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Inspirational Love Poems

Inspirational Love Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about inspirational love. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for inspirational love.

New Poems

Premium Member To Truth, Liberation, Peace And Love
(Amazing Grace and Purpose) 

I cannot tell you who
you ought to be
nor what you ought
to do—
I am not you—
truth told—
all I can do is remind
you that truth and you 
are realities of self…

Sadly…we often try
to make truth
the child of our...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, allegory, inspirational, love, metaphor, peace, perspective, truth,
Form: Free verse

An Astral Sight Of My Heart

I’ve wandered in my mind’s wasteland
on the splinters of my broken heart,
on the scorching time’s parched sand,
the abyss of discord kept us apart.

I’ll take you to my garden path with me,
together we’ll begin there a new journey.

I’ve travelled a long...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, stars,
Form: Lyric
which whert mentioned
jealously he sat watching
thinking, believing,
 and knowing
he could sing it better.
he heard the intro's
 and took que along with
the vocalist , background 
singers, and the orchestra
from the audience he
 watched jealously waiting until
the orchestra instructed 
him to began singing
he wished...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, beautiful, career, engagement, inspirational, love, music, visionary,
Form: Classicism
A ll that I desire, of this longevity of life.
B eliving in the almighty Christ.
C ome unto me O Lord
D ancing will I do, when I see you;
E very move in a holy wave my wish comes true
F or Holy...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, analogy, appreciation, blessing, celebration, devotion, encouraging, inspirational
Form: Abecedarian
...Read More
Categories: feelings, giving, i love you, inspirational love,
Form: Verse

Season of Reasons
My bright shining star that gives meaning to ones life.
The rising of the sun at dawn, embedded in the clouds of the sky after the sun shines upon the rain that has fallen.
My aromatherapy of green fields and freshly blossoms...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, beauty, for her, how i feel, inspirational
Form: Blank verse
Simply Beautiful
If I were a rose and had to compose
A verse on how you make me feel,
I’d have to say in such a way
With an analogy of something real.
This is how it would go;

Said the blooming rose to the
Sunlight of spring,
“You...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, 10th grade, 12th grade, blessing, growth, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Lovers
Lovers embrace..
Eyes meet as their passion soars..
Of the greatest heights..

Love soars high above the clouds..
Over a colorful rainbow..

Lovers embrace..
Soft lips deliver sweetness..
Sweetness delivers caresses ..
Warm to the touch..

While lovers embrace..
Sun kissed by the sun rays.
Heated lovers soak up the sun..
A...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, inspirational, love, meaningful, romantic,
Form: Ballad
Being free, being free, all I could ever want to be.
What I’ll see, what I’ll see, when alas I will be free.
I’ll be me, I’ll be me, the golden light of a new scene.
Human being, human being, we are all...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, 11th grade, adventure, for teens, freedom, imagery,
Form: Rhyme
Valentine's Season Again
I was laughing so casually …
Everything was perfect for such a long time.
Then I caught a pair of eyes searching in the crowd.
It amused me…his eyes rested upon somebody.
He was cracking a joke about some fair lady.
He looked flirtatious but...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, 8th grade, age, appreciation, beautiful, birth, inspirational
Form: Free verse
Amazing grace so sweet
Such grace abound for the;
Price of blood, shed for me;
In stripes and strokes He let,
Flow for the Prize of Heaven,
For the Crown of eternity.

Amazing grace so sweet
For the Prize of eternity He bore
The price of blood shed...Read More
Categories: baby, god, inspirational love,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Praise
By: Tom

Praise costs us nothing,
It’s free, so have a mouthful.
Then give to someone!

...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, inspirational, love,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member my LOVE for U is Spiritually NOT monetary- -
If I were to just pray to God to love you;
Would He grant me my receipt?
If I called upon Him spiritually;
Would He tell you I’m for you?
Now formally, arising at truths;
You’re my queen a love I share with only Him
You’re...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, for her, inspirational love,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Variation On 'Giving To'
An important truth of compassion therapy
endorses co-investment,
cooperatively sharing from a back-and-forth healthy heart,
to receive a wealthier, more resonant, mind,
improved by NonZero-Sum win/win inspirations
more strongly than Zero-Sum win/lose aspirations.

To improvise on a Giving To
Ruth Bebermeyer melody,

I always feel less given to
when...Read More
Categories: earth, health, inspirational love, integrity, passion, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
New day
The east has a crown
The darkness has bowed down
Brush off any frown
Smile in a fresh gown

...Read More
Categories: confidence, dark, day, inspiration, inspirational love, life,
Form: Rhyme
Caged Dragon
Rattling the cage, the raring beast twists and turns
It claws the net and filters through it a roar that burns
Its wings are constrained as the winds and sky yearns 

I am off stage, opportunities missed and faint
I know my worth,...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, courage, emotions, endurance, faith, hope, inspiration, inspirational
Form: Rhyme
Promised land
I once had a post card with a picture of paradise
It had lovely scenery that wetted the eyes
With The glassy skyscrapers that mesmerise
It was a land where bliss and beauty lies

After a journey in the dark with a smuggler as...Read More
Categories: adventure, africa, humanity, identity, immigration, inspirational love,
Form: Rhyme
dearest I
young one searching the ways of the ancient ones
young one searching the ways of the heart
young one searching the ways of the medicine woman

the medicine woman looking for the herbs of healing
the medicine woman looking for the soul of...Read More
Categories: adventure, cute love, inspirational love, love, magic,
Form: Bio

You go about your day 
Warm and doting
Sublimely graceful 
Genuine in your affection
Seemingly unaware 
Of the many lives you touch 
With each smile or kind word
Your compassion knows no bounds
You amaze me~ your strength
Is an unbridled torrent
Of kindness and generosity
Look...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, appreciation, devotion, encouraging, inspirational, love, tribute, uplifting,
Form: Free verse

Poetry says many things
Some of them very true
But poetry could ne'er express
The love God has for you.

The words existing in the world
Inadequately say
How faithfully He guides our feet
Along the narrow way.

Nor could our meager words express
His patience when we fail
Or...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, appreciation, god, heaven, inspirational, love, poetry, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Lunatic
Because he didn't think like them
They said he lost his mind
Because he didn't share their views
They said that he was blind

Because he made the ground his bed
They said he was a dog
Because he ate what nature fed
They threw him in...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, allegory, inspirational, love, nature,
Form: Rhyme
The power of the divine soul
I inherit the abundance of Earth’s positivity,
I possess the will and determination of the divine fire,
I seek endless inspiration from the giver of life, 
I am always at peace with me, for I am the abode of Gods,
I breathe life...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, endurance, humanity, image, inspirational love,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member TRUE LOVE

When falls between us stillness of the night
Our hearts in peace sway with sweet conviction
Beneath the stars dear lips that reunite 
Succumb to divine blest addiction

Full lustrous moon hangs high up in the sky
The two of us kick back as...Read More
Categories: blessing, happiness, inspirational love, integrity, relationship, together,
Form: Sonnet
Abide In Christ
Abide in Christ
ABC - Abecedarian

Abide in Me, and I in you
Bear much fruits, and you will be my disciples
Coz aside from Christ, you can't do nothing
Devote your time in obeying His will
Everlasting life you will gain
Forever serving and worshipping Him,...Read More
Categories: city, devotion, god, happiness, heaven, inspirational love,
Form: Abecedarian
More than the blossomed, flower;
More than your husband, wife, son or daughter;
More than riches monies abundant…
As much slightly more than life itself;
More than the job you labor;
More than being enable
Be yet so satisfied, yet be more thank-full
I must love the...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion, god, inspirational love, jesus,
Form: Lyric