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Long Immanent Poems

Long Immanent Poems. Below are the most popular long Immanent by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Immanent poems by poem length and keyword.

Poem Revised Memorial Day May 30th, 2022 At 1500 Hours
Poem revised Memorial Day May 30th, 2022 at 1500 hours

Flagrante delict adulterous sordid behavior 
automatically linkedin with Lothario;
an unscrupulous seducer of women, 
based upon a character 
in The Impertinent Curious Man, 
a story within a...

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Categories: immanent, absence, abuse, adventure, anger, black african american,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Rebuilding Paradise
like Rome
is not built
and not rebuilt
and rebuilt
and redeveloped
and healed
and redeemed
in one 24-hour
and recycle
and revolving
round day v night,

appreciatively regarding both day
and dualdark
rich and fertile 
souled and soiled
recycling night.

So too
my personal
and political
and economic
and ecological
and theologically reformed...

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Categories: immanent, earth, eve, god, health, love, paradise, passion,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Manic Depressive Climates
Depression is like dying
without hope this process will end well,
without remediation
at least not for my closely held ego-identity,
and despair 
this turning inward
creates a cocoon by avoiding outward.

Focal awareness of ego mortality, 
immanent and emanant,
turns inward,

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Categories: immanent, beauty, culture, depression, health, mental illness, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Celebarating the Adventure of Advent: a Collaboration With Kai Michael Neumann
Universal elegy grieves and yet embraces shifts of paradigm
New beginnings consciousness initiates comprehends and thus proceeds from
Illusion’s delusion collusions misconceptions in the irritating
Vortex whirlpool immanent void of false containment

Enlightenment modern postmodern retro visionary futuristic aspirations

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Categories: immanent, adventure, community, universe,
Form: Sestina
Premium Member Math Problems
The problem of PolyNomials,
equivalent or not?
with Not PolyNomials
hides a geometric bilateral 
not-no means yes 
polynomial assumption
that was profoundly channeled by ZeroCentric Bucky Fuller.

1 Polynomial v 0 NotPolynomial
assumes if we could distinguish NP from P sets...

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Categories: immanent, dark, humor, integrity, math, relationship, science, time,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum

Premium Member Four paths of tantra trika
1) Preamble

As breath’s created, sustained and destroyed,
we see trika, threefold aspect at play
through life, where we are by ego decoyed,
until we choose to make love our mainstay.
Beyond religions, scriptures and folklore,
let’s explore the direct path...

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Categories: immanent, spiritual,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member Touching
Moment to moment, all moments entwined,
I feel the touch of magnetism divine,
the source of which, by mind is not divined
so to know the truth, with heart I align.
With this preamble, let’s step back in time,

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Categories: immanent, spiritual,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member Of Lies Told That Once Destroyed Innocent Girls' Lives

The Convergence of the Twain

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Categories: immanent, appreciation, art, betrayal, dark, evil, prejudice, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Memorial Day May 29th, 2023
silently wailing analogy to Moby Dick 
regarding how yesterdays 
prurient laced introductions 
to rhyme in retrospect embarrassingly blows.

Herewith to enliven anecdote ever further,
I inject humorous tidbit
just gimme moment to unload and reach
into psychological metaphorical knapsack

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Categories: immanent, absence, america, angel, anger, beautiful, bridal shower,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Once Within a Moment
Once within eternal Time
a coffee ground
of full-spectral 
spacious consciousness,
Might sink in cold water cups

Yet rise to surface in warm oil sublime
joyously buoyant juice

Happiest to float atop
a hierarchy of divinely positioned selection
static inquisition

Yet again, 
to an...

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Categories: immanent, analogy, earth day, health, integrity, power,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Polypaths Toward Warmfelt Metaphor
A childhood memory warmly reminds

A game of Where's the Thimble,
hidden by a gang of siblings,
or just one strategic sister,
left for me to rightly find
as I wander through our living room,
following bilateral fractal cues,

You're cold,
freezing really.

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Categories: immanent, community, earth, health, integrity, love, passion, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Frustration

These days my frustration is digital in that `Brave New World'

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Categories: immanent, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Lonely Lark
The Lonely Lark


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Categories: immanent, 1st grade, bird, humanity, life, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Let My People Shine
At sixteen
People's Bible Church
sent me from rural Michigan farm lands
to Moody Bible Institute
in siren-screaming Chicago

Church fathers assumed,
despite curious evidence to the contrary,
that I was a StraightWhiteMale
wanna be choir director

Because I could sing with gospel appeal

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Categories: immanent, health, integrity, muse, music, nature, peace, wisdom,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Sacred Promise
That first black and white
strangely fluid
flat screen view
of the early developing individual
inside EarthMother's womb

Reminds me
of that first
full-spectrum green and blue
strangely white cloudy
moistly floating
slowly revolving
flat screen view
of home planet
still developing
revolving Earth.

A LeftBrain dominant individual worldview
from a...

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Categories: immanent, earth, happiness, health, integrity, love, peace, planet,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Why are we here

Polarities unite, in burst of light
One that became two, is now one again
Rapture renewal pulsates with delight
Embodied within, we gently ingrain

An ethereal cord, transmits this bliss
Straight to the source, without employing force
Teasing caress of Divine...

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Categories: immanent, spiritual,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member Powers of Vulnerability
Do you believe racism and colonialism
and economic corporatism and LeftBrain dominance
are coincidental,
cause-effect related,
or co-arising?

If interdependently causal, which is historical cause
and which is cultural effect?

Do you believe political power
and economic investment values/disvalues
are win/lose capitalistic coincidental,
causally related,

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Categories: immanent, death, health, home, integrity, life, peace, power,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Peace Mediating Poetry
Thanks so much for forwarding
these John Paul Lederach stories
of un-learning academic approaches
to peace mediation.

I wonder if you remembered
my ongoing certification process
for justice-restoring mediation
in complex multicultural conflicting histories;
which are typically antithetical to resilient peace
through ongoing safe...

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Categories: immanent, community, conflict, health, integrity, poets, psychological, relationship,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Immanent Yet Transcendent
Written 4 October 2023 
Placed 9th in :
Immanent Yet Transcendent Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Unseeking Seeker


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Categories: immanent, god, humanity, self, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Yeshua
His name was Yeshua, the legitimate, not immaculate,
scion of a young Jewish couple named Miriam and Yosef and surely
a brown-haired, brown-eyed Middle-Eastern man, sun-bathed and beige,
raised in the traditions of Abraham and Moses, David and...

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Categories: immanent, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 2020 Sight and Sounds
Speaking With NonBully VoiceBoxes

Dissociative injustice,
like racist slurs and disinvestments,
retributive oppression
for not being SWM enough,
has ecological roots
in LeftBrain anthro/ego-centered fruit
of fragile disconnected autonomy,
against all competing odds
still struggling to win
against all other elitist competitors
for greatest capital gains

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Categories: immanent, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, patriotic, peace, trust,
Form: Political Verse
Theater of Utter Charm Part 24
what do you need to be told
to make you capable of pragmatic liberation
which could be the foundation to a new
assessment of the inevitable
darkness is our measure but never our limit
its manic prism reflects everything all...

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Categories: immanent, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What Is Love
Beginning with what it is not
Being certainly not transience we can slot

Calling a spade a spade
Love not an exchange or trade
‘I love you provided you reciprocate’
‘If your look is not endearing, my love will abate’


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Categories: immanent, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In My Right Mind
My healthy right mind 
is not one likely to retain left brain
disparate details
more than elastic and interconnected trends.

So it has been with U.S. religious history recall.
I live immersed in impressions of indigenous communities
without investment in...

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Categories: immanent, earth, health, history, integrity, nature, religion, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Retelling Sacred Stories
and retelling
our story,

Where we are from
and where we have gone
from there and here
and now 
surprisingly uninfluenced by choice
and education,
nature nurturing where
and when,
and how, our story begins

When my voice speaks with SkyMother
and FatherSun, by mutual choice...

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Categories: immanent, earth, environment, god, health, love, myth, nature,
Form: Political Verse