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Metrical Tale

A Metrical Tale is a type of poem which follows a narrative format; featuring characters, a plot, setting and a theme. This kind of compositions conveys practical, apparent and straightforward storylines of either real or fictional event. The topics vary from romance, the quest for adventure, love, and various phases of life.

Metrical tales rarely conform to rhythm, although they feature a systematic combination of words in the form of verses. Additionally, Metrical Tales often vary in length – they can either be a brief story, or span to the expanse of a novel and anything in between.

A metrical tale typically comprises of a series of connected events, which usually end up with a happy ending especially in romance themes; where tales are told of brave Knights facing hardships and trials in their quests for adventure. A romantic end would often suffice as a reward for their valiant accomplishments.

Most Metrical Tales convey the story in the first person.

Note that the majority of hip-hop lyrics adhere to the metrical tale style, also referred to as "meter."

Examples of Metrical Tale

"The Lady of the Lake" by Sir Walter Scott is an excellent example of a Metrical Tale. 

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