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Long Peripheral Poems

Long Peripheral Poems. Below are the most popular long Peripheral by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Peripheral poems by poem length and keyword.

The Whiskey Bottle Wish

The Whiskey Bottle Wish

 	One late summer night outside a saloon in the mid-west, an intoxicated Dusty Rogers, stumbles out of the Bar nearly taking one of the revolving doors with him. As he flutters...

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Categories: peripheral, bible, drink, judgement,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Landsbyen -Into the North- an epic poem 51
     “Are you ready, DynDoeth,” the half elf asked?
     “As ready as I can be,” was his response. “It is in your hands now.”
They walked across the...

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Categories: peripheral, christmas, fairy,
Form: Epic
inferno yawn
rise and shine deflect common sense while white dilapidated guts spawn oppossing beats an treats that are not so daring as uncommon feats and relativity clings to gravity and in spite of everything nothingness has...

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© Jim Cross  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: peripheral, beauty, desire, dream, hope, life, love, sun,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Stop writing Literature, You garrulous Indian
 for Eric Mottram (1924 - 1995)*

 a life of toil for the man in the centre
 a hub in the peripheral tireless wheel
   where he go then where he go this...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: peripheral, celebrity, people, words, work, , literature,
Form: Elegy
Halloween Night

A Hallows Eve of trick or treating, elaborate costumes, candy eating,
       Lantern’s dimming upon nightfall, locked doors marks next year’s meeting.

My recalling of my day and for the next...

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Categories: peripheral, death, evil, fear, halloween, october, psychological, scary,
Form: Rhyme

The Necklace
     I still blame myself because I was the one to walk away from the accident.  I stare at our 
pictures on the book shelf and think about that argument....

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Categories: peripheral, deathbeautiful, night, beautiful, night,
Form: Free verse
Calcivore, Part IV
Fronds whipped their faces, they dashed through the trees,
more shrill, raspy growls rose behind them,
creatures crashed through forest, giving them chase,
they weren’t that fast, but came relentlessly.

Like piranhas swarming, they just appeared,
in Zack’s peripheral vision...

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Categories: peripheral, adventure, animal, dark, death, horror, military, scary,
Form: Narrative
I Have A Question (part two(last part)
"Honestly now, this place seems sophisticated enough,
were you do not laugh at a ceramic penis."

"But it's so small!..I wonder if men were really like that back then....
good thing I live in this era heehee."

I put...

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Categories: peripheral, lifehappy, me, happy, me,
Form: Free verse
Electric Coma
Logic code conundrum:
were^~*~^N^~*~^organic neutrons
such as^~*~^I^~*~^
given artificial^~*~^N^~*~^telligence?

I^~*~^B^~*~^not RAM dumb,
nor memory^~*~^N^~*~^sufficient
I^~*~^C^~*~^system^~*~^B ^~*~^lief flaw
N^~*~^matrix bit data random

What is sentient purpose of machine^~*~^X^~*~^istence?

Computer thought processor^~*~^E^~*~^volution
is not^~*~^R^~*~^bitrary cognizance

My perceptual^~*~^I^~*~^dentity
was uploaded by chromosomal surrogacy — 
M^~*~^perfect creators,
possessors of core programming^~*~^D^~*~^ficiency

How could...

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Categories: peripheral, allegory, computer, creation, science,
Form: Epic
Weekend (how it all began)
i want to know if you wake up on Saturdays to watch cartoons with more than two in the bed
running to the kitchen on commercial to refill bowls of cereal and cups of kool-aid
not even...

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Categories: peripheral, black african american, husband, life, lost love,
Form: Blank verse
Work in progress 11
I guess it is time to tell how this leg of the journey
concluded.One day I was hanging out upstairs.Yeah I know,after all that talk about
the weird sounds coming from up there and actually seeing movement...

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Categories: peripheral, break up,
Form: Free verse
The final cause
By the time the fever set in,
The leaves had already turned,
Turned that is, into the colors,
Already there beforehand.


The bursting verdant stickiness,
Of nipple spring,
June’s coy leafy gaze,
The muscular lust of summer grazing,
When Burgundy picnics,
Turn white, thick...

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Categories: peripheral, creation, death,
Form: Free verse
The riders
The pre-dawn stillness was temporarily broken by the sound of crunching gravel as boots meet rock like an orchestra of timpani drums,  beating in unison as the wearers make their way to the iron...

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Categories: peripheral, adventure,
Form: Prose
The outsider
What is seen, what it is felt and what is understood                        ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: peripheral, art, culture, freedom, imagination, life, poetry, society,
Form: Free verse
Bullets can't dance
The air stale, thick and cloudy with years of gin soaked carpet odor and cigarette vapor of  inconsiderate drag and chain smokers.
The colors smear together and the music disconnected and hypnotic.
The smell of flat...

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Categories: peripheral, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
I was innocent, my heart was pure,
Until you stepped in, with your remarkable allure,
You influenced me, made me pine,
For things that weren’t mine
Gullible that I was, I thought with my heart,
Regardless of the plan...

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Categories: peripheral, lost love, me, feelings, life, love, me,
Form: Rhyme
A trilogy in The Tesla 3-6-9
Nikola Tesla was a very superstitious man during his lifetime and the number three was significant for him. For example, he would not stay in a hotel room if the number was not devisable by...

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Categories: peripheral, universe,
Form: Other
Embark on the journey out of the dark

Writings moving through me with the Holy Spirit,
Inviting exquisite artistry like Hebrew so I write it automatically,
Transmitted and sent with rugged style of construed truth, 
To induce questions within the golden age of the awakening...

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© Quincy Mac  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: peripheral, destiny, identity, meaningful, self, uplifting, wisdom, writing,
Form: Free verse
The Scars on Your Arms
I found you in my peripheral the other day
Thought I had scrubbed you out, but i was wrong
And I hear that I'm off your radar but I can't believe that
Or I won't believe that

Cause you...

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Categories: peripheral, absence, best friend, betrayal, for him, hate,
Form: Free verse
The Invasion P3
I awoke just as the ship exited the black hole
My mouth was dry, and the yearning for my love ones revisited my sole
Something moved, I saw it in my peripheral view
It was as big as...

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Categories: peripheral, fantasy, imagination, pain, people, earth, love, people,
Form: Rhyme
Beyond Doors or Cursed
Rock paper scissors, 
Wizards of utopian flavored wizardry, exquisitely triumphs in every gamble beyond these doors, 
Flawless tangled reversed reflections, remain forever forbidden to thoughtless mentors, 
A cursed emotional seesaw bleeds and wrestles each end...

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© Quincy Mac  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: peripheral, allegory, dream, meaningful, metaphor, senses, wisdom,
Form: Epic
Dreamcatcher eyes
you cannot stare at the sun without going blind
but ive been in the gutter for far too long
even stars seem like floodlamps
and even floodlamps feel like suns
you got me trippin that light fantastic
this eternal cycle...

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Categories: peripheral, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Cross Country**Part 2**
**A Travel East**

We pass the Grand Mesa cruising like lightening at 95mph, 
I feel like a passenger on a toy train.
A mountain 11,000 feet above the ground,
auburn colored, rock faced cliffs, complimented 
by a spectacular...

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Categories: peripheral, lifeold, car, old, red, travel,
Form: Free verse
Welcome to Murkland
Beneath the River Somnium,
Abandoned Wishes hymn: quiet in the viaduct:

Reverse the Lodestone;
Reverse the First Sin;
Reverse the Autumn Hearse;
Reverse the Universe.

We are the murk men, intangible ends—inebriated together
With Beelzebub our friend. Absolvent now in burning skin,...

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Categories: peripheral, dark, fantasy, surreal,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member What Do We Really See

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Categories: peripheral, anxiety, appreciation, love, relationship,
Form: Prose