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Short Metrical Tale Poems

Short Metrical Tale Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Metrical Tale poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Metrical Tale poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Long Way
We belong freedom fight goes on to get where we are today we came a LONG LONG. WAYS...

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Categories: adventure,
Form: Metrical Tale

Puzzling Puzzle
trying to
solve the
puzzling puzzle 
of swings 
in mood 
was not 
an easy task to 
that is 
why in the 
end the 
puzzle was 
left half solved...

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Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member One Circle
Eagles fly

Minds soar

While Eagle flies
soaring off ahead
echoing upriver cries
to where s/he became
back before

Egged on
Eagles fly

Fertile minds soar......

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Categories: confidence, flying, integrity, journey, joy, power, time,
Form: Metrical Tale
Cedar is my biggest  crush yet but he has moved on and now i fret that he will not remember  me. I still love him dearly his is so funny so kind and so endearing i miss him so but now i know...

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Categories: 4th grade, anxiety, boy, childhood, class,
Form: Metrical Tale
The Lesson of the Chicadee
The Lesson of the Chicadee The Chicadee has found the tube Of little bird seed, then She flew away to spread the news To her flock to feed. To share her joy with Her friends in need.

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Categories: metaphor,
Form: Metrical Tale

Aap Ki Awaz
Aap ki awaz 

Na Mai mazboor nope it's a dark sky 
which cry when you cry and the sadness 
of your dreams comes near you like a shadow of love 

For giggling and waiting for the smile
 of an angel who's doll and pet where 
looking amaze for just a gaze of your 
Starring by tirchi blink eyes 

Jis Mai hai appki awaz. 

With love all 
Jagdish Bajantri...

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Categories: 12th grade, best friend,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member A Rakish Tale
Once the “go to guy”
I linger, ever hopeful
Of a need to fill.
Long for the
Of long grass
of fallen leaves
of the garden.
I am older
my handle
slightly splintered
my tines
several missing.
by motored newcomers
I wait
there are still times
that situations
will call for
The “go to guy”

John G. Lawless

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Categories: age, dedication,
Form: Metrical Tale
Witches and More Wood
Yeoman throw 
On another
Fuel the

Throw on
To fuel 
The fire

Man                                             E
Throw                                     R
On an                                 i
Other                           F
Fag                           e
Got                       h 
    to                 t
        F  U  E  L...

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Categories: firework,
Form: Metrical Tale
Loyal companion 
whose racing paws &
booming howl is heard before
she is seen. 
A wonderful addition to a family 
who’s known loss. 
Grayed from the years, you still seem playful and spritely, 
albeit a little fluffy. 
I wonder if you’d remember me after all this time?
If you’d still excitedly greet me for licks, sniffs, and scratches;
the piece of a broken
relationship I miss the most....

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Categories: break up, cute, dog, lost love, moving
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member The Road To Heaven
The road to heaven
It seems so long,
Its short, so short
Where time belong

It's curves, it's hills
And it's potholes, too,
Beat and bruise
As I stumble through

Tramplin' the dirt
And nearly dyin',
Finding my feet
And still I'm tryin'

Cryin' out for help
'Til I am hoarse,
Beaten paths do open
But, I stay the course

Just take it slow
Come rain, come shine,
The road to heaven
The way is mine.

(January 12th, 2023)...

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Categories: encouraging, endurance, heaven, journey, life, metaphor, time,
Form: Metrical Tale
Thoughts of the Day
We have a laugh, and drink a beer,
Play some golf, and hunt for deer.

Your patience and wisdom, is without test,
Your confidence and clarity, is at its best.

Mentor and Dad, is what you are,
Saved and glad, your faith will go far.

I’m thankful and blessed, with a father like you,
Proud at its best, for the little things that you do.

Love and care, are words that I say,
Friendship to share, on Happy Father’s Day!

To: “Pop”

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Categories: appreciation, fathers day,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Kitty Katy
Kitty Katy, bigger than holsteins
Killed a St. Bernard
Pretty Kitty scratched up my blue jeans
Left my legs all scarred.

My big kitty scares the bejabbers
Out of my sorry hide
Such loud thuds of her pitter-patters
The blood-prints of her stride.

What did she kill tonight?
Who did she rend and bite?
What did she eat?
What kind of meat?
When must I stand and fight?

Kitty wrestled an anaconda
Then ate just the head
I took off on my cherry Honda
Scared I'd next be dead....

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Categories: animal, cat, fear, horror, humor, nursery rhyme,
Form: Metrical Tale