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Long Sacking Poems

Long Sacking Poems. Below are the most popular long Sacking by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Sacking poems by poem length and keyword.

Get A Life You Are A Person No One Would Like To Be
She wasn't clever or cool
allowed to stay home from school
within the four walls
of the house where she ruled
reducing her social scene to the bare minimal
as her knowledge and know-how didn't develop at all
with activities limited...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sacking, corruption, perspective, power, slam, social,
Form: Rhyme

This is not a holy place, part two
Part 2.

Into the wasteland he flies
To bury the souls of lies,
Beneath the leaves of time,
Dirty deeds must dirty die.

This then the watchman must do:

Step on the fingers that try,
With downward pulls to pry,
Into doom flower...

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Categories: sacking, history, imagination, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Having been born in legendary Italy,a country
as old as the stones of the Via Appia,
made me recall the fiery image of Attila...
the barbarian from Hungary,
who dared to defeat the mighty Romans: 
by sacking their imperial...

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Categories: sacking, happy, happy, me,
Form: Sestina
Bidding for Brands
Boohoo is bidding for Boo-Boo
But Yogi’s not seeking a deal,
He’s scanning the park for a picnic
Looking forward to his evening meal.

Warner Brothers deny their involvement
So investors are kept in the dark,
But rumours are spreading ’round...

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Categories: sacking, angst, bullying, business, clothes, emotions, nonsense, rights,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Troy, The Defeat, Odysseus Punishment
Troy, The Defeat, Odysseus Punishment

Apollo, the archer-god, was quite unfair
Slew Eurytus for a vain archery boast
Mortal lives he had so very little care
Sending Greek ships sailing to the coast

Helen of Sparta, beauty beyond compare
face that...

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Categories: sacking, betrayal, conflict, lost love, lust, military, pride,
Form: Rhyme

Brutus Iulius Trois page 01
*readers  think of this epic as classic Latin badly translated into English.

Brutus Iulius Trois  page 1

Only the oldest among us all
can truthfully tell the tale
of the way the world was
after noble Troy fell

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Categories: sacking, adventure, history,
Form: Epic
Eavesdropping on a cabinet meeting
"We need to cut the budget" the Treasury Minister said 
"To try to get back in the black we’re deeply in the red
Our creditors are losing faith we’re getting near our limit
Gordon said he’d saved...

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© roy may  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sacking, political
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member BURLAP and SATIN

Texture fine, woven design
Like harden tree sap
Rough is the burlap!!!
That's at my finger tips
Smooth is soft the satin as silk
The dress rapped around her waist

Burlap and satin

Give me such touch my reactions
Hard rough...

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Categories: sacking, appreciation, beautiful, fashion, feelings, flower,
Form: Rhyme

Part 1

No one really CARES so our minds are in arrears, 
We don't care because we live in fear, 
So we stop caring, stop steering and forget what we are hearing,
But I...

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© Quincy Mac  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sacking, allegory, care, meaningful, society, truth, wisdom, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dedicate Your Life to Company B
Company B. used to be full of responsible people who knew their work, and did it.
These six devout employees had put all of their energy into Company B. They had 
 lost their families, and...

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Categories: sacking, life, work,
Form: Free verse
our alaric
whose command of gothic tribes
under roman mandate 
allowed him to see a people who were
forced to fight but reap no reward
in order to perpetuate a treaty with the
after being passed over &
denied the possibility of...

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Categories: sacking, life,
Form: Free verse
Ropinirole put to sleep restless leg syndrome
Courtesy the miracle of modern medicine
above named prescription medication
expelled, dissolved, cured... out ma skin
involuntary telltale twitching, thrashing
flagging, sacking, tackling... -

scoring field goal and unexpected win
allowing, enabling, and providing therein
peaceful easy feeling twin
affecting yours truly and...

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Categories: sacking, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, blessing,
Form: Free verse
a jolly Drongo
Once a
jolly Drongo sat on
the riverbank,
sucking Go-anna eggs
till it brought
oh he tried a bit of
but his mind was
just a blank,
Fourex beer he'd be
a drinking,
But the Kiwis' are
owning that
so he chewed on some
burnt Damper,
and drank some...

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Categories: sacking, adventure,
Form: Ballad
Who was it
Who was it?

Who was it sacked the fifteen thousand,
Who enjoys the sacking, he just smiles
Who has the public informing on public servants,
On who went to McDonalds for lunch with style,
Who was it fixed the hospitals,

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Categories: sacking, adventure,
Form: Ballad
The Black Revelation
She is awake,
Not caused by a tremor in the force,
But with the power of a cataclysmic earthquake,
Feel the shifting in the air,
The trembling of the ground,
Listen to the animal's howling in despair,
Heed the people's desperate...

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Categories: sacking, dark, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Just Like Daddy
My daddy is a dope boy.
I see him sacking rocks.
So now I'm putting my toys in mommy's ziplocs.
She's in the kitchen cooking but I know she is crying.
Daddy's never home, he's gone all the time.

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Categories: sacking, absence, addiction, baby, beauty, betrayal, confusion,
Form: Light Verse
Another Poem
Ill lay here day and night,feeling weak and sad,not even knowing why,all I want to do is cry.

I want more,I feel trapped and ignored.No one seeing what's going on in my mind cause I hide...

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Categories: sacking, poems,
Form: ABC
Conversation from a Warm Bed on a Cold Night

‘Listen. The shed door’s banging in the wind.’
‘I heard it. I was just going down to fix it.’
‘You were not.’
‘I was. I was just thinking about it.’
‘You were not. God, listen to that wind, will...

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Categories: sacking, cat, humorous, love, night, weather,
Form: Free verse
Queensland hero
Queensland hero

Vain-glorious, evil too,
Little Hitler is it you,
Sacking thousands for a lie,
Poor as Spain is his cry,
But Spain owes 50 billion blue?    
(We owe twenty seven and sixpenceJ)

Secret watchers dob you in,

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Categories: sacking, adventure, evil,
Form: Ballad
(Note: This poem is a Sonnet with Alliteration.)

Be beyond borrow, sensuous soaring sights;
Move motive mind map, leapfrog lusty looks;
Apt applause arrows, lovely lasting light;
Settle succinct sap, browse blossoming book.
Carve crystal crazy, prime preying puzzle;
Lively learning...

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Categories: sacking, celebration,
Form: Alliteration
Just facts
Everybody is responsible for their own behaviour
Being drunk or drugged should not be in your favour
And look up to our hero’s each and everyone one
Think of them often as a light leading us on and...

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Categories: sacking, hero,
Form: Ballad
So Many Turns
Our lives can take so many turns
And some quite unexpected,
But one thing everybody learns
Is that we're not protected

From heartaches, losses, tears and grief.
If luck is in our favor,
Their visits will be swift and brief
And leave...

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Categories: sacking, life,
Form: Rhyme
HIV virus today
Still of weeping rank
At Blood Bank
And a Monster to tackle
In Transfusion circle;
Donors to save their pints
Or get ready to be clients
For the fiercest legal battle
That could The Bones rattle
Of their counsels: Baker or Sawyer
Widely judged...

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Categories: sacking, anxiety, cry, death, health,
Form: Rhyme
Unsung Hero
Trite foot soldier status lacking
Pedigree earned by under stress not cracking
Anonymous ward of the state with little backing
Nameless face sent into the infernal abyss hacking
On unstated mission sent packing
In an unknown, unfamiliar field bivouacing
An amorphous,...

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Categories: sacking, dedicationsoldier,
Form: Rhyme