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I Miss You Poems

I Miss You Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about i miss you. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for i miss you.

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love, missing you, miss you, lost love, friend, friendship, sad, sadness

New Poems

My dear cold friend
Do you know him? 
        He comes when he heard my small broken voice 
        No matter where I'm standing hopelessly
     ...Read More
Categories: i miss you, friend,
Form: Free verse

Meri ek dost
Ek dost h meri jo mujhe jaan se pyari h
Zindagi ke haseen lamhe humne saathme guzaari h
Bachpan se ab tak sirf uska sath paaya h
Use chorke koi aur dost kbhi zehen me nhi aya h
Jo meri khamoshi se mere dil...Read More
Categories: i miss you, childhood, family, feelings, friendship love, i love
Form: Rhyme Royal
My Weakness
My weakness is stronger than yours
I know you know it, I saw it
I know not what to do, to hide it
I lose my breath 
I lose my strength
For much too long
When I fight to be strong 
My weakness is stronger...Read More
Categories: devotion, i miss you,
Form: Rhyme
I Miss You Poems
Poem about Life | Free Verse Poem | I Miss You Poems

I feel so worried, as if I’m going to get sick,
If it was a trick, I would be delighted to wake up,
I don’t see you for a while, as...Read More
Categories: i miss you, poems,
Form: Free verse
Unknown me
The light is leaving me behind 
Where all of them have gone? 
Blind eyes everywhere 
Still can't find me 

The darkness is following me 
Hard to breath in 
I can't bear it anymore 
No more words to be said 
Come...Read More
Categories: anxiety, depression, first love, i miss you,
Form: Free verse

I miss you
I miss the, you, you used to be
Back before, we were us 
You, fully, loved me for me
My quirks, you’d dare not hush

Back before, we were us
You approved of my beliefs
My quirks, you’d dare not hush 
Now, I cause your...Read More
Categories: i miss you, feelings,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Sunshine Brined Time
Blackberry bushes barricade the background
of your immature stature.
Braided chestnut hair rests gently 
on weakly shoulders
as your hazel eyes beam a child's rippling wonder.
Bee glazed berry juice permeates your smiling cheeks.
The taste streams alive as I gaze upon you
with your burgundy...Read More
Categories: girl, happy, i miss you, longing, loss,
Form: Free verse
let me forget you
so that i won't know what i'm missing

i want
more than anything
to separate myself from the world
to need and know only me and my family
and a handful of friends
because i would be lying if i said
the people i...Read More
Categories: feelings, i miss you, sad, sad love,
Form: Free verse
I Miss You
I miss how you used to stick up for me even if I was wrong. 
It’s been a while since you’ve passed, and it’s been too long.
You’re my grandmother and always made me feel free.
You accepted me as me, even...Read More
Categories: i miss you, death, grandmother, miss you,
Form: Pantoum
you are more of a stranger now
than before we even met
i should throw out the memories
fold your name into a paper airplane
and fly it south
it’s just an ache i can do without
i don’t even want to think of you
i want...Read More
Categories: farewell, goodbye, hurt, i miss you, sad
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dream rendezvous
Every night I dream of you,
Could I be in your dreams too?
Last night I saw you smiling,
A sweet smile so beguiling,
But your thoughts I could not see!
Were you also dreaming of me?

Dreamt you walking down the road,
Walking past my old...Read More
Categories: i miss you, dream, heartbreak, heartbroken, i love you, i
Form: Rhyme
Have you ever felt someone getting closer than most? I have. 
Then just like that they’ve moved on along...

 I can’t even be trusted with my own thoughts. Why do I think I can trust other? When inspiration was true......Read More
Categories: i miss you, betrayal, care, goodbye, grief, hurt, i miss
Form: Free verse
Precious Memories
Grandma and I use to run across the shore.
Building sandcastles, 
collecting seashells wedged in the deep sand.

Many times we watch the waves hit the shore,
other times we leave our marks on the slushy sand.

Grandma usually covers me in the sand...Read More
Categories: goodbye, grandmother, i miss you,
Form: I do not know?
I miss you, Landon
I miss you, won't see 
you for two years.
I miss your smile and
the sound of your voice.

You always make me 
smile and laugh when 
i'm sad, you have always 
been my favorite cousin,
nothings the same without you.

When i play basketball,...Read More
Categories: i miss you, best friend, memory, missing you,
Form: Free verse
Doomed Romance
Don't look at me with innocent gaze
And betray yourself by acting in haste
Your boyish grin and silly clumsiness
Reminds me of my own weaknesses
Don't lure me with pure naivety
Nor with pretentious bravery
Your flaws, yes your flaws
And what else?Let me pause...
----Oh and...Read More
Categories: i miss you, deep, destiny, how i feel, i love
Form: I do not know?

    Somewhere beyond imagination lies,
    My beautiful dreamer, who is waiting for me.
    She left me on the eventide of life.
    Unto that great harbour, which guards eternity.

...Read More
Categories: bereavement, destiny, fantasy, i miss you, paradise,
Form: Pantoum
Click, click, on the keyboard
Tick, tick I’m getting old 
It’s getting old,
This waiting for you

I call your name
You don’t hear me
I’m talking to myself 
Headphones, cellphone
Zoned in, tuned out
You still don’t see
That you are losing me
You love your work
More than...Read More
Categories: anger, angst, computer, i miss you, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I MISS YOU

        I MISS YOU
    ...Read More
Categories: i miss you,
Form: Pantoum
I Miss You

You will never know how much I miss you,
while the splinters of my heart cry silently
tear drops roll on dismal path I pave anew, 
searching for you in ruins of crumbled ecstasy.

While the splinters of my heart cry silently,
on the...Read More
Categories: i miss you, lost love,
Form: Pantoum
Every Thought of You
Every kiss
Every I love you
Every surprise
Every new road
Every New day
Every sensation
Every new thrill
Every I miss you
Every thought of you

Has changed me
And sustains me...Read More
Categories: i miss you, inspiration, love, romantic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Miss You

I fondly reminisce . . . and I miss you,
dear brother – carrot top – with soul so sweet.
It won’t be long when I’ll see you anew.
I’m longing to embrace you when we meet.

Dear brother – carrot-top – with soul...Read More
Categories: i miss you, heaven,
Form: Pantoum
Here we go again
Here we go again

Here we go again

The question of feelings confusion

No one thought something begins

May star brightens the day

Felt the need of “come what may”

Why do I feel this again?

Does familiar air persist again?

Makes my heart beats begin.

Oh! Let’s things...Read More
Categories: i miss you, autumn, blue, crush, for her, for him,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Of times of her
The old man sat on a bench. He watched the fountain water flow.
The pigeons gathered at his feet, he couldn’t feed them so off they would go. 

He listened as the water sang it’s song, as he closed his eyes...Read More
Categories: for her, friendship, husband, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Goodbye I Never Saw Coming
This Romeo is bleeding, but you don't see his blood - Bon Jovi - Always

                         ...Read More
Categories: i miss you, absence, heartbreak, longing, lost love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member My Dad is Gone
My heart aches for you more each day
I wish life could have gone another way
I knew you were ill but still holding on
Someday I will accept you are really gone

I stare at your obituary posting and just cry
It was just...Read More
Categories: i miss you, emotions, father, grief, sad,
Form: Rhyme