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Long Metrical tale Poems

Long Metrical tale Poems. Below are the most popular long Metrical tale by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Metrical tale poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Jessica Casey - Part 2 - Seven years later
Jessica Casey the punters dream- Sequel to Shy Julie 

They came from near - they came from far
Bus ferry and train and some by car
One greyhound in mind
Jessica Casey -The Select...

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Categories: family, feelings, humorous,
Form: Metrical Tale

Premium Member As For Me I Believe
It is the winter of 1980.
I’m twenty-eight years young, 
Driving a red Mustang with glass T-tops,
Feeling all of my awesome sassiness, from toe
To Afro, when I notice the cards driving ahead of me
Are all slowing...

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Categories: adventure, angel, blessing, christian, jesus, miracle, spiritual,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale Of Death's Challenge

So when the webbed-tide snares the lunars nether recesses in its glow casting shadows that arise among the craggs wedged beside some cliffs of common confirmed debris of the unnamed fallen heaps of mucked mired...

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Categories: dark, death,
Form: Metrical Tale
Das Capital Tarnished Valentine
(alternately known as the Doubting Thomas Crown 
Taj Mahal Cupid Affair)
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Nutritious Group Health Theories
I once read of a psychologist
her 1997 Yvonne Agazarian name
I can't quite LeftBrain recall
as our cooperative matriarchal
GroupTheory Ego/EcoGaming System,
sacredly ecotherapeutic--
restoring justice
as ego-theo-ecological peace.

Sacred, yet secularly securely proficient,
among deep learning WinStudents with WinTeachers
mutually secular-sacred Green
EcoTherapeutic Restoration...

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Categories: earth, education, environment, green, growth, health,
Form: Metrical Tale

sayonara mother thirteen years ago back in time tear drop uno
the bittersweet silent story of my life age
fifty and nine automatically rebroadcast 
     in indelible (yet never washed out) beige
indistinguishably linkedin, when counting 
     the last three...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade, absence, goodbye, grief,
Form: Metrical Tale
Social Security Electronic Deposit
Social Security Electronic Deposit ruff lee = A Dog Send!

Node out if Trump
     pad hiz way...
this scrivener would
     batten down in skidrow
with the missus,

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Categories: angst, atheist, care, dark, faith, fear, health,
Form: Metrical Tale
Cavorting around while fecund
Peachy keen verboten maiden jailbait
USA plum ova ripe fruit
inevitably, inimitably, invariably,...
whets whistle pubescent magic flute
impossible mission to rein with absolute
zero sucks esse to temper acute

raging testosterone, I attribute
overbearing animal urge doth constitute
difficult surge protector
resultantly, subsequently,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, creation,
Form: Metrical Tale
Cave Quid Optes
Aye did not heed the maxim be careful
     what you wish for,
     cuz now adversity not abate
perhaps helpful for thee reader

     if this...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Metrical Tale
The Antics Of A Would Be Mamas Yoyo Thief
The Antics Of A Would Be Mama's Yoyo Thief
(now a penchant with less Zionist trenchant ululation to vent.)

Not a peep passed thru mine -
aye vaguely attest
what ten? eleven? twelve? age
of following anecdote at best
guest, but...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade, adventure, fear, green,
Form: Metrical Tale
Lavish Praise Not Sought
Painful self actualization
quickly brights to light
paltry reasons (with or
without rhyme) a desolate sight
within blinkered mindseye hindsight

grotesque grimace shocks with affright
desolate landscape 
precipitated when airtight
vacuum sealed sequestered,
muckraked, furloughed...

which past existence now doth bite
back with a vengeance...

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Categories: dark, desire, memorial, my children, philosophy, prayer,
Form: Metrical Tale
Big John
Let me tell you a story from the old wild-west;
Of a terrible lawman with a star on his vest.
His title was “Ranger”; not bound to a town
He studied the outlaws then hunted them down.

One long...

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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Form: Metrical Tale
Me and The Zimmer Man
•to zimmer (v.t.) – to flash brilliantly with apparent blinding insightfulness, suggestive almost of a certain numinosity.**
•** numinous (adj) – of or pertaining to a numen***; arousing elevated or religious feelings.
•*** numen (n) – a...

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Categories: dream, journey, metrical tale
Form: Prose Poetry
Dark Secrets
Here we are, not knowing what to say
To each others' face, as we both are confused
Which face do we say it to?
The faces we show, or the ones we hide?
We put the niceties on display,...

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Categories: 12th grade, abortion, age, teen love, teenage,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale Of Love's Challenge

Hail the phantom moon that traverses the murky chambered recesses of a remnant domain. Unspool gently for favorite eyes that cast within your magical lure that exacts Cupid's aim be true and that hearts pierced,...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, love, true love,
Form: Metrical Tale
600km away, 6 months after my Mother's abandonment
     Associates had recently shown themselves
                        to be...

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Categories: 11th grade, beauty, care, crazy, memory, paradise,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tales Of Forgiveness Challenge

Be it a notable stretch that stars wouldst a fairer chance embrace your warmth than I who hadst failed thee but tis once, shouldst I appeal the heavens tis noble quest so that I may...

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Categories: forgiveness,
Form: Metrical Tale
sayonara mother thirteen years ago back in time tear drop deux
     devastatingly, grievously, inconsolably, 
     got hexed, issued jilted livingsocial, a less
son learned to late, how maddeningly mess
say yon nick lee infuriated, not accepting press

sing ill fate,...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade, anniversary, appreciation, atheist,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Tale Of Light's Challenge

'Tis presently an echoed day and with it, the lips touching an unbridled tongue for it has lain on a countertop of held shames beholden to tasteless breakups that fester in a devil's brew, for...

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Categories: fire,
Form: Metrical Tale
Don't I Belong
Hidden though unsought
Ran from myself
Still got caught.
Mind, Body, Soul wrought.
Vengeance no longer mine
And yet I insist to ungently reside
Within the "desperate to love or to be" walls of my own heart.

Most continue to disrespect my...

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Categories: absence, abuse, anger, anxiety, beautiful, betrayal,
Form: Metrical Tale
A nomad's lockdown tale
In a time of panic,when the world battled a pandemic,
He was a migrant,kicked by nasty tyrants.
Days of thirst,Months of famine;
Shattered dreams,isolation and quarantine,
The lock down had made him quite confined.
His hardships began when they had...

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Categories: assonance, emotions,
Form: Metrical Tale

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Categories: business, science fiction,
Form: Metrical Tale
Seeing their hustle is dorsal and prismatic,
Smoking and drinking acclimated with optimistic, 
Trading on drugs for survival...Baron my title,
Yield to my subjects,
Robbed billonaires of their earthly mantle,
High at sects,
Placing daily bread on candle,
Caring for windows,orphans...

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Categories: angel,
Form: Metrical Tale
Dark Illuminations
"Please turn off the blinding lights" 

Must close my eyes to see the brightness of my future. 
My today's reality dims the spirit of the hunt. 
Overcasting shadows and shaded grays of life's blunders; 

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Categories: dream, encouraging, endurance, future, hope, motivation, success,
Form: Metrical Tale
As I'm walking on air in a cool breeze; its' effervescents of life puts my mind at ease. 
In my head plays the happy tune I'll be strumming along before too soon. 
Surely so, after...

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Categories: fantasy, imagination,
Form: Metrical Tale