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Long Taco Poems

Long Taco Poems. Below are the most popular long Taco by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Taco poems by poem length and keyword.

Beans and Rice
Beans and Rice  

My Dad was not a rich man                        ...

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Categories: taco, child, childhood, home, winter,
Form: Rhyme

Faux Things
It was 3AM.
I had too many cups of rum and I wanted to hear your voice
before I fell into a drunken stupor. 
You didn't answer my two FaceTime calls or texts so
it got my mind...

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© Pippi B.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taco, deep, heartbreak, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To Gregory Pardlo, Pulitzer Prize Winner
As soon as I heard 
You were the First African American Male
To win the Pulitzer prize for Poetry
I wanted to run out and celebrate
I wanted to wake up Hughes and Dunbar
And Baraka and say we...

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Categories: taco, assonance, black african american, books, muse, poems,
Form: Rhyme
Naked And Afraid
each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose
an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this
a tender swept deal...

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Categories: taco, anti bullying, arabic, aubade,
Form: Free verse
each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose
an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this
a tender swept deal...

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Categories: taco, appreciation, art, rap,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member 80s 2 dancing in time with god
Hey There

Giving so much 
I can't see you
with your husband4
That should be me
We tested the waters and the great sea
found a sailor.
Nearby I fixed the dog: he'll never love again
Lusting beast, he'll never love again.

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Categories: taco, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Dream With Dragon
I had a Dream with Dragon in it, yes, just this morning, yes, today!
And the Dreams that linger, that I recall, are usually bad, I’m wont to say… 
Haven't seen 'Day of The Trifids' in...

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Categories: taco, adventure, dream, fun, funny, humor, humorous, imagination,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Time To Cook the Rolls
Time To Cook the Rolls 

“Honey, turn on the oven to 350; the movie is starting!”

Soupy Sales is kicking back with June Taylor at Studio 50.
He is flirting with her leggy dancers as they feed...

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Categories: taco, angst,
Form: Free verse
one of THOSE days
I woke up that morning in the usual way,
stretching and yawning, ready to start the day...
but for some reason today
feeling a sense of dread…
Because I looked at the clock
and saw it was late, got up...

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Categories: taco, humorous,
Form: Light Verse
The High Cost of Inflation
It's the High Cost of Living better known as the High Cost of Inflation! It is not just the rising cost of gasoline! It is the high cost of meat, groceries and other items! Including...

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Categories: taco, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Trinbago massive
Trinbago massive

A lady in America asking me
To tell her something bout Trinidad
She planning a vacation soon
And want to go there real bad

She wants to hear everything
About the culture and the foods
Steel pan and calypso 

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Categories: taco, adventure, holiday, introspection, nature, beautiful, beautiful, me,
Form: Light Verse
Sex Sells
You asked,
“Daddy, where’d I come from?” in your cute and charming way
The time was early morning ‘bout 6 bells
Confused you looked at my reply I guess you had to bat an eye
When I turned and...

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Categories: taco, allegory, funny, life, me, mother, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 1971 Hey Dude
1971  (Hey Dude)

Hey dude, come in, come in.
Been a long time since we last smoked the peace pipe together. 
Hey! I think it was during Hendrix’s set in Bethel, dude!
Here, let me move these...

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Categories: taco, music, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
I'm So Scared
If i lose you
I’ll lose screws
i will never be the same anymore
My 4 by 4’s
Will be 2 by 2’s
i will lose my soul mate 
my smile 
The woman that I absolutely want to carry my...

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Categories: taco, beauty, love, missing you, passion, relationship, sweet
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Food Inglorious Food
Be it known as convenience food, junk food or munchies;
whether spicy, melt-in-your-mouth soft, or crunchy,
food, inglorious food, seduces with ease
and ensnares with the emptiest of calories.

Disguised as a comfort food comes macaroni
with creamy Alfredo and...

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Categories: taco, food,
Form: Couplet
Introducing my roommate Leong to my Saturday morning cartoon binge habit proved to be one of my BEST ideas EVER. She’s a very animated watcher, frequently laughing, gasping in horror and, in the end, delighted...

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Categories: taco, friendship, humor, school, student, teen,
Form: Free verse
Appropriate This
I was walking down to the taco joint
wearing my new conical Chinese hat,
I looked how it looked, it gave me some flair,
but some beta-hipster took issue with that.

He stalked up and said,”It’s people like you

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Categories: taco, culture, growth, how i feel, political, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Old Like Me
With intention, I walk into the laundry room to get what was it now,
Let’s see, looking around ~  I know it will come to me somehow.
I’ll resolve this, so back to the kitchen, I...

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© Lee Ramage  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taco, family, funny, family, family, me, time, drug,
Form: Rhyme
The unpredictable yaw of rolling seas,
as in life, pummels us from one side to the other 
randomly dictating capricious ways 
arbitrarily gripping our lives

Life, like the ghost of Christmas past,
comes at night, tells its tale...

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Categories: taco, happiness, life, remember, truth,
Form: Free verse
The unpredictable yaw of rolling seas,
as in life pummels us from side to side 
randomly dictating its capricious ways 
lacking logic the tossing grips us and seeks to take our lives    


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Categories: taco, life, perspective,
Form: Didactic
A Sideshow That Freaks
  A crazed, dazed unexplained side show that freaks. What did we just do? Who knew, the few true, would prove to be me; and you? In shape we fit to form; like the shoe....

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Categories: taco, cool, crazy,
Form: Rhyme
Yo Parents So Strict
My curfew according to my mom is, “before the sun goes down!”
She never gives me the time to meet with friends and hang around
My dad on the other hand lectures me in Korean
He still doesn’t...

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© Anna Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: taco, childhood, humor, metaphor, mom, satire, teenage, youth,
Form: Free verse
Black Love
 You know what you are the reasons flower grow 
Sunshine You are the reason my time is full 
& when I'm comfortable with you I think where the hours go 
What is love i...

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Categories: taco, black african american, emotions, feelings, future, happiness,
Form: Rhyme
The Beast
I will never forget that night
It still haunts me in my dreams 
I havent slept in weeks
It happened yesterday I think,
At least that’s what it seems
I jumped out my bed 
When I started to hear...

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Categories: taco, me,
Form: I do not know?
Beatles Parody
Classmates On The Floor With Vomit (Lucy In The Sky)

Picture yourself on the floor with your liquor,
With strippers abundant surrounded by thighs,
 Quickly you feel like a rockstar on Christmas
With whiskey tic-tac’s and floating red...

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Categories: taco, parody
Form: Rhyme