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Death Dramatic Verse Poems

These Death Dramatic Verse poems are examples of Dramatic Verse poems about Death. These are the best examples of Dramatic Verse Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Meandering
Today I went meandering through the store,                    I went to see what I could see.       ...

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Categories: crazy, fun, today,

Premium Member IT WAS I
…thirteen miners…
…only one survived… 
…still clinging to life...  
...with a history of violations...
It wasn’t West Virginia. 
It was I.
And I’m taking the day off....

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Categories: allegory, death, philosophy,

Cold Pulsation
Her anger blows 
frigid, like Arctic wind
Tears of hostile disposition flows 
bosom lethal — 
Pulmonary liquid nitrogen

Acrimonious breath
expel serrated exclamations
Jagged exhalation
feels like six below death

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Categories: emotions, feelings, heartbreak, love

Demonstrations in Lockdown
Waiting around in our lockdown
Keeping busy without a frown
Suddenly what did I see on TV
Something that I thought I’d never see
Surely not they aren’t that...

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Categories: anxiety, death, life,

The Last Parade
We who are left are called to your last parade
Standing in silence our memories do not fade
We leave the space where you once stood
And a...

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Categories: death, death of a

Call unto God
Why do we call out unto God
When we are not at peace
And in those last hours before death
Why do we see those who have passed


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Categories: god, life,

Premium Member Idyll Thoughts
Where do idyll thoughts come from,                                 can they be a...

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Categories: child, dream, mom, peace,

Premium Member My Inner Child
My inner child,                      ...

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Categories: fun, humor, night, youth,

Premium Member FERE IS NOT-
Sudden danger peril distressed 
Harm deception everything forget 
Run face everything and rise 
Choice is yours to accept 
Fierce fear or deny add a motion

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, fear, feelings,

Premium Member The Avenue
Summer will be coming to a close,                   ...

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Categories: dog, food, humor, summer,

Premium Member Vagabond Dreams
When I was young I had dreams,                   ...

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Categories: dream, fun, life, marriage,

Premium Member What A Huge Surprise
It was coming up on your thirtieth birthday,                 ...

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Categories: food, fun, humor, husband,

Premium Member flung into the purgatory-
I awoke and was flung into the purgatory
The obscurity smiled
It threw its ghost against the days
Yet descending onto the surface
My Jesus
He said come unto me

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, death, emotions,

Premium Member Tethered To A Moment
After all the long months waiting and planning,                the day had arrived for you to meet me.   ...

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Categories: day, heart, joy, love,

Premium Member The Sea
Quote By Poet  "The Power Of The Sea and Thee" 

When I was little and we went to the beach,          ...

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Categories: beauty, boat, fun, god,