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Modern Dramatic Verse Poems

These Modern Dramatic Verse poems are examples of Dramatic Verse poems about Modern. These are the best examples of Dramatic Verse Modern poems written by international poets.

In the arms of the angels
OH! In the arms of the angels,
Nicole from All Poetry is safely
And securely resting as hopefully
She is recovering from COVID-19.
Her friends and family and members

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

You were Everything for me
You were everything for me 
And in our short stop in heaven I found my own light 
Shining brighter 
‘Sensational’ you made me feel
Modern love

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Categories: break up, conflict, corruption,

In Time of Greed
It’s mortuary time to a-tone deaf clock in
to the pawn fate
of warlock plans that bewitch angle bend

The hourglass is turned over again,
wearily watch the 

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Categories: corruption, money, truth, wisdom,

When God forged Man, 

He made an angle for every clan.

He didn't vacate him solitary, 

But created his soul and core benefactor. 

This is nature's...

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Categories: family, marriage,

Truth be told
I no longer want deaths and wars
Come part the horizon, Jesus
Christ come now to receive us

If there were a Santa I want only...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, assonance, blessing,

Rendered self lame courtesy obsessive compulsive behavior
Handy dandy blues clues plain
all purpose favorite refrain
i.e. "impossible mission"
courtesy complimentary doppelganger
G.I. ("Government Issue", "General Issue",

or "Ground Infantry") Jane
in tandem with Alyson Chain
comes to the...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Sins of our Fathers
Don't mistake the dead 
For stagnant statues in the ground
Cause they are still alive
Very much alive in their clans
In their homes
They even walk around 

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Categories: africa, child abuse, culture,


Four hundred years,
has it really been that long
My how time flies
when you’re singing captivity songs

2019 ... 
oh, just living in modern vexation
Dwelling in the midst...

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Categories: anniversary, remembrance day, truth,

From Plantation to Implantation

Looks like dem old ugly chains
got a new modern face
Beauty upgrade ... high-end cosmetic tech;
low-cost dressed in labor modest, 
minimum maintentance convenience
From da delta plain...

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Categories: imagery, slavery, visionary, wisdom,

Usher Him Out
 Usher him out!
I think this was the Lord's house 
Wait a second 
Pastor where is the love of which you speak 
All your brothers...

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Categories: christian, judgement,

Excuse me if I appear to be abrupt

but I find your sensibilities and ethics corrupt,

a leader of people should be a visionary

scrupulously clean and who...

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Categories: abuse, discrimination, hate, visionary,

Deeper than life ii
where are the humans?

They lost there way through lifes existence, 
the line of evolution,
the old generation,
To the reengineered generation,
To generate the power of the matrix...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, deep, identity,

Deeper than life
This is a game of chess,
Its way deeper than living,
we all fighting for positions- 
cause we all have missions of escalating,
Those false dreams implanted on...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, deep, identity,

Assassinated Dream

In the year of a blood moon,
they assassinated a King
Triple six stamped shrunken head dolls,
with voodoo stitched mouths,
spit the hate bullets out
Brotherhood?   ...

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Categories: allusion, history, remembrance day,


Oh, the tiring day!
Hiding shame, seeks darkness.
Blemishes grey,
not gone, blended sadness!
Darkness hiding secrets,
evil and good.
Handprints in soft concretes,
what ere your hood!
Blended badness!

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Categories: pollution,