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Funny Health Poems

These Funny Health poems are examples of Health poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Health Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Looking For A Brain
Having a CT Scan in a couple of days
Most likely looking for a brain
Hope they find something that resembles such
Not finding one might be a...

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Categories: health,

The Rain
I f*cking love the rain.
Storms are even better. 
I love to hear of your canceled plans
As you stand there, getting wetter

 I adore the miserable...

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Categories: health, angst, depression, funny, garden,

Faith is a beautiful thing
if you're lucky to be blessed
For as you grow older 
it all becomes messed

As a child it made sense
the stories and...

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Categories: health, anger, devotion, faith, god,

Premium Member Jeff The Three-Legged Worm
Jeff the three-legged worm
they weren’t his legs
but legs that he’d found
from old bits of twig
just scattered around
he once saw a centipede
who laughed and made fun

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Categories: health, anti bullying, anxiety, fun,

I'd always wondered, dreamed really,
How it all could feel
The world awash in currant marble
Glistening from my skill

I only plan perfectionism;
A mind as sharp as ice

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Categories: health, addiction, anger, dark, fantasy,

The Happy Accident of Life
Tell me the clouds aren't hung on fishwire

That it's chance should trees reach such like a spire

That even with elements scrambled so dire

This Earth can...

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Categories: health, earth, earth day, environment,

At dawn and dusk the birdsongs busk;
The highlights of my day.

I'd gladly waste out every hour,
as they sing out our their hearts for no pay


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Categories: health, bird, dark, death, july,

The Nihilists Cookbook
I don't believe in murder
Nor anything of its kind.
I also couldn't care less,
You'll be shocked to find.

I don't believe in purpose,
I'd paddle out to sea,

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Categories: health, anger, dark, freedom, gothic,

Chaos and Being
Our entire universe is of chaos
endlessly churning away,
So how the  do you expect us apes
To find meaning each day
While we're burning and learning and...

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Categories: health, age, dark, funny, introspection,

Wrap it Up
Nothing excites or amazes me now,
I've either done it, seen it
Or heard about how.
I can read it, need it and heed it in 2 hours

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Categories: health, anger, dark, depression, mental

Social fcking Media
It's all about f*cking; the pictures and the reels.
The snapshots of  you should know isn't real.
A generation of adults with less hope than the...

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Categories: health, anger, culture, dark, funny,

The Ghost
Inspiring as it is 
To be around the alive,
The whole thing does feel
Just a little contrived
I think rather be dead instead
Found by a wife,

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Categories: health, dark, funeral, gothic, life,

A Message of Hope
A Message of Hope **

Seek inspiration in every day
Despite it's cruel intentions.
Find the bitter taste in rain that falls
Delightful just to mention

Learn to love all...

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Categories: health, dark, funny, hope, motivation,

Bow down
To the 13 bullets you were given,
Now load your machines

Now now
One foot before the other,
Don't stray from the way, no end to the means


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Categories: health, anger, devotion, education, memorial

Premium Member You are Safe now Dear
Trying to remind myself that I'm safe 
knowing I'm on the verge of crashing 
traumatic events forced upon my space 
terrorist threats identity fraud blinding...

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Categories: anxiety, health, meaningful, military,

Book: Shattered Sighs