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Long Zoe Poems

Long Zoe Poems. Below are the most popular long Zoe by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Zoe poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Allah and Buddha were Talking
You know what I think sometimes?
said Allah to Buddha,
Of course you do
and yet you don't.

I think I gave this gift of language
because you have a uniquely humanurtured gift
of comprehending
and transposing
and translating languages thru-out each and...

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Categories: zoe, body, health, mentor, political, psychological, religion, rights,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Spirits In The Wood

Standing all alone in the woods;
eyes shut, I feel the lilting light.
Sun dodges needles through the crown,
beams land on my skin softly so.
Brisk breezes quicken and rustle.
Bristlecone pines ever sway slowly,
while pockets of air blush...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, death, earth, fantasy, sin, sound, spiritual, tree,
Form: Free verse
Botched and bungled interpersonal opportunities viewed
Botched and bungled interpersonal opportunities viewed...
(summarily iterated June 30th, 2020)

I share the following lines
with utmost delight
courtesy 20/20 hindsight
June twenty ninth
two thousand and twenty

corrigible, fallible,
and intelligible light
hearted fella (aging
baby boomer) usually polite
doth not trend toward
superficial nor...

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Categories: zoe, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
Make it out alive
There isn't a place that I hide
I'm trapped inside a maze, let me write
incase I don't make it out alive
Because I feel the storm coming
I'm so forthcoming about my shortcomings
Exercise my feelings, so even if...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, death, deep, depression, discrimination, leaving, love,
Form: Free verse
Don't let me die without
Don't let me die without writing this first
I'm fighting the hurt
Bleeding with ink, crying with words
Let me write this before I'm lying in dirt
Don't take this as a suicide note, but tomorrow isn't promised
Take it...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, dark, death, deep, depression, goodbye, growth,
Form: Free verse

Incase I end up alone
There's a lot of pain inside of me that I think should be known
I've held my tongue, tried to do right by others my whole life
Love, heartbreak, Betrayal, I've felt a lot and seen a...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, deep, devotion, emotions, goodbye, heart, how i
Form: Free verse
Mama's Here
Mama's here, little one.
Even when she's not.
Her arms are wrapped around you,
She loves you a lot.

Mama's always by your side,
Even when she can't talk.
When you're at your best.
And even when you're at your worst.

Kai loves...

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© Kai Toth  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, caregiving, devotion, encouraging, family, friendship love, i
Form: Free verse
Death Of Zoe March
it had started to rain on the night that she first decided
 to make her way onto a graveyard scene for it was none other but Halloween
 a black cat pranced passed her view she...

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Categories: zoe, america, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse
Bring out the red balloons
and the dancing baboons
get that water slide ready
‘n’ where’s Tim’s old teddy
someone turn the music up
who pissed in my tea cup!
put those gifts right here
thank you Mary, my dear
shit!, look at...

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© mick reid  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, children, fun, funny, preschool,
Form: Rhyme
Zoe Newson
Zoe was born 1992 and is a Paralympic powerlifter,
Who was born with growth hormone deficiency,
In Ipswich, she attended East Bergholt school, lifter,
And enjoyed the Suffolk School Games, proficiency.

She tried the sport of powerlifting for the...

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Categories: zoe, body, dream, power, sports, strength, success, world,
Form: Quatrain
Class of 2017: The Little Rascals crew
It’s been four (long) years. Yes, long - to my dismay.
Some think it goes quickly; RUBBISH! I say.
When you have a child, the days will drag,
The season crawl, and the years can lag.

But onward we...

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Categories: zoe, appreciation, children, school,
Form: Couplet
Somnolence Stymies Sui Generis Synchronization
no diminution in tiredness arose
gnome hatter how off tin ma dis bows
Zoe let his bot tee succumb,
     via mental application

     of autogenic phrases

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Categories: zoe, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, dream,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Steady Steward : Time
Charismatic Zoe consistently bears tendancy 
of softening strangers into friends
Perhaps resulting from her relocating frequency
Her familiarity with 'all sorts' hones empathy
Inspires trust, apprehension suspends

Fresh town primed to garner aquaintence
In the year charming Zoe turns thirty...

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Categories: zoe, age, angst, appreciation, birthday, destiny, fate, time,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member 'Za Zucchini Zinfandel




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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, drink, food, marriage, sleep,
Form: Alliteration
Goodbye baby Eric
My cute but troublesome boy
Goodbye to little David
You boys gave me such joy
Bye to Frenchie Laura
With your honestly like no other
Bye to my Auntie Pearl
Who was like a second mother
Goodbye to my zealous...

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© Melanie D  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: zoe, family, friendship, loss, sadold, old, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Your stinging absence from us dad
Has for us kids been very bad
Coping with our fatherly loss
Has really been, nothing to floss
Picking all the pieces broken 
‘Cause the children you have forsaken
All just trying in...

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Categories: zoe, absence, children, dad, divorce, emotions, mum,
Form: Light Verse
I am an apostle
 a listener 
a Christian 
am I yet not a child of God 
I am mankind thinks it's odd
 that I am a follower 
Of a just just God
 I hear the...

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Categories: zoe, caregiving, engagement, humanity,
Form: Lyric
"Drop your pants Zoe"
"No, am scared"
"You will love it, trust me"
"Aa aa aa am scared"
"Look into my eyes, Zoe"
"Okay, be gentle"

It's the deafening sound of silence 
Tickling the ghost of her past
She hears a sea...

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Categories: zoe, blue, child abuse, dark, memory, psychological, sad,
Form: Free verse
Gallant Festivities
It was my evening, that's
For sure - 
"Its your aura"
For sure - 
At last I'm good
At something.
"Spot the Equity card!"
"When are you going
To be a superstar?"
Said Sarah.
That seemed to be 
The question 
On everyone's lips....

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Categories: zoe, anxiety, dance, fear, innocence, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
The Zoe Dance
We have a small pooch Zoe and there’s this dance she does
When the bathrooms steamy, the tubs all sudsy and drains is fill with fuzz
First, she gets these crazy eyes while the soap drips from...

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Categories: zoe, children, funnydance, body, crazy, dance,
Form: Light Verse
Balloons, Cats, Drinks Except the Curry
better to be back in black
said Brett Boe
Coca-Cola for coy cat
replied Carla Coe
draw the duck down in dew
whispered Donna Doe
fries feed feisty firebugs
claims Frankie Foe
good guys grumble about golf
implies Grant Goe
hairy hilltops hide hat heroes

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Categories: zoe, surreal, word play,
Form: Alliteration
Am I considered lucky to be born into the purple?
I am the daughter of an emperor in Constantinople.
Actually, I am a prisoner in anguish and pain.
I am forbidden to marry during my father’s reign.
All in...

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Categories: zoe, historyfather, father,
Form: Rhyme
To Zoe
I never told you
How I would honor your memory,
Finding another like you
So I would not miss your kisses so much.

I never told you
How special you were, and
How it was not my fault
That you had to...

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Categories: zoe, death, sister, sorry,
Form: Epitaph
OOld old Jack
OOld old Jack, he is a dog.
He has been unable to make call sound, only OO O...         
He sleeps all day, does not want to walk  around       
He is really too old. An old big dog!  
OOld old Jack,...

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Categories: zoe, care, dog, love, missing, old,
Form: Free verse
The lighthouse of Selena
May time never forget,
The fire that burned so bright, 
As to be seen by sailors, 
On glimmering nights. 

In the darkness,
Her light can be seen, 
Throughout time, 
She shall always gleam.
From our hearts, 

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Categories: zoe, adventure,
Form: Rhyme