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Visitor - A collaboration with July Morning
POTW 28 January 2018 Prologue: A beautiful extra-terrestrial female researcher is sent down to a remote island to observe earth and beam her findings back to her planet. She’s strictly forbidden to make any human contact. She detests everything about earth. A research scientist, in a small boat fitted out with equipment is dispatched to investigate monitored, unusual signal activity emanating from this island. Alas, a storm causes his boat to be shattered on rocks with loss of all equipment. His life is ebbing away as he is washed ashore. And so the saga begins… ~~~~~~~~~~~ In a palette of shimmering shades I dreamed Of moons circling moons within a celestial frame And scintillating stars that flickered through the day As melodious echoes sweetly called my name My thoughts of home are just nostalgic images that tarry Oh Earthling how I detest your Earth and its sustenance Through parted shrubs with bated breath your progress I observe To beings of my planet so dissimilar your semblance Undertaking this mission I realized a challenge it would be In truth your species to my world kindles an obsessive passion To secretly observe - make no association – my strict instruction Till finding you fading fast evoked these feelings of compassion Our paths were linked when I discovered you washed ashore Have you not wondered how you survived your sunken craft? Sensations of when our lips first touched cavort through my mind Breathing my life into you else it slipped forever aft Your countenance paler than before - will you arise today? Oh beating heart - my bond to you grows stronger by the days Natheless your harsh world would to me be a misplaced acceptance Despite my ‘ought’ to transmit a recall cue forestalls and strays Strange visions overwhelmed me in deepest slumber Could this be heaven? Yet all is familiar, I've seen this before Blue sky o'er head, chimerical cumulus clouds without number Sandy beach below, the sound of gentle waves crashing, crashing My head, my head! Was I but for a moment dead? Throbbing, aching as though caught in some cosmic vise Real or unreal? Fantasy or truth? What ethereal dreams bled Into my brain in my hour of demise? And yet... Eyes of lemon-jade staring into my own. Translucent skin of topaz blue Against my battered and naked torso, tenderly caressing me, stroking my hair A face, a face not like my own, her teardrops as the morning dew Yet the vision keeps phasing, like daylight into dusk and then back again Soft lips of hyacinth pressing gently against my own, The sweet taste of honey as a healing zephyr fills my lungs In and out - in and out - flesh of my flesh bone of my bone O saviour, soul mate from the stars, from whence have thou come... Wait! A stirring in amongst the trees - footfall sounds I can't dismiss Am I being watched? - Who's there? I rise to my feet, unsteadily And turn to face my benefactor - Or is he/she/it my nemesis? Am I standing in a holy place, or my own private purgatory? Head spinning, body feeling heavy – a sudden need to rest, to sleep Darkness encroaches like malevolent shadows greedy to overtake Crescent moon appears in southern sky - my soul to keep, my soul to keep As dim fades to black a face suddenly hovers, a tender kiss upon my cheek My Celestial Angel returns … We hope you enjoyed this episode. The story continues in 'Visitor Part 2'… Acknowledgement: Many thanks to you July Morning. It was a great pleasure putting this arrangement together with a talented poet such as yourself. It’s strange how quite by coincidence we were thinking along the same theme and how our thoughts came together so easily to produce this story. I shouldn’t be amazed at the speed with which you scripted your verses. I’m looking forward to working with you on the next episode. Maria POTW 28 January 2018 A Maria Williams and July Morning collaboration 22nd January 2018
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