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Long Kingfisher Poems

Long Kingfisher Poems. Below are the most popular long Kingfisher by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Kingfisher poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Penelope Squad

“The Penelope Squad”

A line of bluebirds 
tittering on a line
swaying on the winds
like comedian pageboys 
having a good time
poop in the peg bucket
words wooden and sharp
fly off with frosty notes
dirt and sherry stains
imprinted on 

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Categories: kingfisher, giggle, humor, muse, mystery,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Billabong
There’s an old river course with beginning and end,
now the river runs straight without this river bend,
where the water is still and the reeds do grow strong.
New life has taken over in a billabong.

The mat...

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Categories: kingfisher, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Letters Between Earth And Heaven

I love the forest
And the tiger's roar
In the deep underwood
The sound of power

Love the flowing river
And the water's splash
As the waves quiver
On rocks, they crush

And I like the mountain
The cotton sheep...

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Categories: kingfisher, nature, philosophy, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
rain brings happy and gloomy together
rain comes rain
rain wets my pain,
wets my dust of gain,
cleans my walking lane,
find I inside a path of sane 

rain comes on empty green fields
cows, calves, goats run away dancing

rain comes and wets nature
dogs, cocks,...

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Categories: kingfisher, dark, depression, happy, how i feel, rain,
Form: Free verse
The Trickiest Mistress
Desire is the trickiest mistress
A strange unpredictable beast
Tickled by fancy and circumstance 
Afflicted by famine and feast
A delicate matter to master
An unruly monster to tame
Lightening flash turning wood in to ash
Fickle wind flirting with flame

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Categories: kingfisher, lust, metaphor, nature, passion, psychological, romance, sensual,
Form: Rhyme

The Seashore - A Tautogram
Annabelle Albatross’s amazing aquatics astound audiences at Atlantic airshows.

Bill Beaver’s barrel-rolling barely bumps bobbing buoys.

Crustaceans crowd cramped coves.  Charlie Crab cowers, camouflaged creatively.

Dennis Dolphin dives deeply dragging down desirable delicacies.

Elegant electric eels electrify everything....

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© Juli Freda  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingfisher, animal, cute, sea,
Form: Free verse
My eyes,
you traced the beauty of nature.
The starry sky and inky ocean,
smile of winter in the heavenly garden,
dancing of waterfall on the lap of hill
and kissing of butterfly with lips of lily.
You painted the alluring...

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Categories: kingfisher, father, mother, wife, , cute,
Form: Light Verse
Dead Earth
I cannot bring my child into this world.

This isn't the world I was hoping for.
No. Nothing can surmount from this.
We say we work for a living.
No. We work to die.
We feast from a green hand,

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Categories: kingfisher, angstworld, work, child, my child, work,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Autumns Breath
I wander down the forest trails
the farmer collecting the last bales
golden brown they shine in the sun
the whirr of wings as birds escape the guns

The various gleaming colours of leaves
as spiraling down they twist and...

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Categories: kingfisher, autumn, nature,
Form: Verse


               A to Z, each is an...

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Categories: kingfisher, cheer up, children, nursery rhyme,
Form: Acrostic

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Categories: kingfisher, magic, math,
Form: Blank verse
At the Cottage in the Morning
I like to wake up in the morning at the lake,
I sleep out on the porch, on account of I hate snoring,
so I can hear the tremelo of the daddy loon calling to the babies,

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Categories: kingfisher, art, nature, places,
Form: Idyll (Idyl)
the bowstring that passes through the centre
is the tendency of the  reddish sunshine 
to become drenched some more 

let us hear 
what the milky-way seamed by pins 

and it’s you 
how much can you be able to read 

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Categories: kingfisher, fantasy
Form: Prose Poetry
Great Horned Owls
Many many moons ago
leaving the porch
of a south-facing canyon,
I hiked to a place 
where the foothills

Where the asphalt road
ran astride the reservoir lake
into which kingfishers
dived at will,  
and Great Horned owls
hooted at passerby,

And crickets...

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Categories: kingfisher, marriage,
Form: Free verse
mary todd's bar
under the bay bridge in astoria there is a 
brick building with a gnarled up old wooden door. 

something along the line of mary todds is written
 on it.

 In the doors Center is a...

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Categories: kingfisher, old,
Form: I do not know?
The Fate of a Princess - The Great Escape
Anastasia was all too eager because the dream she dared not speak of in fear of jinxing it was finally coming true.

Back in the princess's quarters, Anastasia was adorned in Princess Layla's former wedding attire....

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Categories: kingfisher, betrayal, dark,
Form: Prose


white sky... low the clouds
winter... stuck in a drift again
spring... where are you...
the bobbin dipper flies
below our secret rivers
spring... summer delight
ring ouzel... moorland
high craggy tors... upland moors
birding adventure
the avocet
fenland treasure... coastal dream

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Categories: kingfisher, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Villanelle: Martin-Pecheur, the Fisher King
Villanelle : Martin-Pêcheur*, the Fisher King	

Walk not dark alleys nor the dim-lit lane
   Darkless suns lighten not the skin in vain
Cry not « Help ! » « Help ! » lest you be...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingfisher, death,
Form: Villanelle
Natures Balm
Breeze in my face, I no not my destination,
Walking only where my feet will take me.
A frown creases my brow in concentration,
In the hope I may see things more clearly.

The soft lush grass underfoot stretches...

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Categories: kingfisher, animals, inspirational, nature, peace, upliftinglife,
Form: Rhyme
My Landscape Painting
My Landscape Painting

Let me describe my painting,
Of a pastel colour landscape,
A Beautiful British Waterway,
Forming our scene and shape.

Walking by the water’s edge,
Following the towpath trail,
Pace of life serene and slow,
Barges powered, ready to sail. 

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© Kevin Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingfisher, adventure, image, river, summer, water, words,
Form: Rhyme

Along a shady mangrove through glens of green,
I romp around, the air teasing my  curly hair;
And in a dash , a tiny fowl  softly rattles life’s movements:
Harkening, harkening as its emerald crown bops

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Categories: kingfisher, bird, green, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SPRING NOTES

          I don’t ask for the meaning of the song of a bird
     or the rising of the sun on a...

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Categories: kingfisher, bird, song, spring,
Form: Shape
Premium Member Green and Darmie
Gree, the green kingfisher was easily taken advantage of by his friends.
He had a heart of gold, and a caring attitude that never ends.
His friend Marmie was always asking him to do one favor or...

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Categories: kingfisher, animal,
Form: Prose Poetry
A World Without Music
A world without music, is a life without inspiration,
music itself is inspired by every nation.
No jazz, no soul, no rock, I'd probably die,
no tunes in my ear when I travel and fly.

No sound when I...

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Categories: kingfisher, happiness, imagination, inspirational, love, music, world, music,
Form: Free verse
Regency Dandy
                        This Regency Dandy flying across the river,

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© Peter Dorr  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingfisher, bird,
Form: Free verse