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Long Swallow Poems

Long Swallow Poems. Below are the most popular long Swallow by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Swallow poems by poem length and keyword.

Falling Into Place: Solace Solitude
Let me take a little sip
Of your blessed, breathtaking brilliance that will numb...
This pain I have in this heart of stone
The voices in my head won't leave me alone
I thought I was on my own,...

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Categories: swallow, deep, desire,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member The Hotel Caretaker
How unparticular the day had particularly been,

On March the third of two-thousand and eighteen,

For the caretaker at an historic Adirondack Inn,

Had lacked company, and therefore, dopamine.


‘Twas Sunday when all the guests had fled,

From either...

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Categories: swallow, death, grief, introspection, march, mystery, remember,
Form: Rhyme
Below the Horizon - Shallow Shame
Agony be to society's demise
Labels are for fools, not for the wise
Play the familiar tune of in-unison serenity 
Fatality won't come any time soon, thankfully...

Homeless people were on the news not to long ago...I weep...

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Categories: swallow, cute, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Matsuo Basho Haiku translations
The first soft snow: 
leaves of the awed jonquil 
bow low
—Matsuo Basho translation by Michael R. Burch

Come, investigate loneliness! 
a solitary leaf
clings to the Kiri tree
—Matsuo Basho translation by Michael R. Burch

The cheerful-chirping cricket
contends gray...

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Categories: swallow, animal, butterfly, death, earth, life, nature, seasons,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Matsuo Basho Haiku translations II
Dusk-gliding swallow, 
please spare my small friends
flitting among the flowers! 
—Matsuo Basho translation by Michael R. Burch

A bee emerging
from deep within the peony's hairy recesses
flies off, sated
—Matsuo Basho translation by Michael R. Burch

That dying cricket,...

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Categories: swallow, autumn, death, life, seasons, spring, summer, winter,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Salvation of a Formalist, an Ode to Entropy
Salvation of a Formalist, an Ode to Entropy
by Michael R. Burch

God's universal decree
That I get to be
My erstwhile boxed-in verse is free?

Eternal Currents
by Michael R. Burch

How can I write and not be true
to the rhythm...

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Categories: swallow, humor, humorous, light, nonsense, satire, write, writing,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Sonnets XLII-LI
Sonnets XLII-LI

by Michael R. Burch

Moonbeams on water?
the reflected light
of a halcyon star
now drowning in night...
So your memories are.

Footprints on beaches
now flooding with water;
the small, broken ribcage
of some primitive slaughter...
So near, yet so far.

A Surfeit of...

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Categories: swallow, bereavement, death, death of a friend, funeral,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member FactoidMan and ShallowMan - Part 2
[Now ShallowMan is quite content
receiving FactoidMan’s consent
to quibble and express dissent
as long as keeping covenant
with fingers crossed and belfry bent
when viewing Facts in sealed cement:]

“The Facts you give me circumvent
those ‘truths’ your chuckles supplement;
although they...

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Categories: swallow, society, truth, universe,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member CareGiving Stories Continued
Wounded Sacred Dementia

My last foster care-provider
and -receiver story
is also a sad story
of my last special needs adoption
of bipolar born,
and oppositionally reared,

My BiPolar Wounded Child
turned an auspicious five
on the day I first saw her,
and promptly rejected...

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Categories: swallow, caregiving, health, humor, love, parents,
Form: Political Verse
Mario William Vitale Latest Writings
The language and images of Mario Vitale's poetry are so closely bound to the natural cycles of seasons, of generations, of the body's functioning, that is surprising to realize how many of his poems deal...

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Categories: swallow, art,
Form: Free verse
Give Me a Second to Breathe part 1
Verse 1: Nothing's in my way today 
I'm finally getting my way 
Glitter sprays in the air
We are on the bridge of without-a-care,
No longer in despair 
You fed me vibrant love, my starlit sky above

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Categories: swallow, angst, desire,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member My Alphabet
A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swallow, children, kindergarten, preschool,
Form: Abecedarian
Worming the Cat and Dog
Once again it’s Saturday; the day when footy reigns supreme.
The Dogs are up against the Cats, the premier favoured team,
but I’ve got no doubts the mighty Dogs will surely cope with that.
I couldn’t think of...

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Categories: swallow, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Things that Stuff My Mind
Exhausted, yet I can't sleep
So glad that I don't want to weep
You're living your epic life 
While mine cuts like a knife 

Under the horizon,
I see the reflection of the sun
Over the rainbow,
I see a...

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Categories: swallow, deep, emotions,
Form: Rhyme

[ edit ]
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I am a mom, an artist, and an office monkey.

14 contests • 2 lists • 1...

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Categories: swallow, change,
Form: Free verse
Principal Clown
He walks around with his nose pointing upward in the air
With calculating eyes that are so fearful, mouth moving from side to side and a tongue that keeps twisting around the things that are profound....

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Categories: swallow, break up, business, community, conflict, confusion, courage,
Form: Narrative
Last Trap of Zulaikha
What a bird you are, o red-billed Bird, 
you don’t eat reddish mangoes!
By eating which ash, will you exist then
in this bower of fate?

That there is any fruit better than the name of God
and any...

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Categories: swallow, dream,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member I've Got To Go
I’m on my way, I’ve got to go
(the reasons why you’ll never know),
whisked away in winter’s winds, your sleeping sighs remind me.
And I’ll ramble where I please,
sometimes slipping to my knees,
phantom memories a’ chasing close...

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Categories: swallow, cute, farewell,
Form: Rhyme
Stimulation: mE
De ja vu is seen right before my 7 senses...don't listen to the cries of lies...
Complete me...don't leave me empty - let my 6 become 7 (complete me) This bothersome feeling of disbelief intensifies -...

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Categories: swallow, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, desire, hope, loneliness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Celebarating The Adventure Of Advent: A collaboration with Kai Michael Neumann
Universal elegy grieves and yet embraces shifts of paradigm
New beginnings consciousness initiates comprehends and thus proceeds from
Illusion’s delusion collusions misconceptions in the irritating
Vortex whirlpool immanent void of false containment

Enlightenment modern postmodern retro visionary futuristic aspirations

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Categories: swallow, adventure, community, universe,
Form: Sestina
My Fruitful Flight During Nightfall
I’m getting tracked down by nightfall
Hear me…hear me…out as I fall…
Hear my call; my heart’s pounding in appall 
I fall down – hear my pleas and answer my call
Don’t hang up on me at all!

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Categories: swallow, beauty, betrayal, deep, desire, hope, passion, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Freed from my mind
I escape it
I end time
I think it
I think nothing of it
I believe in you
I believe in the American Dream
I think of it
I think nothing
I know you are something
How is it found 

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Categories: swallow, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Parting Instructions For My Oldest
You did not choose to be born,
much less Black Lives Really Should Equally Matter born
into this legacy,
your familial and civil Two-Connecticuts destiny.

I realize that,
And regret perhaps my own choices
in response to invitations for care-giving
and healthcare-receiving

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Categories: swallow, appreciation, caregiving, health, integrity, love, political, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The ParaTOTALLYNormal
The problem with trying to prove clairaudience, clairsentince, out-of-body, and Near Death Experiences to a Mudblood is not as simple
as it could have been.
Is it because Para-science is totally unsubstantiated?
Not in MY family.
Scientifically un-sound?
Sure, by...

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Categories: swallow, adventure, cute, emotions, encouraging, fantasy, feelings, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 33 -part 1-
My dreams were of the dire Queen
I had allowed her reign over me, callousing my heart,
She was inside me, laughing
Having crawled in
My walls closing, as she filled my soul
We were one, yes for a time,...

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Categories: swallow, adventure, confusion, growth, heart, inspirational, relationship, visionary,
Form: Epic