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Long Sijo Poems

Long Sijo Poems. Below are the most popular long Sijo by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Sijo poems by poem length and keyword.

The Kite
Am I the only one to think
that a kite is such a sad thing?

never really free,
forever tied to a string

Yes, it can soar indeed,
so high, with the wind taking it places,
almost making it forget,
just enjoying...

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Categories: sijo, allegory, life, me, sad, thank you,
Form: Free verse

The miscellaneous poems
You stare my profound eyes,
i have no word to say,
Beautifying this night 


Getting used to be hurted by your silence,
Risking my life to pursue your smile.
Eagles flew over my gloomy sky,
Each scene was so familiar.

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Categories: sijo, december, lost, words,
Form: Free verse
Weaving Forms- A Parody
Weaving Forms

Abc, Abecedarian, acrostic, alliteration alexandrine
  Salaam, sehraa senyru, sestina, sijo, shape, sonnet
      The list of forms of writing poesy is hopelessly endless

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Categories: sijo, allusion, humor, hyperbole, imagery, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Light Verse

To be precise It is now exactly half past never
And see, I’ve been trying to tell you that for years
The last will always come first as second seeks...

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Categories: angst, planet, daffodils,
Form: Sijo
(with all due respect to Ms. Jane and Ms. LaNette---the only two deities I pray to.  And I 
ain’t telling you...

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Categories: healthold, me, old, places,
Form: Sijo


Barren rice fields, hungry heart; heels cracking dry ¬ thirsty soul part.
Face awaiting, every season, knotted aching old ~ new reasons...
Love! Oh Love! Written by God, crawl on us strengthen our grit.

Clanging cymbals,...

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Categories: character, feelings, inspiration, life, love,
Form: Sijo
Why didn’t you tell me?
Why didn’t you tell me you felt that way?
I could’ve helped.
I could’ve done something.
I could’ve done something to help prevent you from making the dumbest decision you ever made.
You. Promised.
You promised...

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Categories: care, celebration, character, class, clothes, imagination, inspirational,
Form: Sijo
If you come today suddenly my silence would then smile
And the noise in my heart would be heard saying softly to you
"I love you" without my tongue telling you in waste of words.

I have pondered...

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Categories: romance, heart, heart, love, may,
Form: Sijo
Alienation Mystery
God invisible, inaccessible in dark and light,
Total space of universe, and still presence in mystery masked like night
Where every part of me fintely in infinite you is traced

To whatever mountain height my fragile form found...

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Categories: lost love, religion, me, me, universe,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member Wabi-Sabi

A stunning beauty seen with moles on the cheek from a distance
If be near, like spaceman, we find dry lowland area of dark rock,
Shadows in holes where meteors hit, left craters, the Sun can’t hit.


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Categories: beauty,
Form: Sijo

Sky-high beech trees tower my head; big parasol to earthly grounds
Sun smiles gold drenching blue skies; warm breeze whish swaying luscious leaves
Nature tickles round brown eyes, blushing rose hugs Eden

Mistrels' tweet beckon ears to...

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Categories: america, animal, earth, environment, imagery, life, nature,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member HOT SUMMER LOVE
Clear eyes stargaze on sun-kissed days ~ Barley autumn, bosoms ablaze.
Warm breeze brush bathing heavens, rainbow hues fusing chase and tease
Whispers ~ touch spirit lips, rising heat cocoons blushing nymph.

Kites sky flight tickling blue clouds,...

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Categories: feelings, imagery, inspiration, seasons, summer, sun, sweet,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member Cling
a brown and curling maple leave hangs suspended mid-air
in the clearing by the lake, transfixed by the view and kindness 
woven within the web it watches the rain fall

within the transparent lace-like web, it curls...

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Categories: adventure,
Form: Sijo
berryblue goodbyes FREE CEE

I slammed my eyes shut creating day into night
I didn’t care to see cruelty bared eye to eye
I couldn’t watch me lose such heavenly delight
Because even hardened junkies sometimes must cry

The darkness I...

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Categories: angst, blue, cry, me,
Form: Sijo
Droplets of Heaven

Paralyzed sunshine of the day, gray kissed skyscrapers in faint
Blurry dance stuck in the air as the dew pervades some occlusions
Day sketched gloom in beauty behind the droplets of breezy...

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Categories: sijo, imagination, rain, thanksgiving, sky, universe,
Form: Sonnet
Coffee House
Cells and fibres exploding, consumptive thirst! Lip vibrate
A leaf trembling in dry enegry of summer's sizzling heat
Come turn to the modern oasis, the city's teeming spring

We came like pilgrims to a holy place, or children...

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Categories: life, social,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member A Summer Remembered - Sijo String
Stretched far and wide, sun smoothes the beach, and finds a place to land
It spreads a sheet, then fastens lace to all our summer skies
No day sees a wave so high, without thoughts of you...

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Categories: first love, lost love, love, love hurts,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member Inside The Fertile Forest
"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination" 
~ A Rambling Poet ~

Deep in the center of a lush green forest, I found it -
a lovely solitary door atop a three-tier stone platform.

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Categories: on writing and words, together,
Form: Sijo
Beauty, yes
Beauty, yes I have striven to be you, before hibiscus fades
Before the stars sprinkle night that covers ocean sunset
After the icicles thawed and swans inhabit the blue lagoon

We cannot know the perfect thing in our...

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Categories: hope, imagination, philosophy, love, stars,
Form: Sijo
This poem is written in the form of a Sijo. A Sijo is traditionally composed in three lines of 14-16 syllables each, totaling between 44-46 syllables. In a Sijo, the poem is either thematic or...

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Categories: confusion, death, life, loss, lost love, love,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member The Summer Fling
A delight for female eyes was his gorgeous face and strong physique;
His dark eyes lured them in, but his kisses left them spellbound.
The beauty of his skin could but briefly hide his fickle heart.

One summer...

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Categories: passion, daffodils,
Form: Sijo
Lonely Nights


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Categories: for him, good night,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member A Tiger's Tale
Oh, master of heaven on four legs have we walked too long
let me upright walk said Amur the tiger, a man I would wish to be
“Amur” said the lord remain in the cave hungry and...

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Categories: animal,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member Somnabulant
the first leaf falls  brown through green    an august end  well played  
insect sounds whir  brushes on tin  seed shakers speak  squirrels chatter
crisp metal days ...

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Categories: nature,
Form: Sijo
Intense Theatrics
Remove self from a dramatic scene as if it didn’t appear.
Deaf and dumb it’s best to become when it rears its turbulent head. 
Dramatic scenes unrecognized will soon implode when ignored.

By: Debra Squyres
Started: 6 days...

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Categories: life, relationship,
Form: Sijo