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Short Abortions Poems

Short Abortions Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Abortions by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Abortions by length and keyword.

Flourishing business of 
Unique standards 
For the modern youth. 

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Categories: abortions, life,
Form: Light Verse

You sacrifice your babies to abortions
You commit all kinds of immortal acts
I will drive you out this land 
And give it to another
I am...

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Categories: abortions, abortion, america, anger, bible, children, i am,
Form: Free verse
A crush, is that what it is?
Or is it just an illusion?
My mind plays tricks on me
like a magician pulling
rats out of hats
using coat hangers
for abortions....

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© Jolly Figs  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abortions, boyfriend, corruption, dark, depression,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Life And Death

still born 
Divorce marriage 

Light Up The Page Poetry Contest 
Sponsor Joseph May 

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Categories: abortions, death, life,
Form: Lanterne
Immaculate Conception
A single cell dividing
brings a new life 
to this infertile body.

Hungry and eager, 
it grows quickly,
pushing organs aside
or consuming them.

Knives, radiation, 
and chemical poisons:
Failed abortions.

Cancer claims another woman.

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Categories: abortions, allegory, death, health
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Mr Pritzker, I quit, sir
The latest Governor of Illinois is Mr. J.B. Pritzker
Your legislative accomplishments make me Illinois want to quit, sir
   You've legalized all abortions and recreational marijuana too
   Increased government spending; raised my taxes -- Farewell to you!...

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Categories: abortions, farewell, goodbye,
Form: Clerihew
                                            She was pregnant
                                   She named her daughter Emilia
                                          She was quarantined


             * Based on true stories of abortions of female fetuses in India....

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Categories: abortions, daughter,
Form: Prose Poetry
Abortions are granted
Porn in many minds implanted
Gays and their the right to marry
Taxes on the rise is scary

Leaders clueless at what to say
Military useless to obey
Job loss increasing
Number of christians decreasing

Murders, rapings, and others of the sort
But no punishment for these felonies in court

Welcome to my America...

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© Jessica K  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abortions,
Form: Rhyme
still a mystery
Still A Mystery
I have not arrived
No one has returned
Faith and Heaven are choices
More real than abortions
I humbly admit, worm and sinner I am,
My repentance is not once, long ago ...
I have met Him in the Scriptures
And His Spirit of Holiness
That keeps me from Darwinism
Keeps me from Liberalism
Which is mere “feel-goodism”
Like an onion, odorous without core

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abortions, 10th grade, abortion, atheist, bible, fate, heaven,
Form: Verse
Eye Candy Sport
       Eye Candy Sport

Pretty young things fill the caverns of love
Spectators pay to see abortions live
Bets are placed.
Sparsely clad girls with signs march around the rink
Pink, innocent, candy like parades of flesh
On display for all to see
Freedom at play
Skeletons flee the closets
There are no secrets or places left to hide
Eye candy virgins walk the streets at night
As pretty as a picture with a knife


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Categories: abortions, america, beauty, business, change, death, education, sports,
Form: Free verse
World Around Me

The first time I opened my eyes
To the world full of many lies

I learned something around me
Looking everywhere, so much to see

Killing of people, wars for selfish reasons
Fighting for positions, cases for abortions

Hunger for power, unstoppable
Drug addictions, uncontrollable 

I see death with my eyes, a horrible sight 
A bad experience, but I’m absolutely right 

For Debbie’s Contest
March 12, 2013


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Categories: abortions, death, fear, drug,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The gunfire rages
The gunfire rages
through the cracks
of neighborhood cages
as every fetid tenement ages
and voodoo economics suppress wages
of waitresses, cabbies and sages...

while the slick-shoe alderman engages
in taxing your turnip-blood in stages
and blue-jeaned billionaires decry outrages
of clothes-hanger abortions back-stages
and gang-banger rampages --
as this feckless dog-and-pony upstages
detonated death's tick-tock gauges



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Categories: abortions, anger, city, poverty, power,
Form: Monorhyme
Gay Marriage
Catch a little foxy with a stick and box
Give it to the bunny waiting white
Find the priest to marry them
Oh how gay is all of that
Like pulling rabbits from a hat
All the woodland beasties gather
Happy rainbow days ahead
But what about their many babies?
Who will feed so many bunny foxy mouths? 
Not to worry says the pastor giving vows
These little fellows are both males 
And there are abortions by the billions
To live happily ever after that...

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Categories: abortions, abortion, animal, identity, marriage, nature, religion,
Form: Free verse
I Am Bored With
I am bored with life
Sometimes I think of life as a knife
A weapon
Something that can cause self destruction
Nowadays , it hurts me to see all these females have abortions
Where are the dads ?
This life was all I had
Life is full of drama and pain
There’s a storm in my heart but it rains through my eyes
Remembering all the things my brother said to me leaves my world cold and dry
But as the strong girl I grew up to be, I know I can and will fulfill my dreams !...

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Categories: abortions, lifelife, me,
Form: Free verse
The Abortion that Wont Go Away
How does one compete with an old abortion and connection that won't go away,
A large piece of the serpent, dragon or that old satan that  no one can slay,
A woman marked by God for the big judgement by Christ to remain and stay,
But comment after comment and blogs just remain and leave you nothing left to say!

@ a full series on abortions and past mistakes that prevent any movement
into a better future...abortions, comments, and get ready for many a 

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Categories: abortions, healthold, old,
Form: Quintain (English)
Safe No More
Patience, dedication, determination and trust
Living, survival, these are a must
Budgeting, spending, credit or cash 
Money, careers, decisions are rash
Marriages, funerals, family affairs 
Adoptions, abortions, abductions, all there
Murdering, rapes, in alleys of streets
Mothers of victims, hearing those weeps
The world has become a stranger to me
No longer can safety save humanity 
So now I shall choose to lock up my door
Hide from this world I no longer adore


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Categories: abortions, feelings, lost,
Form: Rhyme
Land Of The Selfie
Send us your snowflakes, your selfies
Send us your huddled masses for sure
Send us your poor to our shores
Bring abortions over our borders
America is the land of the free
Of food stamps, of me and more me
Send us your gender equality
If you remember who you can be
Bring diseases and enemies
To build bridges not walls we need people
From sea to shining sea bring your visas 
Bring Jesus for no particular reason
It is always hunting season 
So bring guns if you please


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Categories: abortions, change, corruption, dark, discrimination, immigration, political, self,
Form: Free verse
O' Heavenly Father
O' Heavenly Father please grant me the things I desire which are peace, love, happiness,& joy on earth
Every child to be loved or have love and no hatred in any one's heart
Racism be no more everyone being treated equally
No more abortions
No more drugs on earth
No killings
Alot of jobs so everyone can be hired
Everyone in a nice home no more jails filled with alot of people doing bad
Everyone with some type of diploma to show for
Every animal not being used for bad things
No more diesease...

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Categories: abortions, inspirational, drug,
Form: I do not know?