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Long Dean Poems

Long Dean Poems. Below are the most popular long Dean by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Dean poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member A Poetic Interview With Nancy Clutter
A Poetic Interview with Nancy Clutter

(This poetic interview is fictional and imaginary, and is based on 47 years of study and repeated readings relative to Truman Capote’s novel, In Cold Blood, published in 1965).

An honor...

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Categories: dean, death,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member Different Dream
After a hard day at work I come home
Hear my boy rapping the words to his headphones
Every bleep comes another bleep
As he keeps dancing to the beat
Come upstairs and barge through the door
Say to him,...

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Categories: dean, conflict, confusion, dad, music, son, perspective,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Cruisin' the Drag
Sipping cherry limeade, driving in the car parade, 
we're cruising in the Lone Star state.
Didn't want a bucket seat; the thing it couldn't beat, 
was sitting up close to your date.
One hand on the wheel...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dean, car, funny, growing up, high school, me,
Form: Rhyme
The victim list keeps growing

But no one really cares

The gristmill claims another one

Keep your hands in and don't stare

Hollywood is the golden land

The eternal silver screen

But many souls are lost here

A lot of greats or...

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Categories: dean, america, betrayal, culture, loneliness, pain, society,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Last Rose for a Rebel - Part 2

She wanted me to re-marry, you see, but I never did.
Oh, I had a few trysts, here-and-there,
just to remind myself the plumbing still worked,
but all it REALLY did was remind me
how much more incredible making...

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Categories: dean, fantasy, history, soulmate, true love,
Form: Free verse

A Fire In The Heart Of Our Darknes
we sat, my brother and I
leaning against the old wood pannels of the room
the smoke engulfed us like breath
as the threat of violence loomed

his voice was quiet still
passion and regret burned in his eyes
when he...

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© K.M North  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dean, war,
Form: Prose Poetry
Okay. So, according to her license plate, Sarah had something to do with the name “Welbeck Street” and had once asked if the Journal would consider using “Harvard Yard” in her name. Also according to...

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Categories: dean, america, people, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
As we met by the park in the dark then went to the alley where we sparked up some grass and began to get paly 
He said Hasheiesh he could get later that night at...

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Categories: dean, age, anxiety, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Prisoners of their own success

Their world now micro-sized

Fan adulation to excess

Their love is just disguised

Their objects of affection

Live their lives inside a bubble

Leaving their prison, though it's self imposed

Could bring them worlds of trouble

A truck...

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Categories: dean, celebrity, courage, society,
Form: Rhyme

Concrete counterintuitive ratioed for looser and Leader;
Interim arguments to know who's worst and best person,
Makes no sense either.
Itemised unique personalities need no prejudice session. 
Sparked to negate fallacious  rudiments; deal art.
Trumpling down...

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Categories: dean, inspiration, wisdom,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Getting Her Goat
There once was a young lass 
Who wanted some quick cash, 
And one Sunday she did pray at mass 
With God’s answer was ‘this surely will pass’. 

Not knowing what to say  
She left...

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Categories: dean, 10th grade, atheist, for teens, god, high
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rock 'n' Roll - BOTH Audio and Text - with illustration
When Ricky Nelson said “Hello” to “Marylou” I knew - that rock ‘n’ roll was in my heart to stay,
And no one with a soul can argue Orbison and Presley aren’t among the greatest still...

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Categories: dean, music, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Summer Matinee
I was only allowed to go, after much whining 
     begging, promises of unlikely saint-hood
     if my brother, (much to his displeasure) made a pledge

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Categories: dean, brother, me,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member You Know
Yes, my dear, you know,
You are my source of joy, rejuvenation, hope
I need your emotion spread onto my life,
I need your heart to sing among the darkness surrounding
Do not let our words run dry
Together, in...

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Categories: dean, emotions, friendship, happiness, joy, love, peace, writing,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Never Underestimate Your Dragon; He Might Become a Great Professor Someday
An abandoned dragonling I did find,
I took him in and built a metal shed
for this dragonling to lay his head;
he grew to have a profound mind.

When dragonling was about four,
books he actually began to read

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Categories: dean, adventure, animal, fantasy, humor, myth, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
His obituary was in the newspaper today.  I had not thought of him in ages, yet he was always in a nest in my heart.  Tears occupied  my eyes as I did...

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Categories: dean, angst, crush,
Form: Prose
Dead by Morning
By morning, that's all the time I got, shot
dead in the head by a master on the microphone
jamming out the jams for all my homes.

Like tik, tok, tickity tok, rock
the clock before I drop
dead from...

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Categories: dean, allusion, angst, bullying, cheer up, cinderella, color,
Form: Free verse
God's Confession
God's Confession

I was sitting along
In a god forsaken bar
Somewhere on the lunatic fringes
Of society

Enjoying my lonely drink
Drinking by my lonesome self
With my partners
Jimmy Dean, and the Walker brother
And his old Granddad
Just drinking and hanging
With the...

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dean, angst, anxiety, dark, fear, god,
Form: Free verse
A Declaration On Independence Day
On Independence Day
I declare  independence 
from American imperialism.
I declare U.S. out of Iraq.
And while I am at it
the C.I.A. out of the business
of supplying murderous thugs
with rifles and uniforms 
along with the strategies 

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Categories: dean, angst, history, inspirational, social, time, uplifting, rights,
Form: Free verse
After a meal of;
'Lamb steaks and Baccaroni,
Embroided with sweet potatoes'.
Life tossed him around and
Dazed him with threatening pleasures.
Then did he take up a tag to himself,

The deceived that perceived
The air the...

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Categories: dean, allegory,
Form: Narrative
Losing Raymond
Young Raymond worked the bakery
was up 'bout ten to three.
Just eighteen, still in high school he
had dreams of flying free.

He worked as hard as most grown men
then walked to school and slept.
Took all his wages...

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Categories: dean, absence, life, sorrow,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Fifties - Music
The Fifties...Music

The music of the fifties…well, what can I say…
was heaven here on earth compared with that today.
Romantic, lovely sentiments of heart and soul,
with poems set to music to advise, console.

Mid-fifties music era rendered lovely...

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Categories: dean, music, nostalgia,
Form: Couplet
What Happened To 'For Better For Worse'
What happened to 'for better for
What happened to 'You I will
cherish till death do us part',
What happened to 'You have my
all, body soul and heart'.

I remember how you used to wait
for me,
Right under that light...

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Categories: dean, cry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fame

Seeking a better life and with chance at hand, our new life awaits
Wife hires on as servant, daughter and I stowaway as it departs
Our life's dreams sail on the USS Titanic, a new future to...

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© Tom Larrow  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dean, imagination, life, baby, night, wife, baby, boat,
Form: Free verse
May Nine Nineteen Eighty
May nine nineteen eighty was great, 
Being the day of his calling; 
Brother Eduardo Manalo
Had received the noblest blessing.

The day of his ordination
Signaled his rise in his duty; 
His exceptional performance
Was seen inside the ministry.


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Categories: dean, anniversary,
Form: Quatrain