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Curse the Hour

I’ll not be the mask of your madness
I’ll not be the whip of your demands
I’ll not be the drug of your habit
I’ll not be the dough in your hands

I’ll not be the doll that’s your play thing
I’ll not be the container of your need
I’ll not be the victim of your anger
I’ll not be the object of your greed

I’ll the bread that he feeds on
I’ll be the water that he drinks
I’ll be the cloud that he walks on
I’ll be the thoughts that he thinks

I’ll be the tent that he dwells in
I’ll be the heaven that he dreams
I’ll be the angel that he wants
I’ll be the sparkle in his stream

I'll be the star that he follows
I'll be the sun’s warmth on his chest
I'll be the moon that allures him
I'll be the treasure of his quest

I'll be the fairy of his woodland
I'll be the seductress of his need
I'll be the breast that he lies on
I'll be the dogma of his creed

I’ll be the honey that he savors
I’ll be the dessert that he craves
I’ll be the sea that he dips in
I’ll be the virgin he enslaves

I would have been all that to you
I gladly would have made you king
But you gave all that to another
Now you must taste my bitter sting

You must watch his hands caress me
You must see his mouth devour
You must hear my sighs of pleasure
You must curse the betrayal hour

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 9/9/2013 9:36:00 AM
WOW! Elieen, you really out did yourself with this one. I will fav. this one. I think you just gave me an idea. Hugs..... Lucilla
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 9/9/2013 12:59:00 PM
OHHHHHH!!! So happy to have sparked something in you. BTW...your new avatar...WOW! :)
Date: 9/9/2013 8:26:00 AM
Hell yes!!! Biting, piercing, & full of "LOOK AT ME NOW" screams. I love writings like this. Color me uplifted! There aren't enough poems on PS like this. I want to see more like this from yourself & others. We must make time for our hearts to push back, when needed. We must demand better treatment within ourselves & from the people around us. How we should be spoken to & respected by our peers. Stanzas are brewing now, thank you for this inspiring push...
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 9/10/2013 1:01:00 AM
What sweeter words are there for a poetesses ear? :)
Eszes Avatar
Drake Eszes
Date: 9/9/2013 2:45:00 PM
It probably is. :) =D Your poem did that to my heart. So, there you go...
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 9/9/2013 1:03:00 PM
this must be!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 9/9/2013 1:02:00 PM
Drake...this most be your longest post to me! :) I'm so happy to read these thoughts and to know that you like my poem...Of course, poems are poems....Some have grains of truth, others are fiction, and still others are truth embellished. This is a mix of all....I can be strong when I need to be, but does take a LOT of effort and sometimes it's just easier not to cause waves. Thanks for the voice of encouragement. May I always hear it!
Date: 9/9/2013 8:05:00 AM
Wew, this is powerful! Another favorite!
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 9/9/2013 1:05:00 PM
:) Thank you, Richard....I'm pleased.
Date: 9/9/2013 3:03:00 AM
yes sweet retribution for the abused jealous low mental guy. . . that's justice baby!
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 9/9/2013 3:33:00 AM
:) Thanks, my sweet. I enjoyed this write. Can you imagine in the choices for poems there isn't one for revenge? Hmmmmmmm...I mean so many movies are based on that...PTS should include it! Thanks for the visit, my dear!