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Eagle Eyed Poems

Eagle Eyed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of eagle eyed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for eagle eyed.

New Poems


I guess we can struggle when we sit down to write
But use your own words - to plagiarise isn’t right
When I read a poem that’s simply too good to be true 
I then begin to question, was it even written...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, corruption, poetry,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n

doesn’t know what nerve end hurts.
easygoing he’s not.
pleasing himself? he fo-
rgot the rules.
eagle-eyed demonic-
s attack, never giving any
slack. they’re in
it to win it,     but G-
never forgets...the cross firmly placed.


...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, depression,
Form: Acrostic
I stand sentinel in the hot fierce sun. 
Wondering why I’m in this hostile land 
It’s not my style to ever turn and run
Fixed to the spot sweating from gun in hand. 

The training never led us to expect 
the...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, conflict, fear,
Form: Sonnet
Winging It
birds of a quill, or a feather
flock together at odd times
from all four corners
of thinking creative
to jostle with keyboards,
pens and sharp pencils
fingers fidget, tap-tapping
frantic scribbling down
in notebook's lined pages
screens and keyboards
prepare for posting 
all that flutters in skulls
staring blank-eyed into...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, fun, identity, poetry,
Form: Alliteration
A Visit Back Home
A Visit Back Home

{Free Verse}
Apr 24, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz 

Long prior - I took to the wheel 
On a day, fairly, surreal
Amid one of my visits back home
I went to see, tailgating, all alone
My boyhood city. A city...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, home,
Form: Free verse


Cold howling winds have died
And a spring sun’s decided to abide
There’s no sweeter place than countryside
What a wonderful time to send the kids outside

Cutting back a bit of ‘me’ time I decide
To tackle that novel and sit by the fireside
Hang...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, children, freedom, fun, joy, nature, spring, uplifting,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Eagle Eyed
Eagle, what do you see from the top of the tree?
How wonderful to be able to fly, fly free.
Do you see every mouse as it scampers past?
Can you still catch it when it’s running very fast?

Do you have hungry babies...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, beautiful, bird, feelings, flying, freedom, nature, power,
Form: Rhyme
Cast and Crew
Exfoliated Eddie is an eagle eyed spy
He likes hot Hoxton coffee with his cold Shepherd’s Pie
Crazy for a Sheffield lass, a Steel City shrew
Her conversation’s retro but her attitude is new.

Flopping like a flapper in a 20s Bluebell hat
Comes Information...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, nonsense,
Form: Ballad
Old Car

It was like a fallen phoenix
Fired with rust and memories,
The body was open to the rooks, 
Its ribbed, bare chassis, opened arms,
Unsure whether to defend or
Or...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, allegory, loss, memory,
Form: Free verse
Cry No More, Penelope
They weave, they weave
They weep and they weave
Smarting under the persecuting whips -
Verbal, literal or carnal whips
They weep, they weep.

Locust-like they swarm the streets
To reach the factories before the sun settles well
In its diurnal rounds.
There are no circumstances unavoidable
Reach they...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, sympathy,
Form: Rhyme
The Touch Of The Artist
The Touch Of The Artist

The curtains were drawn aside
I gasped with dropping jaw
Spellbound at the magnificence
Of the shimmery gigantic golden eagle 
Overpowering the stage
With massive open wings 
To fly above the clouds

The auditorium bedazzled
With its looming presence
Its black eyes and...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, allusion, bereavement, children, parents, pride,
Form: Ode
Mama and Her Little Girl
Mama's favorite girl, being little, does not realise modern dangers...
Left alone, she is wont to be misled , even taken away, by evil strangers..

When your little one is targetted by such devilish people..
It would be a miracle to escape ever...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, appreciation, blessing, community, growth, inspirational, journey, moving
Form: Free verse
Fog Of Sunshine
Upon arriving in a cold dawn breeze
Whilst hands might be full, demanding to lift
Eagle eyed on such a shadow at ease
Extends a welcome, still I became stiff.
Aura’s on edge to this fragile posture 
Dismal charade coats his inner bearing
As river...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, addiction, beach, desire, drink, lust, memory, summer,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Fruitless War
our lamb has finally flashed his mane
crashing through the Bush
into the Armageddon plane,
tail twitching slashing fangs-

he's going to liberate a people shrouded in our blood
clean up those weapons of mass destruction
make an oasis out of glass oasis theology

that open palm...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, war,
Form: Free verse
(Dedicated to Penny Wilcox)

Nice people, rear to come by without ulterior motive
 Good fellows tend to strain from doing what they do
Because of unpleasant surprises they sometimes get
Bad girls are everywhere pretending to be angels
Animals in human physique living “animalistic”
But...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, faith, friendship, life, love, passion, peace, people,
Form: Prose Poetry
Storm in the teacup
Rising smoke, burnt offering, no fire
The one with the touch of gaga,MIDAS
Eagle eyed. Thoughts like air all over
Worrying lost, lost, worry not
Weep not O child
Thoughts bound tearing through the circumspect
Bathed shadow brushing certitude,faint
Paint wild glowing bright
One day...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, dedication
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member Barracks Life
Son, you haven't really experienced life,
(And it will surely make you pine for a wife!),
Until you are thrust into noisy open-bay coops,
With fifty other snorting and snoring troops!

The sergeants demand that things be just right.
Bunks must be made with blankets...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, funny
Form: Rhyme
Have You Forgotten
Hours upon end
All we have arrived to is less then a final decision
Vengeful misconduct of our nation
Earth Mothers shriek as we rage along the freeways, disregarding ill conversation

Yes, we must have forgotten
Our lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers
Unburdened by...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, history,
Form: Acrostic
The Ole' Ballfield
patented genuine leather gloves 
captivating our boyhood heroes
those same gloves flailing about
towards fly's we were supposed to catch

a glowing white ball with red thread
that begged to be rocketed into orbit
we dreamed of such heroics
pleaded to the God's for the power
most...Read More
Categories: eagle eyed, death, life, people, grave,
Form: Free verse