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A Few Years Back and Forth

A few years back, in the prior millennium, 1993 to be more precise Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi born without a stage name had his book entitled "The Evolving Self" published, by which he meant The ReGeneratively Nutritious Flowing Self, but he was probably shy of too-long, user-unfriendly, titles, so we have this more evolutionary psychology which is also about economic and politically cooperative investment as recommended by mental health professionals, not that they necessarily are all that ecopolitically correct themselves when it comes to public health priorities, but health science trends have been favoring ecologically helpful, rather than condemning to starvation and thirst and chemical poisoning, medicine for challenged landscapes and climates for awhile now. Couldn't say exactly, but, you know, a few years back. So University of Chicago Psychologist Dr. Csikszentmihalyi, as, presumably, many other health advocates, worrying about all Earth's many pathologies, ended the prior millennium's story of self-evolution, self-and-other redemption, with some questions here posed to CEO of Earth's ReGenerative Times, a richly-hued and deeply nutritious paper too often ignored by her health professional acolytes. Csikszentmihalyi: What are your thoughts, your nutritionally evolving trends, toward forging a ReGenerative Futures Fellowship? CEO: My health and nutrition trends are your thoughts toward our co-operative future. Csikszentmihalyi: What kind of information about your ecopolitical environment would be most useful for you to have first? How could you get it? CEO: I was born through histories of DNA nutritional information about what feeds and what poisons our ecopolitical environment. Cooperative power could better optimize with stronger Left/ElderRight ecobalance, so either/or deductive thinking could also incorporate both/and polypathing ambivalent feelings, so LeftBrain's self-deluding fascination with reified oppositionals could become re-embedded within ecological history's nondual co-arising appositionals. So, first information regarding regenerative light as nutrition we already have. We could better comprehend this syncretic information with a massive enculturation of bicamerally balancing ecopolitical landscapes and subclimates. Csikszentmihalyi: At present, what are the major obstacles that prevent regenerative health from developing in your community? CEO: Right hand up, swearing on a Bible, to patriotic God to never tell a decompositional lie, my biggest pathology is too much LeftBrain dominance not only in my day to day ecopolitical choices and value-judgments and priorities for helpful organic co-operative therapies but also through our AnthroElder language-listening skill development of and for nature/spirit dynamic creative redemption stories. Our self-optimizing future fellowship potential told through folk-tales deeply influenced by, and enhancing, cocktails, or, even better, more organically-centering substances. Czikszentmihalyi: Are the problems mainly economic, political, or moral? CEO: Yes. Those three together, rather than holding them less fruitfully apart. Czikszentmihalyi: Do they involve lack of vision or creativity? CEO: Absence of recreative vision is imagination uninformed by evolutionary sciences, bereft of Left-historic power greets Right-Her nutritional enculturation as EarthTribe's economic story of equivalent investment. LeftBrain is historically-experientially orthodox, and thereby longs for RightBrain's more fertile, eisegetically empathic, nutritional feelings about ecopolitical health v pathology. Czikszentmihalyi: Have you ever been involved in grass-roots action? If so, what did it accomplish? CEO: To date, we continue unfolding embryonically cooperative, organically-fractal (0)-sum ecopolitically fertile DNA as what you might think of as 'grass-roots.' Then again, you may be thinking of DNA's wider RNA extended families with grass-root systems. What you see is what you get regarding what we have accomplished for cooperative struggling with v. too competitively struggling against Earth's Originally Intended grass-roots nutritional ecopolitical actions and reactions, and networks of multicultural health in tension with monocultural pathologies. ReGenerative Times doesn't need more freedom to say whatever condemning slanderous story we might think of, and we do need more freedom from LeftBrain's monoculturing supremacist egocentric pathologies, which are, by definition, not ecopolitically correct balanced nutrition for either public or private health concerns, including issues about not enough cooperative economic health. Czikszentmihalyi: Are you comfortable with the idea that the shape of the future depends on how you invest your psychic energy now? CEO: Well, the Taoist word for comfortable is contentment, which the Buddhists, and maybe even Abraham et. al., seem to define as absence of suffering, resonantly co-redemptive health rather than dissonant pathology. Contentment is our psychically positive-balanced ecopolitically cooperative powers-with and through co-empathic trust. So trust in what is healthy, and good nutrition, and safe and secure, and warmly ecotherapeutic for future regenerators of Earth's landscapes and climates would seem to be our ReGenerative Times way to truth with beauty invest. Czikszentmihalyi: What consequences do you draw from this fact? CEO: To optimize our regenerative health, we look for absence of cognitive-affective dissonance born in WinLose assumptions that ecopolitics and ecologic are not always positively played WinWin, through mutually held co-empathic trust absorbing past mistrusting anti-polypathologies. If I may summarize, economic landscapes of cooperative nutrition recreate climates of health-producing Earth Rights politics, appositionally co-arising greater awareness of Earth-Devolving Wrongs as politically and economically incorrect, sacrificing abundant health.

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