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Long Austin Poems

Long Austin Poems. Below are the most popular long Austin by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Austin poems by poem length and keyword.

Reflections by Commodore John Barry
 “He fought often and once bled in the cause of freedom, but his habits of War did not lessen in him the peaceful virtues which adorn his private life.”  Doctor Benjamin Rush, signer...

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Categories: austin, adventure, autumn, dedication, history, longing, military, sea,
Form: Epic

Poet Convention 2014
Poet Convention

Lost in a poets convention, 
I can't recall every poem, I've read through the years
50518, unique comments I 'validate'--- 
Thank You For Sharing Your Happy and Sad tears 
Since March 24, 2010 In the...

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Categories: austin, celebration, character, dedication, farewell, goodbye, inspiration, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Cowboy
The Cowboy
A hundred thousand miles
were written on his face
He'd earned near every wrinkle
Did this cowboy known as "Jace"
He'd ridden cross the country
From Death Valley up to Maine
In weather full of sunshine
To the roughest hurricane
He owned...

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Categories: austin, america,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Job - part 1
The Job

I got a plane to catch in the morning.  8:15 AM out of Austin, destination Orange County, CA.  Never cared much for California and I don’t think anything about this trip is...

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Categories: austin, death,
Form: Narrative
Sometimes we must steal and loan kisses
Sometime we must steal and loan kisses

Beautiful lady arrived at the Austin's tavern at twelve trying to escape the Texas Summer heat.
Once she wanted everything and more,
now she need the Long Islands ice teas.
She was...

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Categories: austin, dark, poetry, women,
Form: Prose Poetry

Poet Stamp 2011
This is for you, Mystic Rose,
The closest cyber encounter family tree, my spree
Harry Horsman, Sara K, summer's gone, let's haiku and play.
Achoo contest, butterflies, Parise Pariku, and the awesomeness of Michael J. 
Andrea Dietrich, Debbie...

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Categories: austin, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Daver Austin

I relate this story from my room in the Quiet Vale Giggling Academy

A reader might find my story hard to believe
At one time in my life –
As a matter of fact quite recently –

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Categories: austin, animal, humor,
Form: Free verse
The Black Rose in the Garden
I stand back and gaze across my wonderful garden, in bloom.
There it lies in the morning sun, with petals glistening from dew.

No one realizes the extent of my love for the rose.  As a...

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Categories: austin, prejudice,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Streets of Austin

I live alone in this broken down house 
My dreams once lived here but they have faded
Like the paint on the west side of the house
To many years facing the music
I kept to myself and...

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Categories: austin, anti bullying, art, beauty, blessing, depression,
Form: Narrative



   Woe is me to the DLV by Gypsy View previous topic View next topic Go down  

Location :  Marton, New Zealand


Oh DVLC you have upset...

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Categories: austin, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Russian roulette
Russian roulette
Beautiful young woman danced on a stage on the border of Austin Texas,
moving like a beautiful butterfly in the breeze.
She held the attention of the men holding tightly to good whiskey and the...

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Categories: austin, dark, irony, suicide, war,
Form: Prose Poetry
Westward Ho'
In the 1600's, Europeans lived on the eastern shore
Their numbers grew, they wanted more.
Iroquios, Sauk, Ottawa, and Mohawk were tribes they met
Too many and more, paid our forefathers' debt.
Men moved west thru the Cumberland gap

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Categories: austin, adventure, cowboy-western, history, native americanmen, longing, men,
Form: Rhyme
City Skin
    City Skin

    A city can be so close, 
    that it leaches into one’s soul,

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Categories: austin, home,
Form: Prose Poetry
A second letter to John Cayton
It has came to my attention John that there was an illegal system in the area, it even wiped out my PC temporarily. I had to do a report.
at first I thought it was you...

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© Cindy Lu  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: austin, beautiful, , atheist,
Form: Bio
Rables of SharminRanea
	I want to cry… but it feels as if I have no tears left to cry. I need help but when people offer I never have enough faith in them so I give up. Honestly...

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Categories: austin, depression, emo,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Prove it rock star - The 6th Street Series - Part 4

2:45 am

I set my case in the corner, empty the picks from my pocket
and kick off my shoes, it was a great night
She tosses her purse on the couch, blows me a kiss
and heads to...

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Categories: austin, love, music, passion, sensual,
Form: Epic
Shrinking violets

Shrinking violets

Oh to be quiet in a world so loud!
Suspected and dismissed, much derided,
For long are the shy under misty cloud:
Darwin dismissed them ‘with odd state of head’,
Jane Austin giving shyness broader scope,
Calling it ‘moral,...

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Categories: austin, how i feel,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Once upon a time her cat dissolves in my arms
Once upon a time her cat dissolves in my arms 

one night while she was at work
and once upon a time
because what i did that night 
will never happen again
i promise, i promise
i broke into...

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Categories: austin, beauty, cat, cute, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Round 1 New York won

Round 1: New York won!
By Brett Somers
Written 10-13-2018

Like a ghost in the shadows
New York
People and places and vaporware faces
New York
Experience of magnitude
To have everything in the world
Yet what at all?
Transient position
Always moving 
New York
Cool spots,...

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Categories: austin, appreciation, art, city, money, music, success,
Form: Free verse
Slamming dakara cobb part 1 of Slam 6
Thanks for grabbing me a "RED BULL,"
because I don't like the way your slams taste.
The creativity in my head stays full,
and your poetry is such a waste!

"PLAYBOY," you got that right,
at least that's what your...

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Categories: austin, slamcare, me, care, me, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
While Shuttered Up Inside
While Shuttered Up Inside... ©ozy
Snug Air Conditioned Demesne...

Analogous to my boyhood
     cosseted and bereft, I assay
to poetically elucidate how majority
     of mine years found me

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Categories: austin, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, crush,
Form: Carpe Diem
Premium Member METICULOUS

Thom Love Pruett – his effect on absolutely
      everyone around him –
Impeccably dressed
Moderately slight in stature and weight
With features suggesting a certain hauteur    and
With promise of...

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Categories: austin, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE FAR VIEW
     Of  this quaint mountain village sparks a longing  strain lay dormant these many years. Was it some childhood visit, one too early to recall, or existence...

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Categories: austin, time,
Form: Narrative
Unrequited Car Rearing Paramours Of Yesteryear
Ford score and...Chevy
five years ago,
my Model A strapping
handsome big bro,
(who sped like one

speeding Triumph font lee, crow),
wing, & swooping Thunderbird, with
bold face observers whistling Geronimo
(Holy Jeep), this meant war
whooping Comanche 
decked out as armadillo

kicking up...

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Categories: austin, adventure, age, analogy, creation, love, memory, romantic,
Form: Personification
And Maybe I
….and maybe I won’t know 
your heart’s travels and all those feelings. 
So much lost, chasing those single moments 
in our timeline…and maybe I held too tight to a love
I found myself having to let...

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Categories: austin, i love you, i miss you, lost
Form: Free verse