, feelings,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member A Life Cycle

Never stop
T’ward the top
Feel eternal
Perceive mortality
Just a memory

Geoffrey Brewer
September 2018...

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Categories: activated, humanity, life,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member who am I
who am I

in love 
a knowledge 
a power 
an emotion 
a mind of dear 

in hate 
an ignorant 
an ego 
a tension 
a mind of foe 

in life 
an activated stamina 

in death 
an imaginative quota

-December 03, 2019 Chattogram...

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Categories: activated, death, hate, i am, life, love,
Form: Free verse

Touched from up high
From the spirit of God comes inspiration , hope , dreams upon to men . It is empowered by God and activated by faith . It is unshakeable by natural circumstances , nor limited by the limitation's of the mind . Not halted by the physical . It is God's transforming grace ....

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Categories: activated, god,
Form: Rhyme
Baby Steps
Back drops of life
Tending down rottenness
Picking doors expensive
Voice activated
No intruders
Quiet enfolds 
Inner materials
Grand exits and entrance
Stage manner audience
Mountains back loft
Ski slope catchall
Frontal success 
Filling slates jest
Protruding those jealous...

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Categories: activated, life,
Form: Light Verse
Open Wide
On Merit alone, I could swallow the World,
But lethargy, 'tis all I've conducted
My Rage itself, could darken the sky
(Feel me explode, like a volcano erupted!)

To my Failures, fretfully chained
(The effects of the drugs, they've activated)
Senses enhanced, perspectives changed,
And new Revelations to be contemplated...

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Categories: activated, addiction, anger, sky, world, perspective, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Children Are Listening
Children are listening..
recording every line..
recording every scene..

Children are listening..
like voice activated machines..

Children are listening..
to every word spoken..
words to live by..
words with emotion..
words to make whole..
words to make broken..

Children are listening.

D.C. 11/22/15

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© D. C.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: activated,
Form: Lyric
Blue Waves
blue roses possibilities, blue berries tongue tingling, blue sea, skyline coat, indigo, rainbow colour possibilities touches the skyline hiding stars and wielding the blue sea my palms, Blue eyes Depressing the mood shady Bluejays tender nestlings Blue rays Blue waves activated Blue sea water Skating 5/26/2020

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Categories: activated, bird, blue, care, color, ocean, rose, sweet,
Form: Free verse
Pay as you go
*blackout poem*

Time...without change
          As you go.
Avaliable balance...depleted...
   Partial minutes. 
          No redemption...not responsible 
Lost...terms and conditions.
   No value until activated. 
Pay as you go...
   Then visit...gray box....

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Categories: activated, computer, confusion, cool, death, deep, grave, imagination,
Form: I do not know?
On Soul
Tranquil among our shouts –
 locked in man,
 separated upon demise of the body,
 activated for its lonely existence.
It is as a storage disk of software,
 containing all the data,
 but it needs to be animated
 to exists on its own
and it can be instilled again,
 taking body’s possession,
 accomplishing in its existence
 the wholeness of being....

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Categories: activated, spiritual,
Form: Verse
if it makes you active 
then it is poisitive
no matter where i will be
i'll try to keep that in mind
if it makes me active
then i see no reason to quit
i've been through a lot of stress 
because of hangin with the wrong crowds
the drama they pulled back in the day
has made me who i am today
i try to stay positive 
activated by the best weed
that brings me closer to my talent...

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Categories: activated, imagination, life, mystery, me, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member TIC TIC

We’re all ticking time bombs
With activated fuses
Sometimes doctors
Will sit us down
And assign us some disease
Ominously reminding us
About the ticking of our clock
But in the meantime
Other bombs go off around us
Often without warning
Why would we need
A reminder
To live life to the fullest
Over and above all
That annoying ticking        

posted on May 9, 2019...

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Categories: activated, angst, anxiety, death, future, health, life, time,
Form: Free verse
How hot were we
How hot were we

As icy night 
was turning frigid,
The howling sounds
made me rigid,
Chilled the wine
and lit candles,
Passion in eyes
he held me tight.....
the breaths burnt.....
Thumping hearts
spurred the fumes...
Ah the smoke detectors 
Splashes of rain,
To check......
how hot we had been !

Written July 31st, 2015
For contest "How hot was it" by John 

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Categories: activated, passion,
Form: Free verse
The coppers alive in time to tame star
Cobra-cobrae and the eagle screeches
The silver eagle screeches once more
As the star falls on his feet -then flees
Then flees from the hand of the law..
They pursue not for he was on duty
The eagle screeched just two times
For the star is on the eagles shadow..
The puma squad has been activated
The silverstar now the silver sentinel

code 254
private command center

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Categories: activated, deep, parody, power,
Form: Narrative
Harmonizing the act
Piercing the asunder
A wood that fires
A fan that burns

Keeping the fire burning
Smokes higher unto the sky
Eating it raw
Digesting it saw

A wood that must not finish
A fan that must not stop
It doesn’t only warm you
It keeps wild beast away from you

Intoxication of new wine
Red eyes as the lion
Offensive mode activated
Defensive mode deactivated

Wood of timber
Fire of caliber
Wood firing
Fire wooding...

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Categories: activated, christian, faith, fire, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Oar of Life
Era propelled by time
Oozing onward and onward
Upon an endless rhyme
Where meaning becomes absurd

Moving along with age
Grasped by instance
Wrested, engaged
By tomorrow’s suspense

Held by the river of existence
 Where our vessels flow along
Held by our presence
Where we belong

Alive to be activated
Destiny lies in our hands
Awaiting to be created
It’s only ourselves we strand

We choose to steer our vessel away
   From the rampant torrents…


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Categories: activated, life, time,
Form: Rhyme
I did something, I thought of something.
Some processes were set in motion.
Now I’m wondering. Now I’m thinking.
I consider an impact of Heaven.

What was made by chance, and what was not?
Some of my reactions were instinctive, 
Some of my actions had to come from God,
Some work was in vain, some was constructive.  

What mechanisms were activated?
What power does move the unseen strings?
Am I a free being or a puppet?
I am full of dilemmas and questions...

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Categories: activated, life,
Form: Lyric