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PolyPaths Toward WarmFelt Metaphor
A childhood memory warmly reminds A game of Where's the Thimble, hidden by a gang of siblings, or just one strategic sister, left for me to rightly find as I wander through our living room, following bilateral fractal cues, You're cold, freezing really. Now you're getting warmer. No, not that way, toward winter. Now you're getting hot... now boiling, burning up! Temperature changing through time and choice as metaphor for sacred thimble climate searches hidden health among spatial wealth of options. When thinking analogically, a left-brain comparative contrast communication culture sounds like resonantly fed warm nutrition feeding and watering social hunger and thirst left upon righteousness While miscommunication, deliberate mendacity ruins our cooperative game, analogous to toxicity, pathological fragmentation, predicting further degenerative disarray, poor power menu planning, lack of win/win co-intentional play. Meanwhile, if metaphorically feeling a right-brain both/and comparative integrity looking for a healthier re-enculturation process, a more holistically satisfying experience climax culmination where two or more frames of reference, trees of paradigm relationship, are not only analogously thought of side-by-side, either/or but also felt as inward nuclei, root systems co-passioning pushing/pulling outward inward integral climate boundary polyphonic gated lungs breathing metaphoric in/out dialogue communing alternatives both nutritional/extractive. Here, nutrients well-digested may also feel robust and happy, healthy warm communication, becoming warmer communion, tropical creolization communicants, radical power metaphor, yes, but, much more significantly fundamental, seminal for all win/win healthy global species, metaphonic rhapsody, polypathic polyphonics. As left-brain polynomials ecologically and theologically and egologically and ethologically not(not) potentially co-operate balancing egalitarian interdependent not(not) polynomial integrity As ZeroZone's entropic in-between emptiness predicts timeless intersectionally communicating fullness of Alpha/Omega bicameral scripts humane/divine secular/sacred ego/eco YangPower/Yintegrity. But, said the right-brain the(0)logist to the left-brain ec(o)logist, "Why might this be so significant?" Why might left-brain's ego-centering life become love's left/right win/win ocean of DNA fractal potentialities? Regenerative win/lose life's global multicultural redemption caring through warm cooperative eco-theistic experience, reverse bilaterally refined by not competitive atheistic isolated despair longing for mutual win/win ego/eco-logical community, not quite so much unfeeling thoughts about entropy, cold environmentally relative analogy of warm and full experience theologically humane/divine immanent ecological relationship. Polyphonic polypaths shout Cold! against analogically lost direction, metaphoric numbness. Resolutions compare win/lose problems to win/win solutions in sacred stories of and about ego-lives metaphors for epic trans-regenerational loves suffering cold history in search of warmly recovered happiness. Competitive co-arising analogies need not suppress cooperating metaphors where warm regenerate acceptance is not cold bad news tolerance of competitively mendacious mediations against brothers and sisters, cousins, future aunts and uncles, extending metaphoric families of EarthTribes turning and returning polycultural integrity encouraging warm resonant faith within good news living resilient rooms and networks of global health/wealth communication.
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