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Shooting Poems

Shooting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of shooting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for shooting.

New Poems

Old-fashioned School Shooting
A streaker with great bouncing balls
Ran up and down our High School halls
Our cheerleaders said
Their faces were red
But they act on all sporting calls...Read More
Categories: shooting, school,
Form: Limerick

This morning while walking in the darkness
I hadn’t traveled very far
When I looked up…
and across the sky
I saw a shooting star.

A screech owl trilled, “Did you see that?”
(he was hidden from my view)
Then I heard a second hidden screech owl...Read More
Categories: shooting, star,
Form: Verse
Only when yours truly busies himself
Only when yours truly busies himself...

Feigning to emulate NON GMO
garden variety English major oh just so
ho-hum, this ousted son and cingular bro
biological byproduct of papa's yoyo

after mama taut Peppy how to grow
big and become vein, her issuing blow
by blow stroke,...Read More
Categories: shooting, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Personification
Fat Girl Problems
She says
That her belly is too big
That her favourite jean cant seem to fit
That her skin is showing signs of spilling over ,she says she's afraid of going to the shop she looks like a freak
She's convinced that her momentum...Read More
Categories: shooting, body,
Form: Verse
Premium Member War is a Bad Dream
War Veteran



Little brother to big brother I had to ask, lol

Q: What was it like to kill someone?
A: The first one was like shooting at a target in training

Q: What was it like to get shot in...Read More
Categories: shooting, war,
Form: Acrostic

Premium Member Night Light
Across the ridges and peaks
Behind the mountain’s lore
Rides the night light I adore
A silent moon that soars
Creating a night of sweet accord

Lying high up in the sky
It moves so slowly that I do try
To capture its gentle essence
With my camera...Read More
Categories: shooting, moon, night, star, stars,
Form: Free verse
My Sky

You are my sky,
the unfurled petals of infinite blue
where on the wings of swan cloud
the tapestry of my dreams flies. 

On the canvas of my heart
colors of your sunburst smile paint portrait of love.
The pearls of dew on my emerald...Read More
Categories: shooting, love, sky,
Form: Free verse
Romeo And Juliet
Two hearts hold
both with likened dignity
both capable of a love undying 
both willing to die loving,
There they were
Romeo and his Juliet
what a love theirs was
one like a shooting star up the heavens
a kind of love that comes once in a...Read More
Categories: shooting, love,
Form: Free verse
veteran's day
i can only
go back
in time
in my

five or fifty 
five years 
of age on 
May fifth 
at five 

age 5
at that
time of
day i'd be
off sleeping
and dreaming
of shooting my 
stick guns while

playing being
a cowboy 
but if i

i'd be
sweating in
of a day...Read More
Categories: shooting, muse,
Form: I do not know?
King's Mountain, Part II
...And though the rifles were slower to load,
the Overmountain Men made use of trees,
concealing themselves from counterfire
in places that the British couldn’t see.

With countless snipers popping out to shoot,
all the loyalists there atop the hill
knew that something had to be...Read More
Categories: shooting, america, conflict, courage, freedom, history, patriotic, war,
Form: Epic
King's Mountain, Part I
It was after the defeat at Camden,
in the fall of 1780,
British Major Patrick Ferguson
sought to exploit Britain’s victory.

To secure South Carolina’s countryside,
he marched his loyalist forces forward,
threatened the men beyond Appalachia,
said he would lay waste with fire and sword.

He believed...Read More
Categories: shooting, america, conflict, courage, freedom, history, patriotic, war,
Form: Epic
Life, Tome Of Fairy Tale

When the storm of sorrow surges with dark rain,
the banks of mind breaks, eroded by dense despair,
the river of affliction in full flood doesn’t spare
the broken heart drowning in the dungeon of pain.

In the sleepless high noon of the lonely...Read More
Categories: shooting, analogy, fairy, imagery, life,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Grandmas House

Every time I go there, its like a fairy tale come true
Grandma`s always cooking food, always something new
The smell thats in the house, will make your nostrils burst
Apple cider to chocolate milk, you never die of thirst

Grandpa`s...Read More
Categories: shooting, anniversary, grandparents, love,
Form: Rhyme
No better feeling


Cool autumn nights
and warm sweater wishes
Sunset desires
in apricot kisses

November eyes
as sapphires glisten
Echoes of love,
melodic we listen

Shadowy bliss,
neath maple trees swaying
Soft fallen leaves
together we’re laying

Shooting star dreams,
moonlight revealing
You in my arms
there’s no better feeling


...Read More
Categories: shooting, good night,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Tormented Talent
Van Gogh was born into circumstances
that held few hints of his tragic future.
The first major trouble for him began
during his teen years when he fell in love.
only to find too late he had misjudged:
his love was not returned by the...Read More
Categories: shooting, addiction, art, character, flower, god, mental illness,
Form: Blank verse
Non-Existent Wish
I wish I was a non-existent Soul
I wish I didn't suffer so.
I wish I could blow on an eyelash,
And wish upon a shooting star.
But that is all fairy tale and rich dreams I can't seem to achieve.
I suffered for so...Read More
Categories: shooting, depression,
Form: Free verse
Night Dancing
POEM "NIGHT DANCING" by martin gedge

Beneath the shade of brilliant skies
like shooting stars around your eyes
you make a wish and hold it to your heart
a night umbrella late night show
on milky ways and midnight glow
you shine like pretty diamonds in...Read More
Categories: shooting, dance, heart, love, magic, night,
Form: Rhyme
Milne Bay
The heat and the wet is what you remember with dread
When Australian Servicemen and American engineers stopped them dead
The first defeat of the Japanese in New Guinea in their empire race
It was Milne Bay in August and September 1942 ...Read More
Categories: shooting, remember, war,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member You are my Drug of Choice
This drug I take
Shoots me to the stars
You have to be illegal 
There must be a law against you

Higher then the stars
Beyond Jupiter and Mars
I can fly to the outer limits
Whenever I am with you

Your love is hotter then the...Read More
Categories: shooting, love, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
In the shade of love


Crystallized moon beams,
fractured light of endless desires
shimmer on you as our eyes meet
beneath a canopy of gemstone brilliance
Pearl buttons glisten as fingers touch
and your smile grants permission,
leaving me breathless

Serenity of the night serenades
our hearts in silent yearnings
Your skin, sweet of...Read More
Categories: shooting, love, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Remember that
Everything inside of me  
     Takes me back to the darkness      
        I block that fire out it’s been poured out  
...Read More
Categories: shooting, angel, beautiful, best friend, betrayal, blessing, change,
Form: Rhyme
If A Souper Slander My Name
all you write about is them happy old days 
before hair wore thin turned white from grey 
rumour has it bad mouthing my name 
wise men stay away while you complain. 

what is it you don’t like 
how I talk...Read More
Categories: shooting, anti bullying, character, confidence, corruption, courage, crazy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member November Fairy Twinkle
Kerry Ann gleamed with undeterred joy and twinkled in anticipation

It was her birthday and as a true Sagittarius she had colourful vision 

And a sharp bow for shooting the moon to get closer to serious action

The fairy liquid oozed from...Read More
Categories: shooting, blessing,
Form: Free verse
A never ending cycle of pain, Broken hearts, and blurry thoughts Choking on words, Dreading the butterflies that appear when you see him Embarrassed by the fact that everyone, including him knows you like him Frazzled by how strong your...Read More
Categories: shooting, cry, deep, heartbroken, jealousy,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Hello Bad Boys
Hello Bad Boys!

The starry, twilight zone high above, this night
With it’s shooting stars, and the moon, so bright,
Looked heavenly, even Venus, was in sight,
It was clear, could see far and beyond
Across every mountain, ocean and pond!
Echo...Read More
Categories: shooting, earth,
Form: Free verse