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Thank You Personification Poems

These Thank You Personification poems are examples of poetry about Thank You Personification. These are the best examples of Personification Thank You poems written by international poets.

I want
I want to step into his presence like a pair of slacks, be wrapped in his grace like a leather jacket, I desire to bathe...

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Categories: appreciation, art, blessing, spiritual,

Oh what a world it would be
Oh what a world it would be,
If repentance and forgiveness,
Could shake hands, 
And share the limelight together.

Is Tiger woods winning the Masters, 
Setting the stage...

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Categories: age, analogy, art, beauty,

Cheetah conservation fund

Namibia is a beautiful extravagant nation
Home to the largest cheetah Population
Thanks to the cheetah conservation
A non profitable organization 
funded by a public donation 
Our sole...

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Categories: 12th grade, art, black

This is my first time to spend Christmas
With your gracious family whom I belong…
Festive spirit I feel as expressed by every lad and lass
Especially that...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, cheer up,

Premium Member The Mirror Quietly Observes
No problem is a mystery to me, for it sounds fresh,
disrespectful, rude, what happened to you are welcome?
I do not care if it is a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

A Cats Letter To Santa Claws
Dear Santa Claws, please bring me a new catnip mousey; my old one has so many holes that the nip won’t stay in and I...

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Categories: animal, cat, celebration, christmas,

Nick And Mat, A Thanksgiving Story
Hello. My name is Nicholas, and you can call me Nick. I also must tell you about Matthew, and you can call him Mat. I...

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Categories: love, thanksgiving,

Above most Wele, unmade maker
My architect and, my own repairer
Hauler of my spare parts, my contraption of life
Quota of my breath, controller of my edges


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, feelings,

Best mother Leo Mbalamana
After you gave birth to me
I opened my eyes and you were the first person I saw
from that day till forever 
You will always be...

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Categories: adventure, baby, beautiful, best

Premium Member Aunt Sally is 80
Aunt Sally Is 80

Well, my family calls me Aunt Sally;
I never was a missus.
I travelled with a disabled colonel,
As a nurse, until

My sister and I...

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Categories: age, birthday, courage,

An Almost Letter
I first met you at Suncoast,
A mental health facility where most like me
Went as well.
You once worked for Florida's, D.C.F.
Your small light cinnamon colored hands...

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Categories: art, poetry,

Thank you Leo mbalamana

Thank you so much 
For your embracing and warm touch
I became the person I am because of such
When I was cold 
You were always there...

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Categories: adventure, africa, allusion, anger,



I see you coming, old age
Approaching at an ever accelerating pace,
Your face so grim
Your expression so austere
Your look so menacing,
A frightening sight you...

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Categories: age, life, wisdom,

Premium Member In Evening Light
All this time I'm watching him
I wonder if he knows
In softest glow I warm his curls
at night when shadows cast upon the walls
grow longer
And in...

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Categories: feelings, light, night,

Death of Bridge
Thank you for your care
carrying people across
heavy trucks on my back
water licking my bottom
no repairs, no care, no fare
I carry your burdens daily
pedestrians with dirty...

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Categories: leadership, power, satire,

Premium Member Once Lived Life As Both Fox And Chasing Hound
Once Lived Life As Both Fox And Chasing Hound

Once lived life as both fox and chasing hound
each one thinking, they were true, honor bound.
As the...

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Categories: art, creation, growing up,


I look at you
My eyes waltz back and forth
Colours appeal to my poetic vein
I look at you
My taste buds want to...

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Categories: food,

Stanley Russell Harris Me
Stanley Russell Harris (ME)
The new Mad Author

When my books begin to sell.
From, ‘feedaread,’ where they dwell!
And I’m as rich as blinking well…
You know, rolling in...

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Categories: adventure, animal, books, meaningful,

Opportunity came knocking,
Showed me his ID,
Came with his rehearsed spiel,
We are in your area this week,
Us opportunists!
With our reduced deals,
Yes! I thought! 
I know your...

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Categories: poems,

Freedom's Crow
Board fence entraps three Angus cows
who would much rather go
out and about to their content
than hear from freedom's crow.

Corralled within their space so small
constrained by...

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Categories: animal, bird, farm, freedom,