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Funny Health Poems

These Funny Health poems are examples of Health poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Health Funny poems written by international poets.

Meri jaan Oyee Meri jaan,
Kaisay Bhool jaon wo din?
Zindagi kesay katon Tere bin?
(Judai or chudai me chay ka farq hai)
I miss you so much &...

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Categories: health, funny love, i love

Premium Member I teased the tiger
(follow-up to Rx. for mean poem)
I teased the tiger, perhaps out of spite.
I teased the tiger so he took a little bite.
Life is full of...

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Categories: animal, humor, mental health,

Mister Jack Horner
Mister Jack Horner’s 
Shop on the corner –
His specials were cakes and pies.
While inspector was looking,
He thumbed in the cooking –
Now his shop is a...

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Categories: health, food, funny, growing up,

Premium Member Down
In my garden; warm and sunny
In my paddock; fluffy bunny
In my pocket; ample money
Why, my friend, is nothing funny

In my fridge; a nice cool beer

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Categories: mental health,

So now is crunch time,  
There is no more entertaining any-more Sunday brunch times! 
There’s no...

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Categories: health, divorce, emotions, farewell, inspirational,

Premium Member Fibro Friend
Oh for the Love of Fibro
there for me every day
constantly reminding me
she is here to stay

With twitches and cramping
aching and pain
heaviness, weakness
& a foggy brain


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Categories: care, friendship, funny, health,

Premium Member Common Cold

they say it’s just a common cold
it comes across so brash and bold
	an apple a day
	it is what they say
only healthy people were polled...

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Categories: fruit, funny, health, sick,

It’s a messed up world out there, we all got trauma 
Real question is, do you avoid the drama?
When someone tells you secrets, do you blab...

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Categories: health, anxiety, deep, depression, how

Premium Member Resolutions for 2023
Quote By Poet: "As one year ends ~ another is waiting to begin. What will the New Year bring? Only time will tell."

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Categories: food, friend, health, love,

Premium Member Call the Doctor
my feet smell
my nose runs
my heart breaks
my tongue is tied
my liver is chopped
my brain is cramped
my spare rib is missing
my throat harbors a frog
my sweet...

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Categories: body, giggle, health, humorous,

Premium Member twelve mile
twelve miles of useless... road 
if you want to call it that
so washed out, rutted, and rocky that
usually you drive around it
three beers to go...

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Categories: health, home, longing, nature,

Toilet like Pilate

A facility he had not used
But about it already enthused:
A not funny challenging toilet,
Water needing like Pontus Pilate:
Just to climb it effusive pride bruised 

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Categories: health, humanity, image, water,

Premium Member Where Are
Where are
You must be at war
Again with yourself
Poor elf.

How is
Your health?
Is not important
When you’re so sick
So insignificant
Next to the creek
Don’t be a freak
Be wise and...

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Categories: health, deep, dream, fantasy, funny

Love my folks, moreso love my tokes.
Although I ought to stop my jokes.

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Categories: addiction, drug, funny, health,

At Least I Am Trying
I try to pour myself a glass of milk
The milk thinks the counter is a glass

I try to grab my notebook to write this now

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Categories: 11th grade, funny, health,