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Best Locust Poems

Below are the all-time best Locust poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of locust poems written by PoetrySoup members

Mourning Over The Locust Plaque
Some sounds like the noise of bees
Hovering around the atmosphere
Or like rain drops on our roof tops,
I opened my round window
The window of my hut,

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Categories: locust, confusion, depression, mystery, natural
Form: Narrative


Going through this life at a frenzied pace
It's clear why we call it human race
I saw a piece of carefully gathered stardust
A desire for every...

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Categories: locust, africa, character, eulogy,
Form: Ode
"A White Knight!"
Traveling along these celestial corridores

Through the spectrum, called life ~

Brought forth by a birth....

Bourn, for this very purpose in time?

A revelation revealed, by the hands...

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Categories: locust, faith, life, love, time
Form: I do not know?
Essence of being
My toes squirm
like fat little worms
through this moist soil
they let go of their convolution;
disconnect from the brain that tells them
each day
what they are
and are not.

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Categories: locust, hope, identity, life, light,
Form: Free verse
Rabid Believers
The track marks are exposed, so you’ll have to look twice without getting caught. Your mind starts to wonder what it is he’s been shot...

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Categories: locust, art, blue, culture,
Form: Ballad

Premium Member Blue Ridge Mountains
across the sapphire
blended with emerald hue
ridges rise in praise
clusters of pine trees
birch, poplar, oak and locust
merge to give sweet peace
bright flowers grow wild
dancing with fresh...

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Categories: locust, america, appreciation, inspiration, mountains,
Form: Haiku
The Power Is Out
The power is out
but rather than pout
I'll sit down and write a few rhymes

It makes me so happy
to write something snappy
when life throws me lemons...

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Categories: locust, humorous, light, poetry, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Creature Comforts
Frisky, gray squirrels scramble
Beneath a massive, old oak tree
Gathering the best acorns they see
Their fluffy tailed, lively damsels

Opossum wobble on short legs
From their laurel sheltered...

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Categories: locust, animal, environment, nature,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Cookie Cutter Day
              On a whim, 
a demon will grab a fist full of...

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Categories: locust, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 786
The day she was stolen
The skies turned black
Locust ate at our very souls
In the name of God
I shout why?

The flowers of Hendon
Surround a black tombstone

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Categories: locust, beauty, bereavement, blessing, inspiration,
Form: Light Verse
Ten Plagues and one Hard Heart
Time has been that slavery was a common practice
War lords take over a nation then use the people for slaves
This went on in Israel, Egypt,...

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Categories: locust, adventurepeople, day, people,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member 2020 ReVolution
Numbers, numerals,
like words,
combinations of letters,
mean something,
sometimes more secular,
sometimes more sacred ecological.

Numerals and letters share sacred iconic human-intelligence root systems
within a bicameral ecology of mind-body nonduality,

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Categories: locust, beauty, culture, earth, health,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member PAUL AND SARAH
He was born in backwoods Missouri.
1840 the year he arrived.
Conflict, sickness and hard times prevailed.
Through it all he grew strong and survived.
Skills to live were...

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Categories: locust, adventure, america, blessing, journey,
Form: Rhyme
A vortex of wind dancing, with drums of thunder  Waltzing, plunders the lands it turnsA partner revolves around the twisterThunderous beats escort the funnel...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: locust, allegory, allusion, beauty, christian,
Form: Sestina
Moonlight Madness

Sitting alone in the light of the moon
Twirling my glass of red wine
I retreated back into my cocoon
But still felt a chill up my spine


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Categories: locust, moon, nature, night, tree,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Lend Me Your Heart oh Child
Worth and numbers rarely go hand in hand.
Producing seeds which will rot and be eaten by the locust 
makes barrenness a special kind of blessing.

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Categories: locust, adventure, growing up, growth,
Form: Light Verse
My dear Sarah,
My dear Sarah,

This may be my last letter to you,
As I am writing you now I am on my way to the theatre
I am booked...

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Categories: locust, friendship,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Awakening Perpetually
Awakening Perpetually
by Odin Roark

Awakening perpetually knows well
Perfection’s tuning fork disquietude,
Its awareness that any off-key meandering
Can cloud over a caressing sunshine rising,
Sour a dawning’s gardenia fragrance.


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© Odin Roark  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: locust, senses,
Form: Free verse
Cry No More, Penelope
They weave, they weave
They weep and they weave
Smarting under the persecuting whips -
Verbal, literal or carnal whips
They weep, they weep.

Locust-like they swarm the streets
To reach...

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Categories: locust, sympathy,
Form: Rhyme
And God still sits
It was first all, beautiful
And the plain blue sky spanned on either sides
With snow-white flakes drifting religiously
Over light-green steeples into a land
Beyond what my bulgy...

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Categories: locust, africa,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Apollo, I Am

Apollo God of light, I Am

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Categories: locust, life, mystery, nature, passion,
Form: Narrative
Not as if all is well
The  priceless  honey pot has dropped  from  high  

Fallen  heavily   on   granite   like...

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Categories: locust, bereavement,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Premium Member Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is like the brain
with deep, unexplored fissures and tributaries, 
the main route well known by now.

I am walking, walking inside my mind,...

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Categories: locust, deep, fruit, home, mirror,
Form: Verse
Dinner Date
Bring all your revenges to the table
Sit them down and serve them well
Crystal cut glass, French Champagne
And listen to the stories that they will tell


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Categories: locust, character, emotions, environment, imagery,
Form: Light Verse
Magical Forest
As I walk through the valley of the Red Maple trees
I take a look and realize that’s it’s a pioneer species
and that’s just a little...

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Categories: locust, beauty,
Form: Rhyme