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Long Acolytes Poems

Long Acolytes Poems. Below are the most popular long Acolytes by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Acolytes poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member A Few Years Back and Forth
A few years back,
in the prior millennium,
1993 to be more precise
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
born without a stage name
had his book entitled "The Evolving Self" published,
by which he meant The ReGeneratively Nutritious Flowing Self,
but he was probably shy...

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Categories: acolytes, beauty, earth, health, political, psychological, trust,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Lipstick Girls
                           Lipstick Girls

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Categories: acolytes, desire, myth, sexy,
Form: Free verse
Midnight at Blackfriars
Midnight at Blackfriars 
The city spires are hidden, 
It’s getting colder fast, 
It feels as though we might have 
Some snow this month at last. 
The wind sweeps keenly through St. Giles(1) 

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Categories: acolytes, bible, birthday, celebration, christian, christmas, inspirational, memory,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Hospital Stay - Part I
                              "Nothing my hide from the...

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Categories: acolytes, angst, change, fear, feelings, life, memory, mystery,
Form: Free verse
The Boy from the Tail End of the Goldhawk Road One
The Boy from the Tail End of the Goldhawk Road


The Boy from the Tail End of the Goldhawk Road

I was born Carl Robert Halling at the tail end of the Goldhawk Road which runs through...

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Categories: acolytes, child, childhood, children, england, fashion, london, school,
Form: Free verse

"Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in heaven."

A thousand, million years had fled
then thousand million more,
yet it was still the morning.
And there stood one, Transcendent,
whom we call God and the...

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Categories: acolytes, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
None keeps its inventory
But it creeps into a story
A story of a modern society
Which is plural in nature;
Partly of a rural nurture
Partly of an urban stature
Yet must remain together
Lest it falls a part 
For unity...

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Categories: acolytes, africa, betrayal, community, conflict, patriotic, peace, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Homage to the Lizard King
Come dance and sing
Side by side with the Lizard King,
Entranced as he devours his rage
In the seductive dark at the edge of the stage.

The Lizard King can do anything.

Balanced on the edge of a grave,

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Categories: acolytes, art, death, history, imagination, music, passion, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Terminator X
Terminator X

A cloud burst into life and rained down acid rain;
The skin peeled from the bodies of those who couldn’t be saved.
The future termination just waiting to send us to our graves,
Means our destiny is...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: acolytes, future, humanity, men, technology, woman,
Form: I do not know?
To Evil
To Evil
You're apposite to Bad
Though abstract you are
We've seen your vivid actions
Through your acolytes
Your opposite, the Good.
Your rivalries long run forever
That one day -you will submit
To Godness- is not in your dictionary.
Your cohorts, men.
The way...

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Categories: acolytes, faith,
Form: Free verse
Bishop Bougram's Apology
'Tis in a manner far from thrasonical
That I come to you in full canonical
What I chose to do  was to instill my love
On acolytes  below while I was above
When the holy Church I...

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Categories: acolytes, addiction, child abuse, corruption, death, evil, lust,
Form: Rhyme
Lean Time
As the days shorten and skies darken
Greenwich meantime feels like a lean time.
With a heavier coat I go out scarfed,
my hat pulled down, to find those last leaves
compact in corners and crevices.

With whitening fingers gloved...

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Categories: acolytes, garden, moon, november, rain, weather, winter,
Form: Verse

Darkling of stealthy in some cauldrons iron pit
a pestilent brew stirred by centuries
breathed upon vaporous ignoble spells
such a voodoo curse to strip the innocent
rendered in black swallow venom bid them to drink

Yet poison by pin...

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Categories: acolytes, corruption,
Form: Free verse
Man and feather from Pisa may fall same
Yet higher than Pisa's leaning fault, time
Defying gravity honors your name
And I disdainful of vital ooze, chime
The coming of the beast, the invention
Of your kind. I hail the...

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Categories: acolytes, religion, science, god, god, me,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Pope Francis
Pope Francis's belief in the Almighty
has been brought to serious question,
when, on his speech on Origins, 
the Bible received nary a mention -
save for a passing glance at Genesis.
His credibility has dwindled rather perilous
it seems...

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Categories: acolytes, bible, character, philosophy, religion, satire,
Form: Rhyme
an archway
an archway

an archway opens onto a soporific plaza
which pours outwardly in colorful asymmetric
displays that once incited the bones of an organic past
steeped in a rich broth, an ancestral heaving stew,
quietly simmering to a point of...

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Categories: acolytes, dark, gothic, mystery, mythology, sensual, surreal,
Form: Free verse
Disney and the Millenial Acolytes: A Generation of Failure and Death
More or less, half a century ago,
A darkness hovered over this world,
Our generation dwells in this darkness today.
When does the light of hope become evil darkness?

When the generations that come after become the personification of...

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Categories: acolytes, 7th grade, 8th grade, deep,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Our Preposterous Fictions
The preposterous fictions many
           profess to be unvarnished truth
     warp the very fabric of our universe --
cause those long dead to...

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Categories: acolytes, books, bullying, change, character, discrimination, education, universe,
Form: Free verse
Nobody's Land
Lenient, odd reciprocity,
chains by chains, combustion of lies,
exposed vulnerability,
an abyss full of screaming cries.

A minute passed by, I commend,
a tenacious wheel in motion,
drifting across its star-crossed end,
trespasses without precaution.

Invocation in the making,
as acolytes conjured a...

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Categories: acolytes, bullying, depression, destiny,
Form: Elegy
Eye Sketching
Eye Sketching
              by Odin Roark

Acolytes of inner actualization know…

Upon an oak tree
Scrawls a name,
Never scribed by knife.

Within a crowded sidewalk
Sketches the seductive...

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© Odin Roark  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: acolytes, holiday,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member All Saints Sunday
Acolytes light the candles
As the pastor reads each name
For newly dead or new baptized,
The candle size the same.

I know some faces watching
Are glistening with tears.
For newly born or just departed,
There's a span of a hundred...

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Categories: acolytes, faith
Form: Rhyme
Wisdom murmurs amid paucity of things—
seekers contemplative in cross-legged trance.  
Pondering vaguities pensive meditation brings—
to apprehend with nonchalance of glance. 

While to acolytes, such subtleties impinge— 
denied are those of stifled grasp. 
For in...

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Categories: acolytes, corruption,
Form: Quatrain
In Bruges: red brick and windmills

The kids, their teacher, sprouts and dandelions
the aquarellist and a wet bicycle.
Sit on the worm bench as bytes on the mainframe
wiped pastel of a bright warmth with...

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Categories: acolytes, allegory, introspection, life, love, philosophy, sad
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Osho's Garden
The hall echoes with the drone of 
ecstatic chants and gongs,
‘midst a jungle of jasmine and red lilies.
Steep stairs of tread worn, 
silica-laced granite and 
indigenous red brick meander.

Yellow-jackets buzz, 
and red-robed women with bound...

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Categories: acolytes, adventure, caregiving, devotion, faith, happiness, inspirationalred,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Osho's Garden, Nepal
The hall echoed with the drone of ecstatic chants and gongs,
‘midst a jungle of jasmine and red lilies.
Steep stairs of tread worn, silica-laced granite
and indigenous red brick meandered.

Yellow jackets buzzed, 
and red-robed women with bound...

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Categories: acolytes, adventure, life, peace, people, red,
Form: Free verse