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Of Lotuses and Dreans

I was a lttle girl, so wistfully in thought back then. 
Wearing a silk kimona, dreams of a sivered, shiny pen.

A special place in my heart, then, suddenly came to be,
Bright pink, soft turquoised robe, quite heavenly.

It was this little girl’s  gifted.yummy yet holy solitude,
The blue moon and stars, gave her freedom and latitude.

I had no dreams to grow to be just like everyone on the 
Choosing to be my own shooting star, not run by rules 
made of granite!

I fantasized a room of bright, pink floating lotuses about me.
And that personal space, so long ago, lifted me, so I fly freely, 
sans approving commentary.

Words do not impress me, but affectionate and soulful, warm
people do.
They are the ones encouraging me to live my life as a moonburst 
of satisfying breakthroughs.


Copyright © Panagiota Romios


Book: Shattered Sighs