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Long Colombia Poems

Long Colombia Poems. Below are the most popular long Colombia by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Colombia poems by poem length and keyword.

Identity Apples
Identity Apples

iam a fat skeleton, resurrecting 
from the sad memories of dada 
and dark mysteries of aminism 
iam buganda 
i bleed hope 
i drip the honey of fortune 
makerere, think tank of africa 
i dance...

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Categories: colombia, africa, analogy, anxiety, assonance, bangla, bereavement,
Form: Didactic

Premium Member L'Overture

Lest we forget
Words often mouthed
For the dead of bloody war
Forgot not those great ones
Whose battles were on the home front
Seeking only equality of voice

Ray Charles to you was a singer
Backwards and long ago he was...

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Categories: colombia, black african american, encouraging, freedom, french, history,
Form: Free verse
The Lonely Little Pigeon
I am sitting on the park bench waiting for a friend
I am sitting on the park bench wondering 
When it is going to end
Chirping birds flying from tree to tree
 Dancing to their predicted destiny...

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Categories: colombia, absence, appreciation, confidence, creation, desire, endurance, friendship,
Form: Narrative
the pipeline
absolutely nothing stops the pipeline.


it penetrates all ways of life

all borders, all villages & towns---

the pipeline kills everything in its path if it dare stand in the way

of its progress---

with black gold funneling back...

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Categories: colombia, life,
Form: Free verse
A Mulatto

Otto`s life is not
their British
sickular motto
Grue is his banner
left by his
blue-eyed Brit mom
left long by one of
those hated South
African Paki
His guilty pleasures
in Green Street have
no recognition like
many such Aussies in
mulberry bushes
Yet he shovels the
stake of...

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© Amit Ray  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: colombia, addiction, career, community, conflict, drug,
Form: Free verse

Friends , while reading the History of the Incas , I came across the wonderous story of their 
mail runners , the 'chasquis' ! Kindly read their story !


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© RAJ NANDY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: colombia, history
Form: Verse

From the beginning of time there has been exploration
To undiscovered places by every rich nation
Mans great love for exploring has moved up a gear
He has accepted a new challenge; the final frontier.

Nineteen fifty seven saw...

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Categories: colombia, endurance, planet, science, space, technology, travel, usa,
Form: Rhyme

Oh worm
Earth was freedom
Hear the voice, turn away no more.

Hymn to beauty for the mob: the rights of man
I´ll sing you a song: 
Men are born equal and free!

Which nobody can deny their rights in...

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Categories: colombia, history, people, political, world, rights,
Form: Epic
the potato chip revolution
spawned in the summer of 1853
these sliced succulent deep fried wonders 
resulted from the demands of a complaining customer
whose bullshit led our man, a one, 
mr. george crum
to do his best to satisfy the putz...

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Categories: colombia, life
Form: Free verse
colombia supreme
                       Im scared of shadow people on the wall I hope

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Categories: colombia, addiction, death, depression,
Form: Lyric
Valentine's Day 101
St. Valentine's Day comes once a year. This holiday has been celebrated by people 
from around the world since the day chocolate was made in Colombia, roses started 
growing in rose bushes, and that kind...

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Categories: colombia, girlfriend-boyfriend, holiday, husband, love, romance, wifeday, world,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Faith that endangers and saves
Faith that endangers and saves

It was 1988, Bogota, Colombia, during the time of (La Violencia) the 40 year war of insurgents against the government. At the same time Pablo Escobar was wreaking havok, killing and...

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Categories: colombia, christian, community, faith, god, power, prayer, spanish,
Form: Haibun
Is freedom given? Is freedom taken?
Should San Andres sit, sit like the beggar?
Beg for freedom, beg to get better,
Or defy the oppressor, and our soul deliver.

Take your freedom, take it now!
For only beggars have no...

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Categories: colombia, freedom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 1969
a travel nightmare to remember
at age sixteen on a charter plane
to Colombia with the abusive boy friend
ten years older and few worlds of spanish
to meet my future as he put his hooks
and demands at my...

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Categories: colombia, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Christmas at sea
Christmas at Sea. 

Once I was kicked by a mule, as I was remonstrating, 
a dog interfered and bit my ankle. There is something 
deeply embarrassing to lose arguments to animals.
Guayaquil, Colombia, I hadn´t gone...

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Categories: colombia, adventure, satire, sea,
Form: Blank verse
just desserts
when this poem title
is used with "she 
received her..."

it is a
but i'm not

writing about
comeuppance but
about her sweetness

so should she be
a pie or cake or

other to call her
yet a pastry all 
the same

now i must admit

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Categories: colombia, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Hello friends and future friends. I hope my 
choice of my poetic form is totally absurd. 
I don't even know what an Epithalamium is; 
so if you are looking for this form, I'm sorry 

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Categories: colombia, muse,
Form: Epithalamium
the peace process
The Peace Process 
I don’t know where I`m going with this 
but there is peace in Colombia, the Marxist rebels lost
and their sexy women soldiers in green fatigue and
weapons in arms will hand it all...

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Categories: colombia, autumn, basketball, beach, best friend, betrayal,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Earthquake

E arth quivers, shakes and quakes violently
A ll around turns dark,the roof and walls begin to crumble
R ight before our very eyes
T o the right and to the left, all around us...
H umans are running...

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Categories: colombia, bereavement, children, death of a friend, depression,
Form: Acrostic
The Amazon
Above the palms I scan the ebon night
With crystal stars reflecting in the dark
The yellow moon is shining on the boat
A crocodile swims by without a sound

A cacophony of sound is stirred in the morn

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Categories: colombia, vacation,
Form: Free verse
Far from home
I drool over
to come and see,
those lovely places around
truly,  a sight to behold.

Artifacts from Spanish times
magnificent churches,
buildings and a tad of ruins
have significance to perceive.

Clematis dripping from walls
cascades of flowers
green trees elsewhere
give delight to...

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Categories: colombia, travel,
Form: Narrative
Meet the Carbonemys
Carbonemys  (Greek for "coal turtle")
Pronounced: car-BON-eh-miss

I am a Carbonemys, a podocnemidid,
An extinct side-necked turtle.
I lived fifty-eight to
Sixty million years ago
During the middle Paleocene period
In swamps of Northeastern Colombia
On the South American continent.

I grew close...

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Categories: colombia, animal,
Form: Free verse
40 years 2006
40 Years  2006

I went  to a dance one night
in the Fall of ‘64
and danced with your friend for awhile
and than I saw you at first glance
 with that Leslie Caron smile
we met and...

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Categories: colombia, anniversary,
Form: Free verse