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Godspeed Poems

Godspeed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of godspeed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for godspeed.

New Poems

Premium Member Lamentation

Brooding days,
     Vanquished in the unconnected gloom,
            Shower frost,
Standing watch at dawn to pierce the morning
With an artic tempest,
Swirling ‘cross a land lost in forgetfulness:
...Read More
Categories: godspeed, depression, sleep, snow, sorrow, winter,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member INTEGRITY
There is simply zero integrity,
In being anyone but thee.

New poets are welcomed here.
We all stand up and cheer!

But do not take our soft hearts
for soft brains.

Poems must come from your
heart, where your ideas reign!

In desiring to rise to the top,
To...Read More
Categories: godspeed, abuse, character, courage, independence day, integrity, poetry,
Form: Couplet
Blind date with a blind map,
oh Lord, where are my fingers running?
Are they again seeking out your heart?
For your body remains invisible 
on uncharted lands
as your absence taking shape. 
Godspeed with the Hand of Fate,
while mapping on the surface of...Read More
Categories: godspeed, blue, language, longing, love, love hurts, miss
Form: Free verse
Good God, glorious gain — Godspeed!

(not for contest)

galvanic - breathtaking
...Read More
Categories: godspeed, christian, god,
Form: Alliteration

~Amber silents, daylight violets;
Custom stares;
Love comes here;
I wave you into the Harbor of Halifax.*

Love is where there is caring faith;
Loves committed grace;
A chance we come together;
Sail to the ends of the earth with me.

Writing this love letter, caressing rhymes;
For all...Read More
Categories: godspeed, christian, love,
Form: Free verse

Voyage and death
Oh no!
When a boat departs from the bay,
Floating on the white flowers of the sea foam,
When a tiny bit of the Moon wanders across the oceans,
All coloured in the ash of clouds,
Not even then the rest of your life
Under the...Read More
Categories: godspeed, life,
Form: Free verse
Practice tenderly the harp
the cistern strings.

Practice methodically,
memorizing the melody.

Practice faithfully
the soothing piece,

the highs and lows
with guts and steel,

the pedals pressed,
the ups and downs
within the frame —

the ascent and descent 
of ministerial angels -
a dreamy Jacob’s ladder.

Practice with elegant gown,
where you...Read More
Categories: godspeed, music,
Form: Free verse
My friend superman
I once knew a man who called me his friend, tall like Clark Kent, I called him Superman... Living out life on this land we call home, not knowing that soon, an end would be known.. 
 He lived each...Read More
Categories: godspeed, best friend, friendship, love, missing,
Form: Ballad
They hailed her as the empress of the waves
Supreme upon the ocean’s vast domain,
Yet those who watched her launch, and bid ‘Godspeed’,
Could never have foreseen her fleeting reign.

She left Southampton heading for New York;
The sky above was somewhat overcast.
Such hopes...Read More
Categories: godspeed, death, natural disasters,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Godspeed

Prickly cool fills my lungs,
     Like a bladder canteen on a Bedu dromedary,

Sloshing the alveoli that branch, internal ...
     Frozen filligree fanning my firkin chest.

I blink a tear, staring up at the...Read More
Categories: godspeed, appreciation, conflict, loneliness, lost, night, sky, winter,
Form: Free verse
My Black Mama
She's the dark night 
Heaving in the tan of day
The magnanimous light in the glory of racism, cateism and Prejudice 
Her winters shed and her summers are of a shimmering bronze
April blossoms in her grace
The covering of her head is...Read More
Categories: godspeed, anti bullying, black love, character, discrimination, education,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Take A Leap
Leap into the great unknown;
 Into the well of chance
 It may never materialize again
 It is fleeting, like time

 Actively pursue your passion
 Whatever you love doing
 Chase after that rainbow
 And never look back

 Godspeed,  my friend
...Read More
Categories: godspeed, 10th grade, dream, encouraging, inspirational, passion,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
How to Fail at Life 101
What’s that? You want to fail at life you say?
Well my friend, I’ll teach you my ways!
You came to the right place, I dare say!
Because I fail at life everyday! 

I’ll be your teacher and you’ll be my mentor.
I’ll show...Read More
Categories: godspeed, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme

Wise is the way
Where joy flings play

True power here
Speeds from good cheer

Look to your soul
To live life whole

Your heart knows more
That earthly stores

Keep mind and heart
In-sync with art

Start to live well
Where feelings dwell

All that now comes
Is what love sums

Be still...Read More
Categories: godspeed, blessing,
Form: Couplet
A pleasant sleep eludes her bed of stars.
Her crumpled sheets in twisted heap aloof.
The restless mind of mirth responds afar —
In moonlight serenade she scales the roof.

Arouse his sunlight glimpse of fleeting gown.
In tempest shines the greenest glow of eyes.
His...Read More
Categories: godspeed, absence, longing, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member A W O L
Now 'Absent without leave,' I know blood heirs cannot be more!
And yet they're not to blame nor is the fault that clearly mine.
When Cuba welcomed atom bomb, put Russians at our door
And lucky meant you don't survive; resigned I thought,...Read More
Categories: godspeed, faith, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Beautiful Thinking
Standing by my window this afternoon
I raise my glass to Venice in parting
Three days at the Venetian Lagoon
Down  Rialto Bridge on a taxi we're riding.

"Buona giornata, Mademoiselle" greets
The room boy smiling, " Fiori per te"
I put the fresh bouquet...Read More
Categories: godspeed, adventure, imagination, language, romance, sweet love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member ELSA THE SWEDE

Elsa was a tall lovely Swede
Cross-eyed and knock-kneed    
Million-dollar smile all agreed
Flashing her favourite dress made of tweed
A chain at her neck with a simple bead

Loving kindness was her creed
Drenched in thoughtfulness her every deed
The biggest heart...Read More
Categories: godspeed, animal, character, confidence, friend, sweet, travel,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member A Word in Time
A Word in Time

Minds expanding souls are demanding our existence through resistance
Searching stars the Moon and Mars with no assistance for the distance
Hemispheres facing fears launching rockets of insistence for coexistence
Dimensions and apprehensions with juvenile persistence in subsistence
The word in...Read More
Categories: godspeed, humanity, science fiction,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Free
Summoned from Oblivion
Whose darkness I depart
Godspeed to Elysium
The temple of the heart
...Read More
Categories: godspeed, destiny, heart, love, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member WEEDS
When you plant good seeds watch out for weeds. They will try to supersede and snuff out all good deeds.

Because weeds grow to impede and to do misdeeds. Once freed the weed will proceed to take the lead and have...Read More
Categories: godspeed, conflict, dedication, engagement, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member PICASSO

who can say i’ve been kissed by a dolphin?
i’ve felt his smooth lips, slide over mine

and i’ve splashed, and laughed and danced
in a pool romance

and my lovely Picasso flipped for me
gleefully, i was elated

and my lovely mammal took me
for a...Read More
Categories: godspeed, adventure, animal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Lincolnshire Lass
  A Lincolnshire lass was she
in youth and bloom revealing;
  and upon us all God smiled
when unto this world a child 
  was born and bred in Healing.

  Red flower of the Midlands -
O' English Rose...Read More
Categories: godspeed, thank you, tribute, voyage,
Form: Rhyme
Rhyme Time III: Death and Love

The casket is lowered slowly into the earth
Destined to this moment even before birth
Never understanding life for what it's worth
Only to have a chance to still be alive

Only to have a chance thy will to survive
Letting life continue its catastrophic...Read More
Categories: godspeed, death, deep, farewell, goodbye, life, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
A Year For A Moment
For twenty two moments, wracking your brain
In the past he would’ve stood still but today matters
Three years in purgatory and I lost my ring.
Hold her hand - take her back - 
trace your name on holiday.
“Inhale, it should hurt” but...Read More
Categories: godspeed, boyfriend, feelings, first love, goodbye, growth, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse