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Gender Poems

Gender Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about gender. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for gender.

Poem Topics Related to Gender

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New Poems

Our Yin And Our Yang
Concepts we describe as being human are only that which we can experience of universal impressions in degrees of Yin and Yang with a balance and expression aside of and at the expense of our agreed on definitions....Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, emotions, gender, identity, irony, wisdom,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Luck Of The Draw
Attraction Of The Minds -

Age - Defying

Diligently Designed
Constantly Cherished
Relentlessly Refreshed
Subtly Sustained with Intellectual Fluids Flowing Freely under Vibrant Verve of Enriching Exchange  

Not Defined by conventions of physique
Not Determined by race, gender, religion
Not Diminished without shine and glitter 

Attraction...Read More
Categories: gender, fate,
Form: Free verse
Coming Out
Fluttering Blue Banners
Pink & White long behind
Hidden under the tiles, an adder
Teeth sharp as rock we’ll surely find

Large smiles and new energy
So young blooms breathe fresh air
Into lungs defeated by entropy
Feeding grins once diminished by a glare

How music lulls us...Read More
Categories: gender, 10th grade, change, identity, journey, pride, rainbow,
Form: Free verse
The Journey
Lyrical lines seem to lack the ability to keep my thoughts align to my heart
Nevertheless, to my one true love I write

From the separations of the night and the day, you were mine, 
I searched all life till God bring...Read More
Categories: gender, 1st grade, 3rd grade, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Intellectual Snobbery
When I was in grade school
I was, already, 
on my leftbrain dominant path
toward acting the intellectual snob.

This, in large part
my best offense,
my trump card, sadly,
against marginalizing prejudice
of our community's non-farmer economic
and political Elite;

The few kids
whose parents went to college
and/or inherited...Read More
Categories: appreciation, emotions, farm, gender, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse

A ladies' man named Winston MacWilt
pursued many women to the hilt.
He eyed every skirt
ever ready to flirt.
But he died touching a Scot in a kilt....Read More
Categories: gender, lust,
Form: Limerick
Beau and a Belle
Some things you don’t know ... 
and you don’t really wanna

Certain information overload
can get tricky
Make you not trust your own eyes
Sometimes custom pants
might be a fancy dress in disguise

Better stay sober;
even still, it might be hard to tell
if that beau...Read More
Categories: gender, fun, humorous, satire, wisdom,
Form: Burlesque
Going Down In Dark
When the sun goes down and dark
A lizard takes his time to meditate
It could just as easily be a female
But who am I to judge or take a look
I respect other creatures rights to privacy

When the lizard decides to sleep...Read More
Categories: gender, animal, dark, death, mystery, sun,
Form: Free verse
Sew What
My new quilting teacher’s a guy
Which proves why you cannot get by
With presuming you know
Just which person will show
If the course list does not specify.

He’s delightful and knows all his stuff
And his skills appear quite up to snuff.
In his class...Read More
Categories: gender,
Form: Limerick
Gender of Spender and Sender
Gender of Spender and Address of Sender

Were guaranteed what would be gender,
Of person who had been a big spender;
Name of game;
Both the same,
As address of wife who was the sender.

Jim Horn...Read More
Categories: gender, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Political Correctness
Has the world gone completely mad
All the words we've been using
Are quickly changing, it's so sad
I am a woman 
Feminine as can be
I still call a spade a spade
And a she a she
It does not offend me
Or cause me any...Read More
Categories: gender, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Go Ahead Take The Fall

When Cupid comes with arrows he goes straight for overkill  
and for this tender type of ailment well there is no magic pill 
you have to join the cherubs as they clang their cymbals loud 
for Valentine's Day is...Read More
Categories: gender, valentines day,
Form: Rhyme
Firstly, it's a manufactured word to suit
the gay community - I'm not impressed;
let's say fifty one per cent are against,
forty five per cent are just not bothered.

I make no apology, my entitlement,
some friends I have are gay, no big deal,
although...Read More
Categories: discrimination, gender, how i feel,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Higher Education Today
Dudes, Check out old State U's latest course catalog: 
   OK, Business 101: 'Marijuana - Get High and Stay High'
   Here's Economics 101: 'Laws of THC Demand and Supply'
And alright! Sociology 101: 'Gender Identity and your...Read More
Categories: gender, america, class, school, student,
Form: Rhyme
The nails in his hands were cold

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
In the Vietnam war between 1965 and 1972 U.S. troops used a substance known as napalm
napalm is a mixture of plastic polystyrene, hydrocarbon benzene, and gasoline. This mixture creates a jelly-like...Read More
Categories: gender, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
A Question Of Support
Help me get through this, Mr. Therapist,
I want to know if there's something I missed;
I'd been transported to heaven for de-briefing,
it was remarkable that they'd even let me in.

You didn't think that it existed, did you?
to your chagrin, you were...Read More
Categories: gender, heaven, psychological,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Hidden Inside, Guess my name
Viaduct    of   the  entire  human  race

Kept Always  unmentioned for fear of  shame

I determine  Gender    and phenotype

Even though so  important, silenced name

Centuries of insults,torments, name blame

Ladies...Read More
Categories: gender, character, discrimination, extended metaphor, identity, introspection, life,
Form: Name
What's new with me Matthew
What's new with me...Matthew?

Well for starters Nationwide
road service emergency
one man cutting crew
with battery charger in tow knew
exactly why no juice (think electricity),
his hunch found trunk light kept lit,
an innocent looking (to me or you)
lady's handbag accouterment,

fifty shades of blue
stuck out...Read More
Categories: gender, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Haiku -- Beautiful Glob
Globby pearls, dog smiles
Huge glasses, make-up, high heels
Sunlight on eggshell
...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, day, dog, gender, happy,
Form: Haiku
Me trying to get that space .
But I am push in the corner.
Me crying out my frustration.
But they make a hopeless girl.
Is that the home I belong.
Where I grown up.
Where I got love.
I think it's not .
Then it's 
Me asking...Read More
Categories: anxiety, betrayal, birth, conflict, gender, home, loss,
Form: Bio
W - Where the sunrises and sunsets represent a new day
A - As water flows from the mountain tops, showing us the way
K - Knowing we belong without any question
A - As people like us are free from oppression
N -...Read More
Categories: gender, change, fantasy, tribute,
Form: Acrostic
higher education
Higher education
Learned knowledge doesn’t
Doesn’t replace the truth accumulated
During a lifetime.
Everything you learned at school,
The certainty you had, falls on the wayside.
They tell you about wars, but doesn’t
Explain why it happens, if they do
It is mostly some nonsense that suits...Read More
Categories: gender, giving, gothic,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member BadBoy MonoTheists
Where do we think all this economic and politically empowering
organically luscious imagination
and ecologically exegetical orthopraxis

George Lakoff speaks of strictly straight stern paternalistic God the Universalist Fathers,
vertically Winning over an otherwise Loser, yet highly competitive, ecopolitical world
and ecologically survivalist-separatist
human parasite-divine supremacist
nature-spirit...Read More
Categories: gender, games, health, integrity, math, peace, political, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
I am blessed to born a girl

Fortunate to be a daughter to parents who love me

A proud sister who has a brother to protect her,

I will not restrict myself to four walls of the house

Neither did I see my mother...Read More
Categories: family, gender,
Form: Blank verse
by Michael R. Burch writing as Kim Cherub

She smiled a thin-lipped smile
(What do men know of love?)
then rolled her eyes toward heaven
(Or that Chauvinist above?).
...Read More
Categories: atheist, christian, gender, god, gospel, jesus, religion,
Form: Verse