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Long Dismiss Poems

Long Dismiss Poems. Below are the most popular long Dismiss by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Dismiss poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Depression or anxiety
(Seems that these days a whole lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression. Now whether that's a reflection on our world and society, whether there's actually greater incidence of it or if we just...

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Categories: dismiss, absence, angst, depression,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Mask of Tourmaline
Twice the night had fallen upon a sleepless slumber,
Yet again awoken by winter when the third was three in number.

I sense that a silence doth sneak ‘tween cracks of weathered wood,
Conniving with that which shadows...

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Categories: dismiss, anxiety, horror, imagination, mystery, myth, night, psychological,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Mask of Alabaster
Once the night had fallen upon a sleepless slumber,
Whence the winter woke me when the third was three in number.

I sense that a wince doth lurk and wear which wicked gaze,
Of conniving shadows cast between...

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Categories: dismiss, anxiety, confusion, deep, dream, education, fantasy, fear,
Form: Couplet
The Inception: God is Alwayz Good -part 2-
Was I ever handsome in God’s eyes? When will I take…take…
When will I take flight?
I’m counting the days to see you fly so gracefully…in the aqua-blue sky
I can’t wait to see you take wing and...

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Categories: dismiss, deep, faith, freedom, grief, hope,
Form: Free verse
Stop The Hate Unity In These Times
Bruh, I know your up but it’s getting late
I got to make peace with you
Hommie I have bitten off more then I could chew
I’m sweating from the new day’s sun
now I know your in for...

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Categories: dismiss, angst, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse

Remorse with a Touch of Ripened Radiance xD
I grieve for your safety, sis, and I pray for you almost every day – 
Depression does leave a big impact on us in a negative way
But I think you think I’m crazy…tell me if...

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Categories: dismiss, betrayal, change, freedom, hope, sad, sister, uplifting,
Form: Verse
Te Amo, Love
Love is so overrated
But, my love towards you, in which I prize,
Is, to you, overrated

Melt away my heart of ice
I'll be your living sacrifice
Roll the dice, play the piano
Pay the price, te amo...te amo…
I watch...

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Categories: dismiss, appreciation, beautiful, beauty, change, cute love, deep,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Favorite Recurring Nightmares Part 2 Final
Nightmare 8. To Lose the Gift of Feeling Heard

Is each person not poet when he spills his heart?
Has your verse lost its edge if it’s true no one listens,
Or does God mean that no one...

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Categories: dismiss, anxiety, christian, fun, humor, life,
Form: Quatrain
Hello, Brain Fog
I’m afraid, but with hope in mind – 
Help me out of my cell if you can be so kind
My mind has been in a brain fog lately…
But my writing skills haven’t faded frankly…
Well, I...

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Categories: dismiss, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, hope,
Form: Free verse
Replace Tears With Laughter
Stimulate me with your merry laughs and smiles of gladness 
Give me a taste of paradise and feed me delicacies of grace
Let us both seek rejuvenation above the sweet remedies of bliss 
Uplift my bland...

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Categories: dismiss, emotions, grief, how i feel, longing, love
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Original Mask of Alabaster
A wince doth lurk wearing which wicked gaze,
Of conniving cast shadows ‘tween my windowpanes.

Gazing through the window’s diaphanous gelid glass, 
I see a flushing fluorescent misty haze of frothy brass.

It floats aloft the frost of...

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Categories: dismiss, addiction, allusion, confusion, dream, evil, horror, night,
Form: Couplet
Echo Your Empathy
You’re my star – I set fire to our firey rose 
Bouquet of stars – I hand to you – 
We’re opposites, like poetry and prose
You came out of the blue, I’m left without a...

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Categories: dismiss, angst, appreciation, change, deep, freedom, hope, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Aphradere: Enlightening the Kindled Embers Within
Oh, I can faintly remember
Last years' frigid December

We were like burning embers,
Kindling our fires of kindness
We were swimming in errors
Don’t let hatred and angst harness
Inside you…
Yes, I do…
Love you unbearably and truly,
So don’t be such...

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Categories: dismiss, angst, deep, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Visitor - A collaboration with July Morning
POTW 28 January 2018

A beautiful extra-terrestrial female researcher is sent down to a remote island to observe earth and beam her findings back to her planet. She’s strictly forbidden to make any human contact. She...

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Categories: dismiss, adventure, romance, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
Around 4 AM - Idiotic Insomnia is Icky
I can’t help, but feel kinda restless
Can’t sleep because I’m hopeless
You got to save me from myself, my restful dear
You are asleep in your melodic, swaying chandelier

Prayers please…… 
Give me starlit and moonlit ease
The sun...

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Categories: dismiss, angst, anxiety, confusion, fear, hope, how i
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member World's End
Part 1

This is a true story about world’s end,
But don’t freak out for it was long ago
God’s message must have been garbled
That the prophet’s prophecy failed you know.

And since those days in fifty eight
Such prophecies...

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Categories: dismiss, life, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Truth Is Here Somewhere :2: Echo Poem
An Echo Poem

Original: If I Kissed It - Poem by Brian Johnston

If I kissed it, would that make it better? 
Are you needing much more than a friend? 
Would it help if I held you...

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Categories: dismiss, forgiveness, friendship, fun, games, life, love,
Form: Bio
Heedfulness Will Prevail
Please don’t pretend that I’m not around
I know you hear me, calling out to you 
You ignore me as if I was a muted sound 
I know you hear my echoes I do so true


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Categories: dismiss, betrayal, conflict, courage, emotions, encouraging, endurance, forgiveness,
Form: Rhyme
Kaos In -part 4-
Kaotic kleverment gets me in double trouble 
You're juzz jealuss cuz I can make a sky full of precious slangs and beautiful rubble 
You wanna bet I'm the opposite of a crazy witch with a...

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Categories: dismiss, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Free verse

so today I tip my hat to the proverbial aristocrat with big suit
nothing could be finer then to be in her vagina in the morning
languished inside I'm falling apart at the seams with an evil...

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Categories: dismiss, animal, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse
Intangible Asset


He learned very young rather vaguely very untidily and blissfully unaware. He thought the only reason to do something was to do it differently to establish its difference by his own...

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Categories: dismiss, life, lost, perspective,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member In Search Of 2

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Categories: dismiss, america, change, confusion, silly, wisdom,
Form: Personification
Keep Me Good Company
Keep Me Good Company…

From spiraling into unconstructive decay, 
Plugging my volcano of negative gossip & hearsay, 
Planting productive advice to direct my way,
Removes pokey cacti from under my feet,...

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Categories: dismiss, best friend, destiny, environment, faith, friendship, inspirational,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Feel for History
Are people who sense a direction in history,
and before history,
throughout prehistory,
who feel their way through organic-systemic evolution,
merely progressive polypathic mystics,
not quite exegetically conservative enough
to color only within borders of  a better nurtured Tradition?

Are those...

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Categories: dismiss, health, history, philosophy, psychological, trust, truth,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member ''An Allegory Warning against Melancholia,'' An Epistolary Essay--Part II
(continued from, "An Epistle Warning against Melancholia: an Allegory--Part I," where somewhere in late 18th-century Europe a friend, Laetitia, by way of a letter warns her beloved girlfriend, Euphoria--a young, gay and unsuspecting mistress--against the...

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Categories: dismiss, depression, friend, metaphor, philosophy, psychological, uplifting, wisdom,
Form: Prose