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Funny Satire Poems

These Funny Satire poems are examples of Satire poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Satire Funny poems written by international poets.

The gal with the **** cannon
Let’s one rip a right good fart
You can smell it from here
It smells of baked beans
And mushy peas plus cabbage

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Categories: funny, rude, satire,

**** Hat
**** Hat

The American was an **** hat

A real screw ball idiot

Who didn’t care what people thought

She did this and that what she wanted

A new tattoo...

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Categories: crazy, funny, rude, satire,

One Day Hoonkie Came To King Salz's Hall
One day, Hoonkie came to King Salz's hall,
Demanded a penny, but the king's voice did fall,
He seized the poor Hoonkie, threw him in the gaol,

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Categories: funny, humor, satire,

Fruit Leather
You bite that apple!
Give it a go, put on a show
There is no shame
You said shame is a sham
And clams are happy
Do they hop or...

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Categories: fruit, humor, satire,

Zafar I am damsel in distress,,
Shall we play femdom mistress?
Note.chalye kidray lari aday etc....

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Categories: satire, anger, evil, funny love,

Premium Member Feelings Not Included
I do not mean to hurt your feelings
That is, if you have any, to hurt.
If so I apologize now for any future offenses
As I will...

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Categories: fun, funny, satire, word

Such Fun
Such Fun!
See the new cherries barge us in the call centre
They’re in the middle of being trained
I do my usual trick on them it works...

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Categories: satire, funny, technology, work,

Failed Attempt At Humor
You can’t understand how that sounds.
You laugh, but you look like clowns.
Don’t repeat the joke. Don’t assail
my ears with what you would call a humorous...

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Categories: satire, funny, humor, irony, me,

Premium Member A-Eye Full of It
A software programmer named Arty Fishal
Tried to design something beneficial
But his programming
Was rather damming
Not unlike intelligence, artificial

As they push their wannabe pie in the sky

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Categories: computer, satire, science fiction,

Can'T I Vote Peacefully
Of what essence it is
To fiercely assert a formalised choice
In the name of political honour
That produces terror?
I fight for my party to win
Yet us our...

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Categories: satire, 7th grade, conflict, courage,

Premium Member Desanctimonius Jumps In - In Trump's Own Words
Little upstart, young showboat
Lots of bluster full of gloat,
Been there minutes, thinks he knows,
Blind ambition and it shows.

They say he's bright and tough to boot,

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Categories: satire, funny, humor, leadership, parody,

Premium Member Performer Behind the Glass
Echo world behind the glass,
I make the same faces I did at twelve.
The grinning Cheshire Cat 
with teeth like piano keys,
mendacious and coy
because viewing my...

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Categories: satire, character, funny, humor, image,

The mad writer licked the crystal

To get a sale

This he got oh yes

Bought an atomic 

And sent it to Putin

By 1st class post

Eventful War Book...

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Categories: satire, conflict, funny, nonsense, political,

Premium Member Kaput
one eight-hundred NOTHING

          that’s the number that you call


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Categories: funny, humor, satire,

The Pompous Ceremony
The lightly fizzing mood
I've felt all day
and fenced within a grin
is at odds 
with the stoppered
solemnity of this pompous 
ceremony I've had to attend
and is...

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Categories: humor, satire,