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Long Sullenness Poems

Long Sullenness Poems. Below are the most popular long Sullenness by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Sullenness poems by poem length and keyword.

Clad in his double-breasted royal toga
Filled of nothing but pride and anger
His face as grim as a Pallbearer’s
His gaze dreadful and fearful like that of 
A raging rattlesnake about to strike
His eyes crackling charcoal fire-red

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Categories: sullenness, allegory, angst, history, introspection, political, satireold, people,
Form: I do not know?

Naboth's Vineyard
The two rulers were King Ahab and Queen Jezebel
from the city Jezreel, in the land of Israel.
A vineyard owned by another man in the city
became a very coveted piece of property.
This is a plot of...

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Categories: sullenness, religion
Form: Rhyme
Rhythms from the belfry waft
A call of our votive worship to give.
In your sacred tent we besiege you.
For, to you our exultation to dole and your
Mercy on us to cascade.
The tune of the harmonica,...

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Categories: sullenness, politicalmother, earth, mother,
Form: Free verse
The Only Source Of Fulfillment
My life devoid of exotic adventure
(in fact...yours truly
never set foot outside the United States,
nor took to the skies, bore)
ring, the solitary endeavors,

not an onerous unbearable chore,
although (as mentioned in a previous poem)
this fellow rarely...

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Categories: sullenness, absence, age, birth, character, fear, loss, lost
Form: Free verse
On that vale of thorn
Abreast we ambled.
Un-frazzled, to the hawthorn
We held.
Though a twinge we felt the 
Haw we sought, and heyday we
Dreamed of.
Out of vague future luminous dreams
We hewed.
Though nadir soared, and hope in...

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Categories: sullenness, losshome, home,
Form: Epic

Premium Member Ruminations on the Karmic Consequences of a Harvest of Sins
Weary, sluggish and silent with apathy and 
disinterest, I sullenly reflect and 

My thoughts—thick and heavy like 
molasses—painfully churn and swirl in 
and out of my head and spill against the 
background of dead silence...

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Categories: sullenness, allegory, angst, depression, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member New Vision
Love laps at the shore of my heart. 
Kinetically connected to kindness 
my soul basks sumptuously in the 
sunshine of creation. 

All thoughts of bitterness dissolved 
and washed away down the drainpipe 
of despondency, mingling...

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Categories: sullenness, faith, hope, inspirational, love, me,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member nested in the umbrage

laden in the semblance of the lifeless
i curled my mind, nesting in the umbrage
of memories that haunt more than touch
unable to soar within the wind's of time

she begged me to fly, wrap my wings around...

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Categories: sullenness, cancer, death, friend,
Form: Free verse
It was time to let the bygones to be bygone,
And this they meant from the cockles of their hearts.
They felt that the injuries they had to endure were done,
It was too much to think over...

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Categories: sullenness, deep, faith, feelings, forgiveness, peace, senses, truth,
Form: Sonnet
When lonely is the path,sorrow  is amiss
When nothing appeals
No company liked nor sought
Dreads ones own company
Takes recluse in some deserted place
Only to disdain one self
No flowers  no birds hold interest
Drowned in self-pity one...

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Categories: sullenness, best friend, betrayal, bible, community, dedication, destiny,
Form: Blank verse