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Long Arachnid Poems

Long Arachnid Poems. Below are the most popular long Arachnid by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Arachnid poems by poem length and keyword.

Whats Behind The Curtain
I used to dream of a dark hall. Dim. Empty with thick cheap navy curtains. 
The breeze. It felt hot and old. It shivered in the curtains that lined the walls on both sides.
The breeze....

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Categories: arachnid, anxiety, dark, dream, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Free verse

I used to dream of a dark hall. Dim. Empty with thick cheap navy curtains. 
The breeze. It felt hot and old. It shivered in the curtains that lined the walls on both sides.
The breeze....

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Categories: arachnid, anxiety, depression, emo, suicide,
Form: Blank verse
Dramatic dreams dare dingos
Malnourishment is the song from the pans whose empty hold could offer no more products to be boiled and whirled. They were quite sad having been bought then hung. Hung. Sparkly signalling stale sales. Stale...

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Categories: arachnid, appreciation, art, bangla,
Form: I do not know?
new years day 2016
Commodities calmly caressing. Calling carrots. Calling capers. Calamity is not an injested window wiper nor a window sill so dare to jump off a pinnacle to declare justice. Arachnid akmed. Duty done. Swerved to serve....

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Categories: arachnid, age, angel, new years day,
Form: I do not know?
Crows Abscence
Was the purpose of your absence an attempt at causing me pain? 
That crippling feeling, a spider spinning its web inside my mind. 
That arachnid, poisonous, jeers the word space like a handicap. 
That parasitic...

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Categories: arachnid, abuse, allusion, anger, anxiety, art, beauty, betrayal,
Form: Free verse


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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: arachnid, beauty, evil, fantasy, gothic, halloween, holiday, mythology,
Form: Free verse
Normal Boy
A normal, average boy who loves math and science,                          ...

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Categories: arachnid, hero, identity, boy,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Praying Mantis
W i s h i n g so deeply whispering prayers to me you intended on giving,
maybe childlike attainable verses so tender my heart would release,
but you’re secrets and deceit are the reasons my heart...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: arachnid, child abuse,
Form: Rhyme
A Sting From Hell
A Sting From Hell

Making its round in social media group thro Whatsapp...
A picture of a tiny black creature hellish enough alright...
Typically out of sight, hiding between the many fruits on a bunch of langsat...... 

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Categories: arachnid, community, education, environment,
Form: Free verse
Sweet Dreams part 3
It's been a long while
Since I've drempt this dream
But now I am ready
Or that's how it seems
A woman did stare at me
As I stumbled around
She pointed a finger
Down at the ground

My vision was blurry
and my...

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Categories: arachnid, adventure, confusion, fantasy, loss, lost love, lovewoman,
Form: Epic
Displeasure of Aorta Failure

Jungle club weekend tarantulas walk
with a kingly swagger
wolf man gait
Don Juan alpha moves mirror taught;
nocturnal reflections cast
over past triumphs,
speak of new burning love ...
Throbbing abstinence 
that can’t wait

Diamond heart black widows peripheral grieve
with a figure...

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Categories: arachnid, lust, pain, vanity, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Scarred streets
the streets are scarred for good and we know it
after the hits of untamed hearts
after this abstract damage of cyclic returnings

there's a window in my chest
a sight of iron garden and crystal steam
where colour of...

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Categories: arachnid, imagery, lost love, surreal,
Form: Free verse
No Gloves
Like an arachnid 

Standing on the soles of our feet,

Yet, walking upside down

Crawling in quicksand

Searching for solid ground

But it's like picking up a gun and letting off solid rounds

How do we find common ground

When we...

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Categories: arachnid, lost love, love,
Form: I do not know?
8 vs 2
"Aaagh", a yelp for help pierces the air.
I rush in my underwear to stop and stare.
For there in the empty bath, he sits and laughs, ha ha ha.
Here the battle must commence.

It's scary hairy legs...

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Categories: arachnid, conflict, fear, funny, insect, psychological, scary, silly,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Those hands with candle-like fingernails
One gentle wave and her magic never fail
Full-rounded hips swaying that ostrich walk
Her lustrous lips enthrall when she talks

She with that unique, elegant, exotic charm
A fusion sure to entice and attract...

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Categories: arachnid, beauty, myth, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Black Widow Love

My love is black widow spun
Got a red hourglass abdomen,
and a deadly sac of emotional poison

Don’t let my eight millimeter eyes
zoom it’s spider focus on you
Or my Daddy long-legged slender fingers
will digitally creep closer to...

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Categories: arachnid, dark, horror, psychological, symbolism, , cute,
Form: Personification
Premium Member The Spider
                     The Spider

      The spider climbs from inside a drawer

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Categories: arachnid, fear,
Form: Rubaiyat
Spider vs Mantis
The Debate

as i sit upon my porch 
the red orange sun dying like a torch 
the strangest conversation i overheard 
a spider and a mantis speaking words 

says spider to mantis

“how do you sit about...

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Categories: arachnid, autumn, earth, fantasy, myth, wisdom,
Form: ABC
A spider drank cider
A spider drank cider and was legless at breakfast 
Now this placid arachnid with a shoddy wee body
Asked weevils so evil if they each had a needle
Could they just for a joke smoke while they...

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Categories: arachnid, nonsense,
Form: Light Verse
We Are Just Specks
We are just specks on a ball in space
Yet we think our actions some how run this place.

Trees, living organisms tower all around
We build things bigger them just to tear them down.

The smallest arachnid can...

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Categories: arachnid, conflict, culture, earth, fear, how i feel,
Form: Couplet
Batman's Genie
I'm a genie and Batman wangled 
        a one-wish, real deal from me;
he said graveyard shift duties 
        have been driving...

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Categories: arachnid, funny
Form: Rhyme
In the early light
I stole a spider's strand
From insect looms
In the fallen Eden by the back fence
Held it stretched 
Between the pads of my peter pointers
The sun ran up and down it
As a...

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Categories: arachnid, allegory, family, introspection, life, nature, people, philosophy
Form: I do not know?
Life's Web

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Categories: arachnid, growth, insect, life, storm, wisdom,
Form: Lyric
Batman Wants to be Spiderman
Batman wangled a one-wish deal from a genie fair and real,
ruing that his graveyard shift duty had been driving him nutty,
this flapping around nocturnal,  chasing this and that criminal.


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Categories: arachnid, children, funny, people,
Form: Tail-rhyme
not I,
I see clearly through
the rotten wedding veil,
clogged by cake turning stale,
framed by arachnid pageboys;
I see cracks on pale pink lacquer,
on the mannequin face below,
eyes mad and staring, aglow,
the sick dead holes of eyeless...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: arachnid, death, health, life, loss, sad,
Form: Verse